Best food startups in India

The Indian foods are most popularly using for refreshment because of its amazing utilization of flavors and herbs. We all know that Indian food is famous due to its expansive dishes arrangement. Food Startups in India is quite eager to sell or brand their business from entire India in terms of food and beverage.

Food Startups in India 2019 is the most common kind of startups that are initiated by anyone who has mouthwatering experience and good taste. Moreover, you can find that there are numerous well-established and up-growing Food Startups in India market.

Best Food Startups in India

Indians are fond of foods and not surprising they are addicted to hitting the entrepreneurial world. The national QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) chains are built by the efforts of entrepreneurs whether it could be a beverage, or a region-based dish, or even a non-Indian cuisine. Most of the upcoming food chains impress the investor’s interest in a positive way about the QSR sector. This will be an essential and important sector within the Indian consumer market.

Many firms realized that Indian food startups are focused generally on one particular product and scaled up to a supply chain. It is similar to the requirements of modest real estate business. Even delivery and takeaway, the prices may vary when comparative with real estate costs for outlets to offer ambiance and seating.

Best food startups in India

The Indian Food Startup business has increased its growth by 25% per year and the total cost of more than 33k crores. Most of the companies like Amul India and Reliance are planning to establish their own QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) to move forward. Let us discuss more the best 25 Food startups in India in detail:

1. Faasos

Faasos is one among the best and most popular Food Startups in India. This Mumbai-based concern serves numerous wraps with panner reshmi, panner tikka, and other desi flavors. The dynamic team will eagerly focus on scalability and execution. Faasos started their 24 outlets based in Pune and Mumbai. They are also planning to launch 200 more outlets in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. Kallol Banerjee and Jaydeep Barman are the founders of Faasos Company.

Faasos are opening a new brand store every month at the affordable price between Rs 10 to Rs 20 Lakh each. Some of them are at a seed capital to invest at just Rs 8 Lakh. Within three months of time, the outlet will groom itself to the next stage and they are provided with the marinated ingredients. Moreover, they are planning to offer centralized storage and supply. Finally, few outlets will take at least 12 months of time to yield better results.

Facts of Faasos

Faasos company headquarters is located in Mumbai and started their company by its owner with the investment of Rs 35 Lakh. With more than 60 outlets, numerous orders are placing every day and delivery agents are doing their amazing work to deliver the orders. The major investors of Faasos are Light Box Ventures and Sequoia Partners with overall revenue of $20 million. It’s a total worth value of around $160 million (i.e. Rs 1071 crores) and comes from 120 locations.

Users are placing 90% of their orders by using the Faasos App that is for both Android mobile phone and iOS devices. The customers can download and install the Faasos App from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store or even from any one of the trustworthy websites. Within 15 major cities, Faasos allows the users to order food through the online platform (via App) even during midnight. The best example for any food chain that is currently online (not in Offline mode).

Faasos also includes its own kitchen and includes numerous experienced and well-talented chefs to provide a wide range of food options and multiple combos such as lip-smacking desserts, Wraps, South Indian, Biryani, Sandwich, Pizzas, Chinese, and many more. They work for 24/7 and deliver the ordered food within the expected delivery time and even apology in case of any delay in delivery. Last year, QSR (Sequoia Capital) has also started its investment with $5 million towards Faasos growth and other establishments.

2. Swiggy

In 2014, Swiggy.com the official website was founded in Bengaluru (Koramangala) by Rahul Jaimini, Sriharsha Majety, and Nandan Reddy. Swiggy works to provide food to their urban foodies from the nearby best restaurants which are ordering by the users. They take or handle only one placed order at a time to ensure the fast delivery and their reliability. It operates in numerous cities such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

Bundle Technologies is the trade name of Swiggy Company and more than 5000 restaurants are tied up with the contract. Similar to ElE.me, Alibaba, and Amazon India, they are numerous delivery agents working for this concern. Daily, they take at least 40 thousand orders worth $200 regularly. Swiggy receives their funding from DST Partners Fund of Yuri Milner, Harmony Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Accel Partners, and SAIF Partners. With various functionalities and features, Swiggy placed at the top-most ranking for food startup in India.

Swiggy App

Swiggy App can download and install on your Android mobile phones, iOS devices from Google Play Store or Apple Store or even from any one of the trustworthy websites. Users can utilize the Swiggy App to place the order from anywhere in India and the service will be round-the-clock. Swiggy provides the customer to choose from a wide range of menus from various restaurants located within your region or city. Even from full elaborate meal to the sandwich for your entire family can order through Swiggy.

With the help of 3 alumni, it was co-founded from IIM Calcutta, BITS Pilani, and IIT KGP in the year 2014. Swiggy has become the best delivering and food ordering in India. More than 9000 restaurants are clubbed and operational in 40 major cities. Customers can place an order without any minimum order policy and also easily track their orders through the Swiggy App or official website. The food is delivering with fresh, super fast, and also on-time.

3. Goli Vada Pav

Goli Vada Pav, which is a patty made of fried potato filled under the bread roll was started out in Mumbai with an affordable price. Initially, it started in Kalyan, Mumbai and as of now, it is launched in numerous outlets across India like Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), Belgaum and Hubi (Karnataka), Kolhapur and Satara (Maharashtra), and other locations like Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. In 2004, this company was founded by Venkatesh Iyer.

They scaled up with the help of the delivery model and planned to launch 500 more outlets in the next 5 years period. In 2006, they approached the ready-to-fry patties method and launched the burger patties. They also reinvented with the help of metal and X-rays detectors. For many decades, Vada Pav was well-known as a street-side snack that is available for Mumbai users. However, it was completely changed by the Goli Vada Pav Company.

The company has started to franchise their brand across India and launched in 90 cities with 350 outlets. You can try the Mumbai Vada Pav at any one of the outlets and the most specialties will be available only in Goli Vada Pav outlet. VenturEast is one among the company who funded more money to create the chain supplies of Goli Vada Pav. They believe that the company name should list under the Stock exchange and name it as leading top-most Indian fast food restaurant within the market.

4. Place of Origin

Place of Origin has a numerous count of cuisines and delivers every state of food specialty to their users and basically deals with the most ethnic food. This company was founded by Sudarsan Metla and Ashish Nichani in 2014. It provides original producers famous and India’s favorite food directly to their customers. They bring coffee, tea, jams, pickle, dry fruits, namkeen, snacks, and the finest sweets from across the Indian country.

It also offers Mumbai-based Dry fruits, Kashmiri Saffron, Coorg Coffee, Darjeeling Green Tea, and Gujarat Snacks. In 2016, CraftsVilla.com acquired the company and located the same in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The company receives its funding from Axilor Ventures and delivery provided in 20 states with revenue of approximately more than $1 million. Axilor’s Accelerator Program was started for the first set of batch mates. This best food startup in India operates as a favorite online store for the customers.

You can also order coffee powder, fruits, savories, food grains from any part of the state. Users will get the products directly from the manufactures of famous and most reputed concerns from that particular location or place. If you prefer to purchase Nagaland Chilli or Tamil Nadu Sambar powder, then it is much easier to order the same with the help of this app or official website.

5. Zomato

Zomato, the top-most leading Food Startups in India and without any doubt, it fills the top-list. Along with Foodpanda and Swiggy, this is the most important food delivery service provider in India. More than 75 cities, they discover numerous places to dine around 24 nations. Zomato covers the entire swanky upscale restaurants to coziest hidden gems. You can also get the photos, reviews, and menus of numerous restaurants for the app or even from the users.

This is one best place to get your favorite food on the go. Zomato allows the users to order the food through online media with the help of their app or through the official website. You can order your favorite food or reserve your table with a wide range of restaurants that are located within your cities. They also graduated to offer the food delivery service as well with a huge presence to International service.

It is possible to order food from even the smallest restaurant to the biggest one located in your City through Zomato. It is not necessary to spend more money on an expensive dinner. More than 80 thousand delivery agents are working across the country to deliver the meals. Many users are utilizing the app to place their orders. They plan to extend their support to each location within the remote area.

6. Feazt

Feazt, the Hyderabad-based Food Startup in India 2018 to explore numerous cultures and provide relations over the favorite meals. Their motive is to bring their customers with the help of the initiative. Feazt offers its entire efforts for common unification under one roof for food factor. In 2014, Feazt was founded by the Hyderabad fame Gopi Kishore Byluppala.

With their medium of food, their customers can easily meet a new set of people and also serve home-based foods. Feazt team work on this platform and make the customer believe that every meal will provide a new opportunity to create new friends. This social media brings foodies, travelers, professional chefs, and passionate home chefs all together.

The company was named as Feazt Interactive System and food startup with seed funded. The Feazt directors are Asha Lata Bayyapuneedi, Theerdhala Swathi, and Venkata Radhakrishna Bypineedi. Most of their funding is provided to the company through Bootstrap.

7. I Brand Beverages

Recently, drinkers within India have to choose their traditional brands prepared and sold by various foreign and local giants to compete within the world’s largest liquor markets. Most of the millennial drinkers do not have any more chances and need to stand with this scenario. I Brand Beverages Pvt Ltd is started by Lisa Srao, India’s top-most leading female founder. This company locates his Goa-based distillery and prepares four amazing liquor brands of IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor).

It includes the blended brandy, Vodka, Rum, and as well as Scotch whiskey. They are planning to launch its exclusive wines and crafted beer from the upcoming years to increase their product offerings within the Indian market. I Brand rank the top-most leading exporter of IMPL to numerous countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. They also planned to export their brands to American and European markets.

8. Fishtro

In 2010, Rahul Chhabra founded the company named Fishtro. This is a Pune-based food startup in India with chain restaurants to offer or serve fish dishes, assorted seafood along with Chicken and vegetarian. The seafood segments are cooked without quality and taste loss by using the frozen-to-cook in-house technologies. Normally, Fishtro products are standardized, boneless, odorless, healthy, and best offer for your money which served to their customers throughout the year.

Fishtro also won the R&D award and best Menu innovation within the India market in the year 2011. They also share their winning award with their competitors like Subway, KFC, and McDonalds. Fishes are exporting from Vietnam and India, while Chicken, Prawn, and other products are exporting only from India. Within the next 6 years, they planned to launch another 500 outlets throughout the Indian market. The funding is provided by the Correa Hospitality to groom their business.

9. Mast Kalandar

Mast Kalandar offers cleanliness, reasonable or affordable cost, speedy service, and freshness of ingredients with central permission, and founded by Pallavi Gupta and Gaurav Jain in the year 2005. Also, Mast Kalandar  had fuelled their massive growth within the home meal market with dine-in, takeaway, and home delivery options. Within 6 years period, they had launched more than 40 outlets in Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai. Numerous customers are served every month across their outlets.

Mast Kalander operates its business with 550 employees to provide a supply chain model and a hub to offer scalability and cost control. The company was funding by Footprint Ventures and Helion Venture Partners. Again, the third funding was provided by the Salarpuria Group, Angel Investors, Footprint Ventures, and along with Helion Venture Partners.

10. Dineout

Dineout is a common table reservation food startup which was recently published on the TimesCity acquisition. This company was founded by Vivek Kapoor, Sahil Jain, Ankit Mehrotra, and Nikhil Bakshi. This runs on a traditional basis and every customer has to wait for a long time outside the restaurant and pay for their meals which impress them to visit again. This is one among India’s largest table-based food reservation service.

Within 7 cities, more than 50 thousand diners have enjoyed their food in around 1800+ restaurants. You can save your money by reserving or booking a table. This largest table reservation system allows the user to browse and locate numerous new restaurants and various offers from best restaurants that are located in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi. You can also utilize the 50% or 1+1 offer on each drink and food.

11. Ammi’s Biryani

Ammi’s Biryani offers a wide range of unique-style Kababs and fresh biryani packed with hassle-free throughout the entire outlets in Bengaluru and founded by the owner Navaj Sharief in the year 2008. Navoj based on Muslim community started with Tamil name “Ammi’s Biryani” and loved to Urdu language. His family members and consultants have a wider acceptance of this name.

In 2009, he started the second outlet and decided to centralize his business based on a commissary model. Each outlet has proper design and has attractive interiors with a medium-sized dining area and more space for takeaway and deliveries. The private equity firm named SAIF partners funded its growth capital to maximize in Asia continent.

12. Kaati Zone

In 2002, Kiran Nadkarni founded the company named Kaati Zone. This is a Bengaluru-based company that serves Kathi rolls which are filling within a Naan or Roti. The centralized kitchen supplies the entire frozen ingredients to all of its numerous franchise outlets. In 2010, they set up a new store which includes operations and moreover focused on takeaway.

The owner says that any franchisee can recover their investments within 2 years of time depending upon their location. Kaati Zone has extended its funding from Helion Venture Partners, Draper Investment Company, and Accel Partners. Ashish Gupta is the Managing Director and personal investor of this company. It is now, again extending their operations with the help of the funding. Most of them yield their profits within 6 months period.

13. Dialogues Café

Have you ever heard about any restaurant that offers free to eat as much as you can? Yes, Dialogues Café located in Bengaluru provides this unique facility. It is like you need to pay for the entire time that you spend within this café and eat anything you prefer to have. As of today, the user has to pay Rs 220 for the initial hour spending and then Rs 3 for each minute to would like to spend.

Apart from this policy, Dialogues Café also host numerous debates or discussions or talks about banned books or any other sensitive issues. They will arrange professionals or entrepreneurs from a similar field to engage within the debate or discussion. You can also utilize this venue for any family events or corporate meetings. Dialogues Café is currently operating at two different locations in Bengaluru.

14. Steammo

Steammo is one among the best Food Startup in India, founded by Jabish Gohlyan and Ravisha Sirohi. It also provides freshly or non-freshly prepared form of steamed food. Steammo offers healthy Momo and other food products with numerous delicious varieties with good quality to withstand its brand name. They also prepare nutritious and hygienic manner of steamed foods.

The team has various experienced, well-talented cooks and chefs from different lands to prepare and serve the best Momos. They have dedicated staff to maintain their quality and cleanliness. The old stage ventured capital firm named as IncuCapital is one among the backup company to streamline Steammo. Prashant Maharaj is the executive Chairman and Board member from IncuCapital team.

15. Poncho

Poncho Company was founded by Amit Raj and Anshul Gupta in the year 2004. This is the best restaurant which offers Mexican-style dishes to their customers and starts around 5 outlets within a year. Poncho represents his open kitchen style with more than 30 members to operate and planning to establish another15 outlets by the upcoming year.

Poncho provides home-based food for users with good taste and also at affordable pricing. The menu contains numerous tempting dishes which you need to try at least once in a time. In Mumbai, the Indian Angel Network also recently invested with this company. Moreover, Kaushal Agarwal also joined as a board member or IAN member of this company.

16. ID

ID Company started its initial small kitchen in Bengaluru location. They started to prepare Vada batter, Dosa batter, and Idly within its small area and sold the same within the local market. Initially, these products were selling within the southern part of India without mentioning their proper brand name. As of today, ID brand marks the top-most ranking among the best and most successful Food Startups in India.

This company also prepare Vada batter, Dosa batter, and Idly by using the traditional Indian food grains that are suitable for Diabetic patients as well. It is now available with ID brand name across the India market and also major supermarkets. At last, ID Batter is also export to the US, Europe, and the Middle East as well.

17. Coco Berry

Coco Berry is a part of most famous Horizon group and provides importance to wellness food segment and Indian health to offer their users with healthy and delicious frozen yogurt. Next, this Gurgaon-based company also offers smoothies, iced green tea, salads, soups, and many more. The first store was named and located in the Defense Colony, which turnover more than 10 crores per year.

Coco Berry also receives major funding from the Horizon group and open approximately more than 50 outlets within the Indian market. As a result, it is currently operating in Jaipur, Delhi-NCR, Faridabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

18. Daily Ninja

Daily Ninja is the best food startups in India in terms of breakfast to purchase fruits, vegetables, bread, fresh milk, and eggs. You can purchase fresh milk daily as well as directly from the packed varieties or daily stores like Mother Dairy, Nandhini, Warana, Amul, and much more directly by using this excellent Daily Ninja App. This is one of the best app to utilize.

It is possible for the users to purchase the required volume on milk along with other products like fruits, eggs, fresh bread, and even some groceries. Within this app, you can process the payment through mobile wallet, debit card, and also credit card. It also allows you to choose your preferred delivery time to deliver the order. It currently operates in Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai.

19. Box8

Box8 is another Food Startups in India which offers immense tasting with success recently. Currently, it operates from Gurgaon, Pune, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. Box8 find its new market and expected to cover the entire major cities within India at least by 2020. For instance, users can make use of the Box8 App or its official website to order their food through the online platform from numerous favorite restaurants.

Moreover, users are allowing with attractive discounts and offer on their orders. It also tied up with various payments app like Paytm to provide cashback offers. They are specialized to provide traditional or desi meals. As a result, you can also order homely meals with the help of its website or mobile app.

20. FreshMenu

FreshMenn the one among best food startup business operates in Gurgaon, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru. They focus to deliver the food in fresh and good condition as well. They consistently change their menus on a daily basis and not interested to bore their customers by delivering the same recipes.

The highly experienced and talented chefs, who train at preparing numerous ranges of cuisines from across the globe with a lot of natural herbs, and fresh. Thus, customers can eat good and fresh meals by delivering the same within 45 minutes of time.

21. Cookgourmet

These food startups in India 2019, which is based in Gurgaon style founded by Daman Singh Kohli and Sanny Chaudhary. They offer chef-curated recipes that are original from a huge collection of cuisines from across the world. The recipes are packed and delivering in vacuum packed for meats, cut vegetables, and even on ice-packed boxes.

This will help the customers to decide whether they can cook on another day and still remains freshness. If the ingredients were properly refrigerating then it can also remain fresh for up to a maximum of 3 days. Furthermore, you can also download the video tutorials for numerous ranges of recipes.

22. Tandurust

Tandurust is one of the best and most popular food startups which is based on Bangalore style and mainly focus on food and fitness. Next, they include a wide range of cuisines within their menu and addition with nutrition as well as health factor. In common, Tandurust will use Flex seeds, Tofu, legumes, pulses, green vegetables, multi-grains, whole wheat, and etc.

In this way, the customers are not necessary to compromise on their health factors. Some of the other salient menus are Broccoli Salad, Peas Sandwich, Baked & Mixed Vegetables Paratha, and Oats Upma.

23. Fromahome

Fromahome is one among the best Food Startups in India and Chennai-based community marketplace that is use to browse, locate and then purchase the best homemade foods from the available list within the town. This platform can use by anyone who is looking for hygienic and healthy home prepared food at home.

This can achieve by selling the authentic home prepared food, which prefers to purchase homemade dished through the online platform. By doing so, the home cooks can generate a huge amount of income from this method.

24. SpoonJoy.com

SpoonJoy.com had decided to provide healthy food at your affordable price and should be accessible to everyone. You can make use of its weekly subscription, to receive delicious and healthy meals at your doorsteps. However, everyone wants to eat good and healthy food, technology and existing players are not in this trend.

Eating healthy food does not take much effort and it is cumbersome. They utilized the technology and ensured that anyone can order delicious and healthy food through the online platform. The servers that are using for SpoonJoy.com are backing up by the most famous Flipkart CxOs.

25. Delivery Chef

Delivery Chef, the most popular Food Startups in India 2018 and founded by Ankita Tondon and Aditi Talreja. The official website or portal referred to as deliverychef.in, allows the user to order their food through online media from the local restaurants. Currently, it is operating from Delhi NCR, Thane, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Furthermore, the deliverychef.in online website received its first funding in November 2013 was about 1 crore rupees and its revenue was approximately $1.1 million. Wishopedia Services Private Limited is the entire name of this company.

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