Banglalink Number Check

Cell phone is the most used electronic gadget by most of the people in the society. But the main part, for which the cell phone is used was communication. For communication purpose, SIM is must and should be inserted inside the cell phone. There are so many network service providers which provide the signals for the calls. A single person can have any number of SIM’s on usage basis. Sometimes there are chances of forgetting the older SIM’s number. The retrieval process of this number is very tough until and unless a call comes for that specified number. But by using these Bangla number we can easily get the number, with the help of certain USSD Codes

Banglalink Introduction:

Banglalink is an extraordinary network service provider of the Bangladesh. The services provided this network service provider are tele calling, International calls, Normal phone calls and messages form one registered number to the other number. Gradually this Banglalink established their service in the internet also by providing the network services. All these things are done at very cheap rates because of which it attracted all the smart phone users of that area. Almost all the people in the Bangladesh are using these numbers and network only.

How to verify the old number

An unknown number can be verified only by identify it. We can identify the presence of a number using the dial-to-call method. In this dial-to-call method, we have to enter suitable USSD code using the dial pad of the smart phone. After that hit the call button. Immediately a piece of information is sent to the server that, a particular user is requesting the number using the USSD code.

The server recognizes the number which is initially present in that phone and displays it on the screen. The USSD code which is specified by the community of Bangla service providers is” 511# “. By using this USSD code the process of the Banglalink number check is carried out.

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Checking through app

 If the method of dialing the code is not working properly then there is another way to find the old number. This process includes the installation of the Bangla tech mobile app. The steps are,

  1. Go the play store.

  1. Search for the Bangla tech app.
  2. Press the install button
  3. After installing login into your account using the email.

 5.The user interface will appear on the screen.

 6.On that screen click on the dashboard.

  1. Next tap on the fetch details button
  2. Then it displays all the details of the SIM card including its’s number.

 Like this you can easily find the lost old number. But this process is quite larger than the normal identification dialing method.


SIM which is the short form Subscriber identity module. This is taken users or subscribers to identify them separately by the network service providers. The main base of this identification process is the number of the SIM. If this number is lost then it is quite unimaginable to the user to do his works. To eradicate, all these problems Banglalink service providers came up with a solution which is the Banglalink number check.

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