Our honorable prime minister recently announced that they are going introduce the 5G telecom service in our country. This is a strategic plan that will improve the communication system. The main motive of this thing is to bring a new wave of innovation and development for all the mobile network service providers.

The government of India has already conducted so many meetings with all the companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Jio. At the same time they have made auctions on the 5G services among these companies. And they pointed out that each bid with a minimum cost of 1.5 lakh crore rupees by a company.

First, they will launch in few cities after seeing the response in that cities the services are multiplied in a region within in a couple of years. This process will easily overcome the seamless coverage, high mobile data rates andreliable communications.


Bharat Airtel by seeing this proposal came forward and going to launch the 5G in the eight selected cities and the Reliance Jio is also challenged to cover all the cities by the end of 2024. Prime minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated this scheme to gift 5G services to the 130 crore people of India.

And promised that India will become never consume any technology from any country. Through this the economy of our country can be increased. Also made a note on the four pillars of the 5G service in India.

What does actually 5G means


5G is a network infrastructure that is the combination of enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine communications and ultra reliable low latency communications. This technology uses the millimeter wave technique.5G network will cause 20 times more expensive than the normal 4G LTE networks.

There will be a huge increase in the speed of internet connection. It also allows the machine to machine internet applications. Network infrastructure should be updated to use this service. All the devices will not be able use this service because it will require the necessary hardware and software.

Here these millimeter wave technology is used to achieve the ultra high speed data transfer between all types of devices without any issues. The energy of these waves is very high and they will appear shorter than the WIFI signals. But these waves are very productive in nature. This technology is used to overcome the problems that are caused by the previous network services. They are used to identify the virtual networks and slicing of the network is also done with the 5G network.

Advanced features available in the 5G network:

  1. Fastest data transfer rates for 5G network.
  2. High bandwidth for the data up to 10 GB per second.
  3. Low cost for the data transmission.
  4. High speed connectivity with no signal loss or delay.
  5. Can be worked by any kind of the internet service provider.
  6. Establish high security between the user and the service providing people.
  7. Wireless bandwidth can be increased enormously.
  8. Works in all types of signal availability which means even with low range signals we can able to communicate.
  9. Since it uses the millimeter wave technology a large area can be covered with a simple device.
  10. Wireless transfer of the large amount of data can be done in a few seconds.

 Not only this there are hundreds of the advanced features in the 5G network but among all of

 them the major features are mentioned above.

 Is it possible to use a 5G network on your phone

The answer for this question depends on your mobile phone. Since all the mobiles will not be able to support the 5G network. Because there some specifications that need to be present in a mobile phone to meet the capacity of 5G network. If the user’s phone is android then the version must be android with patch 10.

The hardware of the mobile phone will play a major role to connect with the 5G network. Every phone which is coming in our present generation will support the usage of 5G network in them. Even the older version phones are also used to connect with a 5G network through little modifications and updating processes that can upgrade devices to 5G stage.

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Verifying the device through the settings option

 The simple task that any person can perform to decide whether his phone connects to 5G or not, is by following the below steps. The steps are, Go to settings in our mobile phone and tap on the network and internet option. Then click on the preferred network type.

It will display a list of network technologies like 2G/3G/4G/5G or 2G/3G/4G. If the first option is present then your device will definitely support the 5G network. Other than that if any other option is displayed means you need to change your device or upgrade it to certain specifications.


The service which will rule the world in the future is network. As the days are passing technology is increasing day by day. Because of these rapid changes, the network services are also made a drastic change that is bringing the 5G network into existence.

Almost all smartphones will require the internet for their hardware. Since there are lots of loopholes in the 4G network and it is not available in some of the areas of our country this 5G network will fulfill these drawbacks. Since lot of professionals are interested in using the 5G network for their work.

This technology will definitely bring positive feedback from all kinds of people. By using this kind of things it will unite all the remote regions into one piece and their needs can be known to others through this network. The major component that is required for the Internet of things is fast and secure internet. This internet is provided by the 5G network. Not only this the opportunities of the unemployed will also increase on a large scale by the 5G network.

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