Tamil new year 2020 kolam collections, Tamil puthandu kolangal


Tamil New Year kolam designs : We all know that the celebration will have a grand occasion in the name of festivals. We could see lots of festival kolams during the time of occasion. Especially, you will see a different number of kolam designs for every festival in Tamilnadu. It is the culture that follows for most of the decades. One must expect that you could see beautiful kolams only in Tamilnadu. It is the tradition that they follow all the time. For this year, you could see an enormous collection of Tamil New Year kolam designs for this upcoming occasion. You can find a different collection of kolam designs to make the grand presence in the festival.

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Different Pulli kolam designs

Tamil New Year kolam designs
Tamil New Year kolam designs

When comes to Pulli kolam designs, people always prefer this best and simple category. By drawing the simple Pulli kolam designs, you can make this simple kolam into grand designs as well. This Pulli kolam designs will help during the upcoming Tamil New Year Kolam designs. Everyone knows that freestyle rangolis are very popular across India, where kolam takes ahead over rangoli in Tamilnadu. People can see different categorized two types as Pulli Kolam and idukku Pulli kolam. These Pulli kolam designs are always very useful for most of the festivals in Tamilnadu.

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Simple Kolam designs

Tamil New Year kolam designs
Tamil New Year kolam designs

Most of the people always prefer simple kolam designs that those who are all feeling tough to design grand design. This simple kolam designs that you can also design with 4 dots, 6 dots, 8 dots and more. This could be the easy way to design for the beginners during the Tamil New Year kolam designs. There are some of the simple kolam designs like lotus and sangu also makes the people feel easy. Also, this kind of kolams always makes the people design in an easy way.

Small kolam designs

Tamil New Year kolam designs
Tamil New Year kolam designs

For this Tamil new year, there are some of the simple small kolam designs are most preferable. When comes to this simple kolam designs, you will feel very easy to follow. There are a number of small kolam designs are also available like bhu kolam, padi kolam, dot kolam and many. For the information, these designs also fall under Tamil New Year kolam designs. After designing the kolam, if you decorate with colors then this small kolam designs will also look rich. There are a number of small kolam designs are also available for this coming Tamil new year.

kolam rangoli

Tamil New Year kolam designs
Tamil New Year kolam designs

Thus the Tamil New Year kolam designs have different kolam rangoli with many designs. It starts with kambi kolam to swatik kolam as well. These are the famous kolams that contain the kolam rangoli. With this rangoli, you can make any of the simple occasions into grand occasions. Aspirants can make a grand festive kolam rangoli with 10 to 15 dots with friends and families. Also, you can find more kolam rangoli for this festive. So, people who are all interested in getting designs for this Tamil New Year can follow here. Hope these beautiful designs will help you for the festive occasion at anytime.

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