How to hide a page on a dealer.com website

Dealer.com is a web-based application that allows you to hide your page from other users. It’s also a great way to get rid of unwanted visitors and keep your site in a secure way. This website allows all kinds of car dealers to create their own dealership webpage in online mode.

It is a platform that includes all kinds of tools and features for the user to hide a webpage. All these tools enable the user to create their own customizable website which represents their brand also. By creating their own website, the user will have all controls and right on their website. This is a very easy way to hide any kind of traffic or even bad customer experience.

This site provides the users a virtual marketing place for their dealings. The process of hiding a page in the dealer.com will simply enhance the users’ experience when they visit the website created by the dealer. This is the best site from which most of the people are selling their cars. The main purpose of this site is to provide the customers with an opportunity to buy something from a dealer and get it delivered to them.

Features that are provided in the packages provided by the dealer.com site:

  1. The user will experience a real-time monitoring of the webpage.
  2. Engagement on the website will be increased with the help of promotions.
  3. The customer can also see all the sales made by their dealers.
  4. It makes the dealer to create his own site without paying anything to the individual features provided by the dealer.com site.
  5. A well-customized design of the website.
  6. Easy to navigate and quick access process.
  7. Filters are provided with which the users can sort the product according to price, model, year etc.,
  8. Collaborating with third-party apps and software.
  9. There is the presence of different managements like vehicle listing management, customer relationship management and inventory management.

Process of hiding the page on dealer.com website:

Since there are lots of methods the latest method of hiding the websites is mentioned below. Simply follow the below three paragraphs for hiding your page.

Logging into dealer.com:

Firstly go to the official dealer.com website and click on the login button. In that choose the admin login icon. After that enter the required credentials and click on the forget password option so that you cancreate your new admin password. This enables you to create a more secure password than the prescribed one.

Selection of the webpage:

After completing the login process successfully. Drag and drop the site that you want to hide into the dealer.com site. Once you had done this process the prescribed site will become hidden.

Choosing the hide option:

If you have chosen the required page to hide then after that a list of options will appear on the screen. In that list of options click on the “Hide this page” option. If the option will not appear in the list. Then simply go to search button and search for this hiding option. After that click on ok.

Like this, you can easily hide whichever website you want. Before doing the above process make sure that the website you are hiding is the correct one. Because after hiding the website that website will never appear on google searches and it will be in the hidden section only.

Hiding a page on dealer.com using a smartphone:

This process of hiding the webpage is not only limited to the PC application. It can be carried out through a smartphone also. The steps included in this hiding process are,

1 . Open any one of the browsers on your smartphone.

  1. Search for the dealer.com website in the search bar.
  2. The browser will show a lot of related pages, tap on the official page.
  3. Then the home page of the dealer.com website will appear on the screen.
  4. In that click on the register button and create an appropriate account for the user.
  5. After that login into your account using the login credentials.
  6. Next select the page that you want to hide.
  7. Tap on the three dots which are present in the right-side corner.
  8. In that search for the “Hide this page” option.
  9. Click on the ok button.
  10. After that tap on the save changes button and on the exit button.

Once the above steps are carried out in a systematic manner you are not able to see that web page in your smartphone. Until and unless you release it from the hidden section.

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The price that dealer.com site will charge on each website:

Since the websites are of different types with versatile designs. Because of these designs and layouts the amount of charge will vary from site to site. For the advanced features, there are additional charges also.

Basically, this site is used by car dealerships with different packages with a minimum amount of 99 US dollars. This price is only for the packages provided by this website. For a normal site with instances can be done with 1000 US dollars at the same time if the site is a car dealership site then the amount ranges from 1000 to 3000 US dollars. By taking this package you can able to get the premium features also through the offer price.


This is a comfortable and trustable site where the user can hide all the pages which he wants to hide. Having a website like this is really good to hide unnecessary reviews and thoughts which will decrease the sale of the products.

By hiding these kinds of pages definitely, the user can get more profit in the business by selling lots of products to the customer. The company should have a very clear plan for the sales and marketingstrategy while performing the hiding process. The user will have all control over the site that has been created by him till the end of his usage.

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