Kolam designs are the most popular among the women in India; it has been a

Kolam designs are the most popular among the women in India; it has been a great thing during the festivals as well as at all times. It is the tradition following from the old still today and gives the meaning of peaceful, and it is known as painted prayers of India. This art is typically transform from generation to generation with the new things. The rangoli designs and Rangoli are in the most of the places such as in front of the home, temples, and many unusual places. These things more beautiful during the festival occasion of Diwali, Pongal and so on. Rangoli is the Sanskrit word means the expression of art through the various colors. There are many designs of kolam available which people to think more innovative.

Kolam Designs for Festivals in India 2020

Rangoli kolam 2019Kolam Designs

Festival kolam designs

Kolam Designs Kolam Designs Kolam Designs Kolam Designs

Indians are more unique in the art of Rangoli, using giving colors that make the whole art more attractive. The similar tradition of putting indian pulli kolam designs is in Maharashtra. Then the Indians will use many patterns in Rangoli which is uncountable. Rangoli has many different levels is largely depends on the talents and the interest in the art and tradition as well.

Kolam designs for margazhi with dots

Kolam designs for margazhi with dots Kolam designs for margazhi with dots Kolam designs for margazhi with dots Kolam designs for margazhi with dots Kolam designs for margazhi with dots

Many people in India show interest in doing Rangoli; it indicates the creativity and interest. Mainly in the month of Margazhi, Rangoli design will do in front of the home, at the morning time before the sun arises. Any festival without Rangoli the particular day will not satisfy completely. Rangoli will make in the clear floor that gives a clear look at the art, which looks charming and bright.

Kolam designs with dots

Kolam designs with dots Kolam designs with dots Kolam designs with dots  Kolam designs with dots

Dotted kolam designs

There are many kolam designs for festivals available with dots from the early days that is more interesting to see and do them. In front of the temple, mostly they used to put the pulli kolam. It is more complicated and looks more beautiful that everyone cannot do the thing in the perfect manner. Only the experienced and people with more practice only can do them properly without any mistakes.

If there is any pooja in the home, Kolam Rangoli will design inside of it comprising of flowers and by using many materials. It make the perfect completion of the pooja. Usually, the design of Rangoli starts with the small pattern but it continues to the extent, it depends on the people doing the Rangoli. It also plays a vital role in Kerala during Onam festival; they will put Rangoli by using flowers makes the particular day more special. Rangoli provides the object of fascination in a scared place. There are many sources present for doing Rangoli such printed plate or paper, rollers and much more.

There are various types of Rangoli; some of them are Chowk, dotted kolam, free hand Rangoli, flower petals Rangoli, alpha, Wooden Rangoli, Floating Rangoli, glass Rangoli and so on.

Rangoli kolam designs competition

Rangoli kolam designs competition is the one will conduct in most of the festival occasions and many schools, colleges so on. Mainly the women’s in India from the small age they will start the training in doing Rangoli. There is not a single person who doesn’t like Rangoli. There are different types of materials using in Kolam Rangoli which is uncountable. Well, some of them are using rice, flower petals, salt, stencil, watercolor, color power and so on. It is also known as street paintings, by giving the fragrance regarding images. Rangoli designs will provide more attraction in Kolam Rangoli. There are numerous models exist on the website through that you can gather many simple kolam designs.

Athapookalam designs

Athapookalam designs will make with the help of flowers. It can make in place of Kerala during the Onam festival time which makes their celebration happier. There is the tradition in pookalam designs with dots will do in many homes during the pooja time.

Flower rangoli design

Flower kolam designs

Athapookalam designs Athapookalam designs   Athapookalam designs  Athapookalam designsFestival kolam desgins

Flower rangoli pattern

Design kolam

Color kolam designs

These designs are more on the website with the different kinds of images and design which is more helpful to know about the Kolam Rangoli.

On the internet there exist a lot of kolam images under the free download under the different category with the numerous designs by using many kinds of materials. Simple Kolam designs are the best for the beginners who like to put on their own, just by the complete practicing it will become easier to do them in the perfect way. 15 Pulli Kolam is medium in size and easier to follow that can collaborate with the other small kolam designs.

Pulli Kolam

Pulli Kolam is entirely different from the Rangoli design because it is more complicated and difficult to understand if you are interested only can learn and do them perfectly. There are many Pulli kolam that starts from the three dots to the extent of more than 3000 dots that you can’t imagine. There will be some Rangoli designs in the middle of the Pulli Kolam; it can also make with the pattern of idukku pulli gives you the result at the end of the completion.

Nowadays many kolam designs are there, which are continuously innovate by the women’s in India which looks gorgeous. Only the talented people can do better designs and who are interested can do all these things better and easier. So I think all the details here is more helpful about the designs of kolam. In the case of any doubts, you can comment in the discussion to get more ideas beyond your doubt. There is no one that they won’t like to put or see the designs. It is universally unique that everyone will love it. Festival kolam designs which you put in front of your home gives the extra beauty to your home. There is a concept in kolam that it will dine using the rice power which is helpful for the smaller insects to get their food.

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