Virtual SMS Number and SIM Card
Virtual SMS Number and SIM Card: The Difference

Virtual SMS numbers for registration have gained enormous relevance in the framework of today. We are talking about specialized online services that provide opportunities to register an account via SMS confirmation.

Virtual SMS Number and SIM Card

What is a virtual mobile number?

Virtual numbers is a phone numbers online, which functions without a SIM-card and is not attached to a particular device.

Communication of such phones is realized by means of the Internet with the help of specific software, thanks to which all incoming text messages are forwarded to the web-interface of the online service, where the user can read the received message.

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What is the difference between temporary virtual numbers and regular numbers?

This type of mobile number does not differ from usual numbers. The only difference is in their lifecycle and functionality.

The main difference is that to work with such a phone number does not require a real SIM-card. It is intended for a single use within the registration procedures in social networks or various services.

In addition, temporary numbers are often used to meet corporate security requirements or for promotional campaigns. For many, temporary virtual numbers are an opportunity to avoid annoying spam and increased attention to their own person.

Where to find virtual numbers on favorable terms?

At the stage of search of a disposable virtual number, it is worth to pay attention to the opportunities that can provide the selected service. Unfortunately, not all platforms can boast with a large choice of countries and available services for registration.

In addition, you should pay attention to the number of mobile numbers available, because not all have good partners and providers.

Of the most famous is the company SMS-man, which has been operating for more than a year and has many positive reviews. As part of this service, you can quickly receive messages online to mobile numbers from 180+ countries around the world, without having to buy a SIM card.

In addition, this resource guarantees each client complete anonymity and a high threshold of protection against spam.

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How do I get access to a Virtual Number?

In order to start using these opportunities which the service uses, you will need:

  1. Go through the registration stage by entering your email address and password. It will take you minimum time, because you can skip this stage and enter with the help of your account in social networks.
  2. Then you need to go to the special top up section, which is located in the menu on the right after you log in. There you will find a complete list of payment systems, through which you can make a deposit.
  3. After depositing, on the home page you can proceed to select the country from which you need to get a mobile number. And also choose the resource where you need to make a registration.
  4. To get a virtual phone number is one click on the button “Buy”. After you click it, it is automatically added to your personal account.
  5. When you have completed all these steps, you can start using it. Use the purchased phone number as your personal number, and when you need to get a text message on it, go back to your personal cabinet and click “Get SMS”.

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