how to earn money in india 2019

Can you remember what the basic needs of humans are? We can hear you listing out air, water, shelter and food. But as we can see another one has joined this list. Yeah guys, you guessed it right. It’s none other than MONEY. So what are the ways to earn money? That is what we are going to take a look into. If you have question on how to earn money in india, then have a look at below.

Many take the conventional path of studying well, getting a well paying job. And it works for some of us. But is that the only way? The answer is no. There are abundant options through which we can earn money. For example you can always ask your grandma or pay a visit to the homes of family elders. We are sure you will end up with a lot of money. Just kidding guys. Let’s be serious here and look at the many, many ways to earn money.

how to earn money in india 2019

Become a tuition teacher

Now this one is a good one. Do you live in an apartment? Set up a tuition center for your neighboring kids and practice your teaching skills on them. You just need to spend a couple of hours, probably in the evening and you can name the price as fee (as far as it is reasonable price).

Caregivers for senior persons

Everyone is running behind money and has no time leftover to take care of the elders of the family. This could be an amazing opportunity for those who looking to earn money. Start taking care of the senior persons in a family where they cannot afford the time. Along with earning money you can have personal satisfaction with this job.

Start a small restaurant

Do you love cooking? Does feeding others make you happy? Then this job is for you. Set up a small room and start providing tiffins, meals and other beverages. Food industry is an ever growing industry and there is no enough restaurants ever. If your food tastes good then you will start earning more just by word of mouth from your satisfied customers. People who are having a query like how to earn money in india, then this could be the best way.

Work as a guide

Does your place have museums, wonderful temples, sites with historic value? Do you know interesting stuff about them? Can you use your imagination to weave stories about them and attract tourists? If your answer is yes, then work as a guide. By doing this you entertain people and give them great memories to cherish.

Work as a freelancer

You can work as a freelancer if you have any skills like content writing, website designing, graphic designing etc. More than that, patience must be your number one skill since it takes some time to get going. Flexible work timing, option to choose what you like is the pros of freelancing. You have to market yourselves properly in order to earn money consistently. Even this could be the best answer for how to earn money in india at home.

Become an astrologer

Let us accept this. We Indians believe in astrology and that is only increasing as we can see from its spread to websites which take fee for consultations. If you know astrology and some psychology about people, then you can fare very well in these quarters. You can offer your services online and you can do it at home.

Become a NEET teaching faculty

If you are interested in science and can teach students well, think about becoming a NEET faculty. It is high paying job and as your experience increases so does your salary. There is a demand for NEET faculties who are really strong in their core subjects. Again this job gives you a lot of satisfaction since you are responsible for producing future doctors.

Make and sell natural products

Many of us are coming to our senses and have started using natural products instead of artificial ones. Let it be natural soaps, natural cosmetic products, natural dishwasher, the demand is getting higher than ever. People are willing to pay more for natural, organic things than their artificial counterparts. There are a lot of workshops conducted which teach how to make them. Websites are also available nowadays to learn. Once you learn it, you can start doing it and sell it.

Become a fitness guru

Are you crazy about fitness? Can you motivate others to work out too? Then you are perfectly suitable to this job. But before doing this, learn more about fitness and get a certificate by completing if there are any courses required.

Become a blogger

This is a popular option right now. If you are passionate about something then write a blog about it. Then, If it is interesting enough, then people will come to your blog automatically. If the site traffic is more then it will attract advertisers who will pay you for advertising their products in your blog.

Grow an organic garden

In case you have space in your house, you can start an organic garden. You can even use your rooftop for this garden. Grow vegetables and herbs without using any fertilizers and sell it in your local market. People will line up to buy organic, fresh, homegrown vegetables.

Become a vendor of dosa batter

Dosas and idlies are inevitable for Indians. Can you imagine a world without crispy dosas or melt in the mouth idlies? Most of us can’t. There are people who don’t have time to prepare batter in their hectic schedule. Such a business will be a boon to them. Prepare dosa batter at home and start your business by delivering to nearby areas. Then expand it according to the need.

Set up a Panipuri stall

Believe it or not, we Indians are slaves for panipuris, bhels and samosas and whatnots. As evening nears, we have the urge to go and buy these chaat items. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to set up a stall. Just be sure you know how to make them and maintain hygiene in your stalls.

Be a consultant

Are you an expert in a particular field? Then you can give your consultations to people who need them and get paid for it. There is a lot of trial and error in this type of work but as you gather experience you can earn a lot more.

Become a successful youtuber

Start a youtube channel and earn money through it. Make entertaining videos which are worthy of other’s time. You can also teach whatever skill you are competent in and make a valuable contribution to the world. Well, this work will be the best answer for how to earn money in india.

Become a dressmaker

Do you have fashion sense and how to combine colors? Do you know tailoring? Then become a dressmaker. You can make gorgeous chudis, salwars and kurtas out of old sarees. You can even support the green movement by reusing old clothes to make new attires.

Start a small business

This needs some planning before you start. Take a look around you. What do others want? What do they need but is not easily available to them? Take sometime to do this groundwork. After researching, start your business to eliminate their difficulties and satisfy their needs. Start slow, start small and work towards expanding it.

Invest in share market

Investing in a share market may sound risky. But if you know about how the share market works, then investing in it properly can be rewarding. Nowadays, there are a lot of websites which just need you to give money and they have experts who predict which stock will give more profit.

Make and sell jewels

Indian women love their jewels. They like to adorn themselves with different jewels and enhance their beauty. Girls have a lot of jewels made of papers, clay, beads that match their dresses. Each dress has its own accessories. Thus you can make profit from this jewelry making a lot. You can spread the word by mouth or you can use online websites to sell your products. Better start your own website to sell them.

Work as an event coordinator

If you love talking to people, organizing things then we recommend you to go for event planning. It’s an exciting business offer. You get to help people plan the birthday parties, anniversaries for their loved ones. Hopefully, this job will be the answer for how to earn money in india.

Become a soup and herbal drink seller

We see a lot of people walking and jogging early morning. People have started to care about their health very much. People are always on the lookout for healthier options rather than drinking coffee or tea. So selling herbal soups and juices is a great way to earn money.

Provide delivery services

There are many companies which need delivery services to deliver their goods like amazon, swiggy, zomato etc. If you have a two wheeler then this might be the perfect job for you. Some customers may tip you, so that’s extra money.

Become a martial arts teacher

If you know martial arts, then you can teach it to others. With women offenders dangerously increasing in our country, women are interested in learning martial arts to protect themselves. You can help those women out by teaching them martial arts.

Become a paperbag vendor

As we all know government has banned the usage of plastics bags. This has opened up a golden opportunity for those who were seeking to start a business on their own. Learn how to make paper bags and sell them to supermarkets, shops etc. remember you are helping an environmental cause. So, this could be the best outcome for query like how to earn money in India ideas.

Teach driving

If you know how to ride two wheelers and four wheelers, you can start teaching others at a reasonable amount. It is easy to start if you have your own vehicle.

Wrapping up

People who would like to know more about the query how to earn money in india, then the above discussion will be helpful and supportive on the whole. Moreover, they are the simple ways where you can make your earnings in a better way.

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