In this blog post, we are going to explore some Business Ideas for Students in India which you can start from your college along with your studies without affecting it.  These are business ideas which students can easily start without facing problems.

I have listed these business ideas for students without investment or, little money with keeping in mind that as a student it is not easy to invest money and time in business. College life is a golden period for any students. It is full of fun, excitement, and adventure.

But, you know it is the best time to start your own business while you are in college. Do you know why? Let me explain.

Why start a business while studying in Collage?

Here are a few points which prove why starting a business when you in college are a great idea. FS technology is best web design company in salem, you can find all details.

  • You are Free – In college, you have no pressure to earn money. You have no pressure to get a job or help your family with money(in most of the cases)
  • Do Experiment – You are free to experiment with different business options. If your business will fail then you have time to think and start another but, if you start a business after your studies and in case it failed and of course you are running a business you will not have a job then, it will be difficult for you to survive.
  • Gain Experience – If you start a business in your college days then you will gain some skills and knowledge which can help you to get a job if your business fails or you want to continue with a job after your studies.
  • Earn Money – This will be the best thing happen with you when you start your own business along with your studies is you will start earning money. You will not be dependent on your pocket money to spend on your personal expenses.

Are you still in the confusion that should you start or not? Take a look at a few successful students entrepreneurs for inspiration. cinevolley is best entertainment site all over the world and india.

Successful student entrepreneurs

Here is the list of few successful student entrepreneurs who started their business while they were in college and now they are earning millions and billion from their business.

  • Mark Zuckerberg – Who doesn’t know him? The most successful young entrepreneur. There is no other example comes in mind for a successful student entrepreneur other than Mark. He is also the richest young entrepreneur and the 5th richest person in the world. He started his social network company Facebook when he was in college.
  • Shashank N.D and Abhinav Lal – These two college friends started their business in the 3rd year of college called Practo Technologies. Now the company valued more than $500 million. Founded in 2008 this company provides doctor discovery online portal.
  • Prabhakiran Singh and Siddharth Munot – They launched their online apparel brand Bewakoof in the year 2012. They claim a turnover of more than 20cr Rupees. They mostly focus on the youth market in India.
  • Aruj Garg – In the 3rd year at the National Law School, Bangalore he started his venture Bhukkads (means hungry for food). He started this food joint from his college.

Business ideas for students in India

Ok, now you got the answer why you should start your business in your college days and you also got inspiration from some successful student entrepreneurs who started their business while they were in college.

Here I have listed out a few business ideas for college students and business ideas for students in university.

10 best small business ideas for students

  1. Provide Hostel

You can contact the authority of your college and ask them about this and if they agree then, you can start providing hostels to students of that college.

If it is possible to start this under the name of your college then, this is the best you will gain some authority as well attention. This business can be in quite an expensive side. But if you plan well then, you can do better with less money also.

The biggest challenge in this business is starting with less money. So, keep your eyes open and grab all the opportunity you will get.

  1. Event Management

This is also a great option if you start an event management business. Whether you are a management student or, not if you have the skill to communicate and manage things then, it’s an ideal business for you to start.

Start with organizing functions in your college or, party events for friends. This way you will get some experiences which you can use to get new clients.

  1. Gift Business

Start a gift business it will not cost you high to start. You can easily start from your home. Gift business is a very trending business idea.

Do some creativity and make some amazing gifts and sell them online and offline market. You can create gifts in categories like gifts for couples, boyfriends, girlfriends, husband, wife etc…

  1. Seasonal Business 

In your vacation when you will be free you can use those time and start a seasonal business. Seasonal business is not for a specific time period but in that small time, you can earn really big profits.

  1. Startup

Find a problem in society around you and if it helps people or, make them comfortable then, start a business around it. This is the best profitable business India.

Look at any big startups they are solving a problem and if your business can also solve the problem then go for it. There is no other business idea is better than this.

Ola, paytm, Oyo rooms all are solving a problem and they are not the biggest startups in India. So, spot a problem, find a solution and start the business.

  1. E-commerce Business

India is the 2nd largest e-commerce country in the world also growing very fast. As the internet is reaching villages the market of e-commerce is also spreading.

But there are few drawbacks of e-commerce in today’s scenario. To start an e-commerce website need a big investment.  And the chance of success is very low if you can’t handle the problems.

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  1. Mobile and Laptop repairing

This market is very big in India. Almost everyone has a phone & laptop which got damaged every time. If you learn the skills of repairing these items then, you can earn some big cash.

This is a very good business to start for a student.

  1. Tech Startup 

If you are a student of coding then using your skills you can create a website or, an application which add some value to the people. If you are not a tech guy but have an idea related to this then, also you can hire a coder and start a tech startup.

  1. Career Consoling

As a student of you researched about too many career options in your past.  Now you can use that knowledge and help other students in choosing the right career for them. You can charge for this service.

  1. Network Marketing

Join a network marketing company. In your spare time do this business. And I this every student should do this. It will make you more confident, you will start speaking well in public, and your overall personality will change.

 Small-scale food processing business ideas

  1. Unique food product ideas

This business is trending nowadays. People love to have some unique dices every day. If you have creativity and dare to try unique food products then, you should start this business.

You can easily manage time after your college and experiment with different – different recipes. You can start this business from your college campus and friends.

And then, if you receive a good response from then, try to expand it big. Keep experiment and creating delicious food products which people will love to eat.

  1. College Canteen

If you are In a college where there is no canteen or if it is but not providing the quality food then grab this business opportunity and start your own canteen in your college.

Ask college students and your friend hey, would you not like to have a canteen in our college or, what you don’t like about our college canteen are they not providing quality food.

This way first take opinions and then, brainstorm in this and after all these f you have a strong feeling to start this venture ask, the college authority about this and get permission from them to start.

You can do this as a part-time business with the help of hiring a cook and after college, if you like them, make it as a full-time profession.

  1. Food Mess Business

Students who live away from home as a bachelor their big headache is cooking food. You can solve this problem and start a business.

After college and tuition then, self-studies then become tired and don’t want to cook. You can provide Food mess services to those students. Even you don’t have to cook by yourself just hire a cook and start this business with very medium investment.

You can easily find students who need this service. Make a list of all students, figure out how much you will need to invest in the start, make a menu list and calcite your profit.

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  1. Mobile Food Truck

The mobile food truck is a growing business. You can start this business with less investment. All you need is a van, cook or do by yourself and raw materials.

You can also start a food truck near your college.

  1. Cooking Classes

Yes, it can be a good side business you can start with your passion for cooking.  You will find many people who are willing to pay you to teach them cooking. No investment is needed you can start from your home.

  1. Online Food Services

As you know how fast people are shifting online in almost every field and food is one of them. You can open an Online Food Delivering service business.

This business is growing very fast in India. There are few companies started online food delivering services like Food Pand, Zomato, Swiggy etc…

You can start with a small market or with a different idea like start with your area or city. You can even shift your Food mess business online.

To start this business you will need some money to invest in developing the website, app, and marketing. But, if you start this in the right way with a plan then, in the coming years this is going to be a very big industry.

  1. Food Blogging

Are you a foodie or cook? By profession or, passion then, start blogging about foods. There is a huge scope in Blogging. You can earn some really big money.

In this niche, you can write about different – different traditional foods of India, regional food, seafood, foods in other country, food reviews, restaurant reviews, cooking appliances reviews etc…

To start blogging you need to register a Domain name and buy a hosting plan.  Blogging is not that tricky it’s very easy to start. Do a little bit research about it.

  1. Food Vlogging

Start youtube channel about food vlogging (not blogging). There is a little difference between blogging and Blogging.

In vlogging you make videos and in Blogging, you write articles that’s the difference. If you start both then this will be a great option.

Online business for students

  1. Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is a very good business for a student who wants to start a business but doesn’t have enough time and money to invest.

This is different from other online and offline retail business here, you don’t need to invest in inventory. You will have a contract with a supplier and he will do everything for you from packing the product to delivering it to the customer.

You just have to market the products and get customers for it.

If you want more information about this business then check out my blog post 5 simple steps to start a profitable Drop Shipping Business. In this blog, I have explained in detail how you can start Drop Shipping with almost no money.

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  1. Freelancing

If you have any skill through you can help people then, start freelancing work. You can’t imagine how much you can earn through freelancing.

Many people do think that freelancing is just an online work. But that’s not true you can grow a business as a freelancer and many people have done before.

Nowadays it became quite competitive become many people are become aware of this and started doing. But the opportunity is still present for you if you can see it.

You will get many freelancing websites on the internet but, make sure those are genuine because there are tons of fake websites. Few genuine freelancing websites which I can suggest are Fiverr, up work, people per hour and freelance.

  1. Blogging 

Blogging is one of my personal favorite online businesses. Yes, it needs lots of hard work to do blogging but trust me when you start loving this than, it became very entertaining and easy to do.

Blogging can be done in part-time. You don’t require much money to send on starting a blog, you can also start for free on some blogging platform like blogger.com.  It all require to have a domain name, a hosting plan and of course a laptop.

It is one of the Best ways to earn money online in India. Mainly there are 3 popular ways to monetize your blog. One is Google AdSense, second is an affiliate (will talk ahead about this topic in detail) and paid promotion or post.

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  1. YouTube 

As you all know how to earn from youtube. Create videos, upload on YouTube, people will watch, ads will run and you will get paid. And you must be getting bored of listening and reading this.

But wait, here is something different. Yes, these are hell lots of better options to monetize your YouTube videos. And one of them is creating your own products and sell to your audience.

Some of Indian Youtuber is started doing this. Like Mumbaikar Nikhil, Rishi Arora (be Ghent) and Ur Indian Consumer. They are selling their own merchandise.

Well, they all are selling products but what if you have some services to sell? You can promote your services on YouTube and get clients. Like Ranjeet, Digital Marketing Expert is doing. He shares videos related to digital marketing.

Another example is Sahil Khanna (Intellectual Indies) he runs his own Digital Marketing Institute and he promotes on YouTube and get students.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you promote products of other to your audience or, followers. And when anyone purchases that product through you then, you will get some commission.

Here your earning will depend on how much sells they are getting through you. There are many Affiliate site where you can sign up and start earning by promoting their

  1. Social Media Manager

Today social media is a big marketing tool and everyone using it. But the business owners can’t handle their social media accounts themselves so, they hire social media managers.

If you are social media lover then, take an online course they will provide you with a certificate and start this business there is a hell lot of opportunity out there for Social Media Managers.

  1. Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is a very hot topic nowadays in India. There are a huge scope and a great career option. Apart from the job, there are many ways through you can earn big money from digital marketing.

You can do freelancing as a digital marketer, start blogging or, start your own digital marketing agency.

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These were the business ideas for students in India. Now you can choose any one which suites or, fits you according to your skills, knowledge, time or money you have.

Also, share if you have started any business in your college days or doing now. I had started many businesses like Network Marketing, freelancing, Drop shipping and now doing Blogging and Digital Marketing. Few flopped very badly and few did well.

Please share your business experience If you have any.

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