Tamil Nadu is famous for rangoli making because this art demands more than just a

Tamil Nadu is famous for rangoli making because this art demands more than just a contrasting color, cutouts, and clarity. The mantra for making Tamil New Year 2020 rangoli kolam is creativity. The multi-hued pattern with creative design always wins the heart and brings happiness. Moreover, rangoli shares the remarkable similarity to the mehndi design in which expert began with a tiny piece of design then enlarge it with creativity and curves.

The portrait and landscape design in Tamil New Year Kolam 2020 is a new form of the modern design pattern. When it comes to drawing a rangoli, choosing a design from the Tamil New Year kolam designs and producing it within the limited area is not helpful. It is an intricate curve design that reflects the creativity of the person.

This does not mean that only creative or artistic people can make rangoli. It is an art of everyone; no perfection is required to make this art. It just requires good intention and some collection of Tamil New Year 2020 Rangoli kolam design from which design can be chosen.

What are 2020 New Year kolam designs?

 Tamil New Year 2018 Rangoli kolam design
Tamil New Year 2020 Rangoli kolam design

As art and music are blended with our Indian culture, Rangoli kolam has also rich and powerful place in Indian culture since it was originated. You can see this design in every festival of India. It is one of the richest traditional arts. Ever Indian women know how to present this design creatively; moreover, they got training from childhood to make this rangoli design by their parents. Especially, girls follow their mother and try to learn this design from their childhood. It is the best method of expression since ancient times.

In general, rangoli stands for the row of colours and motto of writing this article is to bring you about the Tamil New Year 2020 Rangoli Kolam design. Through this collection of images of rangoli design, everyone will become aware of Tamil New Year tradition and significance of making Rangoli on this occasion.

Why is 2020 New Year kolam made?

Tamil New Year 2018
Tamil New Year 2020

Kolam in New Year occasion is made to welcome the new beginning of everything in life. According to Hindu calendars, every state has their own New Year Day that generally falls in the month of March and April. The Tamil New Year 2020 falls in the month of April and the whole state looks vibrant in colours during the celebration of Tamil New year 2020. It is the sacred ritual in Tamil Nadu done by women of the house every morning. People believe that it brings prosperity to the family, house, and wards off all the evil spirit. It protects the environment of the house by negative energy and Goddess Laxmi does this protection. Every day women made the New Year 2020 Kolam design to bring Goddess Laxmi inside the house.

Everybody has unique sense and style of making kolam because New year is celebrated in Assam, Punjab, Orissa, Manipur, West Bengal, etc. Hence, Tamil New year 2020  is the celebration for most of Indian State. In this, there is a government holiday.

The significance of Tamil New Year

 Tamil New year
Tamil New year

As per Tamil calendar, Puthandu or Tamil New Year is the first day of Chaitra month. People celebrate it as yellow harvest festival of India. The night before the new day, people decorate the thali with fruits—mango, jackfruit, and banana, betel leaves, gold and silver, nuts, money, coconut, mirror, and flower. The Tray is kept in a place where a person looks at the thali before looking at someone else just after waking up in the morning.

This is believed that looking at these things early in the morning will bring prosperity, wealth, and health throughout the year. Later on, watching thali, people take bath and go to temple seek blessing and offer pooja. This Tamil New year marks the beginning of Dravidian New Year in the Tamil Nadu. The main reason behind the celebration of this occasion is to get prosperity throughout the year and showing gratitude to god.

The tale is once Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe started the creation of the world on this day that is why Tamil People celebrate this Year as a new beginning with great enthusiasm and joy. Special New Year pulli kolam 2020 is drawn outside the house; people get dressed up in new clothes, exchange gifts and sweets, and offer prayer in the temple. On this day people prepare special kind of traditional food that is sweet, sour, and salty in taste that reminds them that is a phase of life and everyone must go through these phases to realize that they are alive and living their life. Variation proves life.

This is the day to make New Year kolam 2020 designs to welcome auspiciousness, beginning of the New Year to welcome nice and wonderful things like—fruits, vegetables, crops, rice, coconut, and other crops. These things are offered to god so that whole year there will be food to eat. This day is also celebrated as the harvest festival in Tamil Nadu and other states. Farmers pray for the rain and good crops.

New Year kolam with dots step by step

New Year kolam with dots step by step
New Year kolam with dots step by step

In this article, here are simple steps to make dots Tamil New Year 2020 Kolam for everyone that is easy to make.  Here is the collection of designs from the creative artists that you should try this 2018 New Year. The designs are the inspiration from nature and resemble the earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Sky, the five elements of nature. The colours used in the design are from nature like green, brown, red, pink, blue, and other colours. The idea comes from the butterfly, flowers, leaves, peacock, etc. If take the closer look at the sky, crosscut tree trunks, leave, and another part of nature, you will notice a certain pattern of design.

  • These designs use the dots pattern of 12*4 dots, 4 dots at the side and 12 dots at the centre. By following the dots, the certain design is made either connecting the dots or creating the loop around the dots.
  • Another dot pattern is use of 7*7-dot pattern from top to bottom then connect the dots in such a way that it forms a grid structure.

The simple method of making rangoli is trying this design on paper first before making it on the floor. When the hand is set on the paper then real design is easy to make on the floor.

  • The dots are joined in such a manner that it form a flower design, leaves, and heart around the deisgn. Colours are filled inside the design.
  • Put the dots in square and octagon shape, dots are connected to create the design; this design can be complex and need lots of practice to make it.

Kolam Powder for New Year Design 2020

Kolam Powder for New Year Design 2018
Kolam Powder for New Year Design 2018

Mostly the Tamil New year 2020 Rangoli kolam design is made in dots and line pattern with rice flour. However, not everyone can prepare this mixture; there is the certain method to create this kolam powder. The powder is made with the rice flour by itself or at the shops. Generally, women of the house take initiative to do these kinds of work. Nowadays, kolam powder is available in the shops in a pack. However, there is the traditional method to prepare this powder mentioned below.

  • Any quality of rice flour is used to prepare kolam powder, but it should be rice not other grain
  • Soak the kolam flour in the water for one hour
  • After one hour, the rice particle loosen up
  • Later the wet rice particle is ground in the grinder to make a fine paste
  • The grinded paste is taken and poured into the clothes to dry. Use of clothes makes the drying process fast.
  • It is kept under the sunlight for the drying process
  • Store it in the container or use this dry powder

Creating coloured powder for New Year Kolam 2020

coloured powder for New Year Kolam 2018
coloured powder for New Year Kolam 2020

Colours fill the life in design and it is very important part of Kolam Design. In Tamil Nadu, this powder is available in the shops. The colours are mixed with the sand particles to prepare the fine coloured material for rangoli.

  • The colours are mixed with the sand particles to give the luster to the design. If the whole colour powder is used in the design, it will make the design dull.
  • Some people use colour with kolam powder, it can give the white patches in the design
  • Use of the colour directly on the floor without mixing it with anything else will also create the patches that will not look good.
  • Use the colour with wood dust to give the bright and vibrant look to rangoli design
  • The coloured stone powder gives the best finishing to the design but it is heavy to carry in bulk
  • The fine wood dust is light to use and easy to spread. Moreover, it easily soaks the colour and dry fast. People use it to fill inside the rangoli
  • Coloued salt is also used as a filler of the Tamil New Year 2020 Kolam design. Poster color is mixed with the salt to colour it.
  • Flower petals, leaves, grass, and buds are used to make the rangoli design. Flowers, tree bark, and indigo colours are best t natural source of the colours from ancient time
  • Holi colours are also available in the market

Why New Year Kolam 2020 gain importance?

Tamil New year Kolam
Tamil New year Kolam

Tamil New year Kolam gained its importance not only in New Year festival but also on other occasions also. Kolam has gained its importance in Pongal, Diwali, Ugadi, Holi, Dushers, etc. A large design is made in front of the house. However, at the New Year time, all the women and girls gather to make the beautiful design.  They decide the design and plan together to put it into reality. First, a layout is made on the floor with white chalk then the design is created over it. Some people use kolam powder to outline the design but some use dry rice powder to make the boundary of the design. Later on, colours are filled but in perfect contrast.

Tamil New year Rangoli Pattern

Tamil New year Rangoli Pattern
Tamil New year Rangoli Pattern

The rangoli patterns for Tamil New year 2020 Rangoli Kolam Designs are available in the huge range. Choose the design, which you want to make in front of the house. These are easy to make and everyone can draw these designs in front of their house. Nowadays, it is not limited to any age group, gender, class, and creed.

The various patterns are—dot with line sand loops, a traditional design of Tamil Nadu that has scientific significance behind its making, Geometrical and symmetrical pattern, Arabic, and floral pattern. Some people also draw freehand rangoli design. It is a modern approach to make rangoli.

The line and dotted pattern rangoli are traditionally made in every house of Tamil Nadu. Everyday Women draw this rangoli in front of their house to keep the house safe and prosperous.

The freehand design is in which the colours spread on the floor in circular pattern and design is made with white colour. Different colours are used in this design pattern. The examples of these designs are peacock design, animal image, Lord Images, and so on.

The wooden stencil design pattern is for the people who do not have time to create a new design or indulge in creative activity. They simply purchase the readymade rangoli stencil from the market, dip this stencil in the colour, and paste it on the floor.

Another kind of Tamil New Year 2020 Rangoli Kolam designs geometrical shape. The geometrical shape is easy to make like circle and square. And inside of these circles, any design can be made like flower and leaves, geometric pattern, triangles, square inside the square and fill it with a different colour to give it distinguish pattern and so on.

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