Our vibrant culture and tradition denote the variety of colors used in different states. These

Our vibrant culture and tradition denote the variety of colors used in different states. These tradition and culture have inspired a Rangoli a lot. It is a reflection of our surrounding. Moreover, women try to make it on the floor of the house to give it real face. As per Hindus, they make rangoli design to welcome positive energy to their home and in some parts of India; people make it welcome Goddess Laxmi to their home because she represents good fortune.

One cannot imagine celebrating Indian festival without Rangoli Design. Creative work always sets the mood; hence, people make it on New Year festival days to lighten up their preparation. Here is the sample of rangoli kolam that everyone can make this 2020 tamil New Year.

New Year according to English Calendar


Indian people celebrate two kinds of New Year one on 1st January and another is on the 1st day of Navratri falls in the month of either March or April. On New Year, everyone decorate their house in their own way but in some part of India, people make kolam design to welcome New Year of their life.

Happy Tamil New year Rangoli 2020

In India, people welcome New Year as a festival. It brings new hope and happiness. We always make resolutions and plan our new year as it will fulfill all our dreams and bring good fortune. As per Indian Calendar, Indian New Year falls in the month of March and time when people keep fast and celebrate Navrata.

Hence, to bring the blessing of Goddess Durga, people make rangoli or kolam. Means drawing kolam brings happiness, peace, and prosperity. Also, it keeps evil away from our home and life. This Tamil New Year 2020 brings spirituality to people and positive energy flows.

Nine days of 2020 New Year

As per Hindu Mythology, Lord ram has taken birth on the Ram Navami day. People draw rangoli to welcome him in their house as it is believed that he was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. 9 days of New year is celebrated by keeping fats, donating food to the needy people, organizing pooja at home. People all over India cleans their house and draw rangoli in their own pattern at the entrance of their house. They believe that Goddess Durga’s 9 Avatars visit their house.

Each day woman makes rangoli for Navratri celebration. They make different pattern and designs using different colors. These designs can be freehand design, traditional kolam design, dots and line design, floral design etc. Here is happy new year rangoli design gallery for 2020 .

Preparation of rangoli making

Most of the time people use rice flour, dry powder of turmeric, flower petals, vermillion and colored sands to make rangoli. Now, synthetic colors are available in the market for a different purpose. Some people use Holi colors to make rangoli. The pattern includes the birds, round floral and curved design, idol face, geometric shapes, animal, and other natural things. Now, free-hand designs are more famous than traditional New Year kolam 2020 design due to the generation gap. However, the change in kolam design represents India is growing.

Navrata Rangoli


Navratri is a most beautiful event where people wear colorful clothes; perform pooja in the temple as well as in their house. It is a celebration of light and color. When it comes to celebrating birth of Lord Ram, rangoli comes to mind that occupies large space. This adds the fun to the celebration. Different state has a different style of making Rangoli with a different pattern. Some use red colored sand to draw it, while some prefer it white. Not just pattern but it has a different name too in different states.

Kolam design with blue shade


The rangoli made with blue and white color in cloudy shape is best for New Year. Later pink and red colored birds are made of this cloudy design. The outer part of the rangoli is large in which landscape is drawn with girl, flowers, and trees. All these designs are uniformly balanced with nice bright and vibrant colors that look pretty to human eyes. It is not compulsory to draw only difficult share, if you are a beginner in making rangoli then draw the birds, flower, and other curved design.

Palanquin Design

In order to welcome New Year, draw the palanquin design and write happy New Year on the design. Make the base with white liquid than fill inside the design with either liquid color or dry powdered color. At first draw, the boundary in rectangle shape then writes the New Year 2020 in Kolam Design. Decorate the design with small floral designs or make some freehand curves to make it more beautiful. One can make the design of Peacock in green and blue color and add the bow shape. Your rangoli is ready for 2018 New Year.

Rangoli with Flowers and leaves

All the rangolis are same but occasions make it different and give it a different name. However, New Year Rangoli is simple and sober to make. Most of the people draw freehand flower design with heart and leaf design in a circle and square.

You can also write Happy New Year 2020 in yellow color then draw the rest of the design around it. Make flowers and leaves around the design with white chalk or rice powder then fill the colors inside it. To make it more precise, also draw the border with white color for better blending of the design. The design does not have a proper symmetry that is why it will look natural.

Floral pattern in New Year rangoli







Natural designs are always better; it let us explore our creativity. Moreover, if someone is new in making a design, he/she can draw the floral pattern as rangoli design because it will not require any kind of symmetrical and geometrical pattern. Start with the circle then surround it with a floral pattern like sunflower, again draw another round of flower pattern. Make it till the time it will look like bud shaped flower. Now make the final layer, fill it with the bright color, and write Happy New Year 2020 with flowers or color.

Multicolor Square rangoli for New Year

It is made in a square with a small flower in the middle than rest of the design is made surrounding the inner flower. The second layer contains the decorative shapes like heart, curved lines, and leaves. Use the stripes in a rangoli to give it a unique shape and fill the outer layer with two different shades of color to make it vibrant and colorful. Make the border in white color to give it the final touch.

Floral Happy New-year Kolam 2020 design







Designs made with flowers are simple and small as compared to other colored design. When the design is complete with flower petals inside it, it looks beautiful. You can make the boundary of the rangoli with a flower garland, add the leaves, and flower to the garland to make it complete the design. Draw the Happy New year message with a flower.

Rangoli designs for Ugadi festival

Peacock is the favorite design among people. They try to either make different forms of a peacock with the white chalk and rice powder or use the vibrant colors in the design. It will look natural when made with the blue, green, and yellow colors. Fill the color in feather so that it will look natural. Later add tree and flower petals to the design.

Rose patterns with Happy New Year


Drawing single rose design for New Year Rangoli is also less time taking. Either draw the rose design with white colored powder or use the rose petals to fill inside the design. Add green leaves around the rangoli to make it more beautiful.

Another method of drawing this rose design is spread the red color on the floor then outline the rose shape with white or yellow color and write the Happy New Year in White color. This will give a good contrast of color using only red and white.

Dotted pattern of Rangoli

When you want to make something simple and easy, go for the dotted pattern on the floor and connect these dots to make a beautiful design. It can be either curved or geometrical. Later fill the color to distinguish blocks. Vibrant colors look more beautiful when placed together in a single rangoli.

Road rangoli patterns with New Year wish

Another great idea of making rangoli is gathering people from the locality to make the big rangoli not only for Happy New Year but also for different occasions. It will not only increase the happiness of celebration but also develop a friendship.

Everybody can use their creativity to make rangoli that are easy to make and lovely to look. Asking a neighbor for tips regarding design, color, and pattern enhance the New Year celebration. Make difference in life with this 2018 New Year.

Flowers and leaves surround the words

If you put the NEW YEAR 2020 in the center of the rangoli, you still have lots of space around the word to draw Rangoli. It is not like other designs that include design first then words. Draw the words with chalk then fill it with colors of different shades. You can either draw the boundary around the words like square or rectangle or draw the design. Alternatively, outline the words with white color, start making a flower, leaves design, and color them accordingly.


Designing living being is still tends like drawing deer, birds, butterfly in the Rangoli. Living creatures are vibrant in color hence you do not need to think about the color combination. Just draw the outline of the design, fill the color accordingly, and keep the design smudge free. You can draw butterflies facing each other and colored in different shades to give the bright shade.

Easy rangoli for Beginners

If you want your kids to draw rangoli then choose the easiest and simple design so that they can draw it. however, if children pint their colored hands on the floor then it will also emerge as beautiful, vibrant colored rangoli.

Alternatively, if the kid is above 13 years then simply chalk out the design and fill it with different shades of color. Make sure to use the bright and vibrant color combination so that New Year rangoli will look good. These way children can also learn how to make rangoli and your purpose is also done.

Looped Rangoli design

If you like, the simple and nice thing then you can try dotted rangoli. It requires a hexagonal base that is further converted into lotus, number, and butterfly design. In fact, you can make any kind of design with these dots and fill the colors. Just make sure these designs are uniform in shape because it requires perfection to transform dots into shape. The outer line of the rangoli can be wavy or curved.

Easy circular pattern

This is another easy design. First, make a circular base and fill in with a dark base color. Write the words on the top and use lighter shades or just white. For the outer part, make floral patterns. Cover the entire circumference and then fill in colors of yellow, green and red.

Tamil New year Kolam dots

This is quite natural design includes the sunflower design at the corners and in between there is a scroll in which Happy New year is written. This Tamil New Year Kolam dots design is made on the white colored base and brown colored shaped at the corners. It will give the scroll look with orange color as the base color. Also, draw the peacock feather in the design to make it more vibrant and colorful.

Colorful Happy New Year rangoli Design

Make the circular base then start coloring them. First make big circle in the middle with navy blue color while other design in Orange and white shade. The layer further has small designs in different shades.

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