Sites like Textsheet

Websites like Textsheet is one among the best places for the students to get the appropriate answers for their questions related to their assignments, homework, college projects, or school. This online portal helps the students to download their assignments with regards to their homework or even science projects. In earlier years, Textsheet website is the most popular and amazing website for every student

All the students can access the textsheet.com website to download all the piece of information with regards to their homework or class assignments in an easier way. However, in recent days the DMCA organization found that Textsheet is not following the designed standards and rules, moreover violating them. It also found that they are reproducing their own contents.

Sites like Textsheet

With regards to some unavoidable situation, the textsheet.com website is taken down by the DMCA organization. However, you can access the various Textsheet alternatives which assist the users to download their projects and assignments. Let us discuss the best Textsheet alternatives 2020 in detail for your reference.

Textsheet Alternatives (Websites like Textsheet)

Since the Textsheet not working you can make use of the below-provided alternative websites to download your projects and assignments:


The users can use the Studylib as a website service especially to load the document with storage and publication. The website studylib.net allows the user to store the important documents, share their post on their links, share their documents through the social media networks, and even download their documents from the website.

There are numerous file formats that are available within the process and supported by the studylib.net website such as tcr, rb, mobi, lit, chm, fb2, sxw, sxc, ods, odi, odg, csv, rtf, pptx, xlsx, docx, txt, pdf, and many more. With the help of the distributed repositories, the users are allowed to store an unlimited number of useful and much valuable assignments, projects, and documents.

Studylib website information

You can open up a web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and access the studylib.net website. Just press the Upload document icon on the site and choose your preferred file of any supported file formats from your HDD (Hard disk drive). Only if you have an active account under studylib.net website, you will allow to upload the documents.

In case if you do not have an account then you can create the same using your Open ID or the email address. During the upload process, you need to enter the file name and its respective description and wait for a few minutes to complete the conversion process. If you do not want to share the document or project with everyone then you need to enable the option named Visible only with me. This ensures that the document will be visible only under your account.

Open ID is the most important and very convenient tool, especially for the validation and user authorization. You can access your StudyLib account and make use of its services by utilizing any one of the services like a rambler, Yandex, Mail.ru, Gmail or even use the social media networks like Livejournal, Twitter, or Facebook. It is mandatory to click on its respective icon on the authorization or registration page.

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Slader is another most popular alternative website for Textsheet, especially for the US students. This website is also accessed by various users to get the proper solutions and answers for multiple subjects with complete and accurate explanations. The content’s quality was also improved in a perfect way to assist the students.

You can use the Slader website to get assistance to complete your assignments and homework. It provides solutions for all age students even from middle school and up to a maximum of graduate school. However, you will receive various pop-ups with advertisements while viewing the course contents. If you wish to avoid the annoying ads then you can purchase the paid or premium subscription to overcome the advertisements.


Many reviewers informed that Chegg could be the sole reason for Textsheet’s shutdown. Chegg is the best alternative website for Textsheet for the students to use. If you held up with daily assignments and homework then this is the familiar website to assist you in a proper way. This website offers various sorts of solutions to its users (students). From the assistance of Chegg’s experts, you can get exact solutions for any tricky questions as well.

You can complete your homework with the help of Chegg’s experts very fast. It offers better solutions for all subjects like business, engineering, maths, chemistry, and many more. It has solutions for multiple courses and other subjects as well. The accurate explanations for your toughest assignments and subjects. At the end of the day, chegg is also one of the Websites like Textsheet.

More Information

You can seek assistance from the Chegg’s experts and they are ready to resolve any sort of questions you raise. Most of the students are feeling uncomfortable when it comes to their pricing range. Since the website does not offer free service and can provide better answers or solutions for the entire variety of courses or subjects.

It is mandatory to purchase the monthly paid membership and enroll with Chegg’s website. You need to subscribe for an entire month if you wish to get the solution for a single subject or course or an assignment. It is required to get a one month subscription even if you would like to access the Chegg’s website for a single day or two.

The subscription fee for a month will come around $14.95 to avail the study or course material under the website. However, you can use the 30 minutes tutoring service on the website without any payment to use the online trial version.

The monthly subscription can help you to get the following benefits:

  • You can access the millions of assignment or homework answers.
  • The Chegg’s expert can assist your inquiries at any time.
  • The website provides step by step explanations or solutions with regards to your entire textbooks.

Course Hero

We would like to inform that Course Hero is one among the best and most popular websites like Textsheet which is used to download or studying the study material. This website contains a wide range of database (more than numerous millions) of course-specific study materials for the users. You can easily search and locate the documents and course with the help of a well-organized site. The students can easily search and locate the documents based on the different categories like Books, Subject, or their respective School name.

It is also possible for anyone to join the Course Hero website as a Tutor or a student. It offers the users to upload their own document or refer the website to their family members or friends and make out of money for their service. The filter options can use to filer the uploaded documents based on Study documents, Questions & Explanations, and Courses.

Course Hero website provides an overall good source to identify and gather better answers and solutions with complete and accurate explanations. It is mandatory to register with Course Hero website if you would like to download the documents. You need to login to your account to download any books or document.


According to the user’s online review, PaperHelp is one among the best and good Textsheet alternatives available for the students. With similar to other alternative Textsheet websites, PaperHelp is used for essay writing with a paid or premium subscription.

These websites like Textsheet provides users with high-quality contents for both research and study. You can also use the prepaid service with a minimal amount to get the essay writing from this service provider. PaperHelp the alternate Textsheet website provides the unique content of essay writing for each user.

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