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Over the past few years, the perception of the Instagram feed has changed – today posts with text and photos have lost their relevance, and other formats have replaced them, including Stories that allow users to create additional content and get closer to their audience.

However, just creating stories is not enough, today the audience is more selective, and they don’t view content that doesn’t attract their attention in 2-3 seconds. As a result, the influencer loses contact with followers and becomes less attractive and interesting in their eyes.

To make your visual content to be interesting and popular, you need to understand what subscribers are waiting for and what formats they may be interested in. Since users want to somehow participate in the online life of their favorite creator, they quite often respond to polls – it can be anything from choosing a dress (or an evening dress) for an event to choosing a new nickname or avatar. Anyway, you’ve to give people more opportunities to interact with you, and then you can form a  loyal community. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make your stories engaging and diversify them by choosing attractive visual effects and options. Keep reading!

You can invest in different ways, for example, buy advertising from bloggers, and start targeted advertising or money contests, but all this is either not effective enough to promote stories, or too expensive for those influencers whose marketing budget is limited. That’s why today bloggers and entrepreneurs choose paid boosts that contribute to the growth of their popularity on the site. So, you can safely buy real Instagram story poll votes and significantly improve the rating of your content, or convince your audience of something if you want to get a certain result from them. Also, this paid tool will help you improve your overall image – the higher the level of engagement, the more likely it’s to become more famous in the online community.

You can use it at any stage of promotion, it’s cheap, fast, and convenient. But you need to know: you can’t blindly trust companies that promise you mountains of gold for ridiculous money. Such services offer interaction from bots and fakes, which don’t improve ratings, but on the contrary, worsen. The price should be optimal, there should be a lot of reviews, and the service should work for several years – perhaps this is the safest choice. Don’t you have time to look for good company? Well, just click on the link in this paragraph to get high-quality support for your content.

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  • Stay in the lines

Some IG newcomers make some mistakes in the design of their content. For your Stories to look equally great for all viewers, you need not go beyond a certain line – don’t shift the photo (or video) too high, low, right,t, or left. So you risk disfiguring your content or missing something important in the image. Fortunately, the app itself will warn you if you start moving photos or videos far from the center, so follow the prompts and remember that the ideal size for such content is 1080 x 1420 pixels.

  • Add reactions stickers

Fire, tears, heart, smiles, butterflies, family, money, and flags are just a small part of the reactions you can add to your Stories. Such stickers are needed not only to find out the reaction of your followers to the content but also to increase the level of engagement. When your viewers stomp on the reaction, they automatically support your content and contribute to increasing its visibility to others. Such stories are more often than others at the top of your subscribers’ feeds. 

A little tip: if you aim to get as many reactions as possible, place the sticker to the right – even if the user will just swipe, he’ll touch the sticker and you’ll get an additional reaction. Nice!

  • Add multiple photos

One photo is good, but two are better! The app developers have added the ability to add multiple images to your stories at once, which means you can use this tool to show subscribers as much as possible. How to do it? Upload the main background photo, click on the sticker “add from camera roll” and select the image you want to add. By the way, you can also change the shape of the photo, just click on the image and choose – rectangle, heart, circle, etc.

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  • Be on trend

Last but not least, follow the trends and create your own. Of course, the main inspiration for exciting stories should be yourself, but sometimes it’s useful to spy on ideas from popular fashion influencers. Analyze what content, color, and fonts are relevant today to create truly high-quality and amazing stories. Good luck!

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