This is 2019 and Indian women is nowhere behind the men whether it’s science, sports or Politics.  And they have proved this in business too. There are numbers of examples of such women’s in India who are running their business and became successful. Today’s women’s are much smarter and intelligent enough to handle any business.


In this blog post, I am sharing some small scale business ideas for housewives. If you are a housewife looking for some extra income or want to be an entrepreneur read this blog post until the end to get some small scale business ideas for housewives.

But before going ahead let’s look at some very successful Business Women’s in India and know a little bit about them, to take some inspiration and motivation.

Top business Women’s in India

Chanda Kochhar

Position: She is the managing director and chief executive officer of ICICI bank.

Achievements: She is known for her role in shaping retail banking in India. Under her leadership, ICICI bank won “Best Retail Bank in India” award in 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Awards: In 2004 she was awarded for the “Best Retail banker Of the Year” and many more.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Position: Chairperson and Managing Director of Biocon Limited. Biocon is a biotechnology company in Bangalore.

Achievements: She started this company in 1978 with a very low capital of Rs.1000. Mazumdar spearheaded Biocon’s evolution from an industrial enzymes manufacturing company to a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company.

Awards:  She is on the 2011 Financial Times’ top 50 women in the business list and many more…

Vinita Bali

Position: She was managing director of Britannia Industries.

Achievements:  Under her direction, Britannia‘s revenue tripled to $851 million.

Awards: She was awarded the “Business Women of the Year” award in 2009.

These are just a few examples you can Google for more….

Information Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page


Now let’s back to our topic. These Ideas are not only for women’s but men can also do. As I always say please choose any business according to your interest and passion. Keep in mind any big thing start from small so here are some…….

Small business ideas in India for Women’s

1.      Bakery Business

It covers a huge number of customer bases along with great business opportunities for an entrepreneur who is passionate about making food items. You can start this business from your home. To start this business you need some knowledge, little equipment, and a very small investment.

Select which kind of bakery you want to sell for example cake, biscuits, bread, Cupcake etc… Promote your business on Social media using Instagram and Facebook.

2.      Small Restaurant

You can start your own restaurant. To start this business you need some investment in the beginning.  It covers a huge market and it is also a very profitable business. Today many new entrepreneurs are starting theme based restaurants. Which looks very interesting and attracts lots of customers?

Select a unique theme, make a list of Foods you will serve your customers, buy a place for a restaurant and you are good to go. And again take help of some popular social handles and also list your business on Google map which helps to attract local customers.

3.      Food Mess Business

In today’s busy life people have don’t even time for cooking food for them. After working for a whole day they don’t want to cook so, they order from outside. Here is the opportunity for you to start a business.

Many people are already making money out of this idea. But don’t be sad there is still an opportunity is waiting for you. Start a food providing business for students, office workers and who need this service. This business is huge in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. Start your Food manufacturing business.

4.      Cake Making

Start your cake business. It is a highly profitable business you can start from your room on a very small scale. Throughout the year cake demand never goes down.  Try to make theme based cakes which are high in demand nowadays.


5.      Cooking Classes

If you are women who are not an office person or stays at home or, if you have an interest in cooking then, you can also start cooking teaching classes. If you have knowledge then you can earn money by sharing your knowledge. This you can start with a low startup cost.

Teach cooking to some ambitious and cooking loving students. Start with students in your area then, after you can take help of social media and expand your business. Or you can start YouTube channel and make tutorial videos on cooking. You will also make money out of YouTube.

Here are some online jobs for housewife without investment

6.      Blogging

It’s best to start for those who are passionate about writing and share their thoughts and knowledge with the world. If you have knowledge of any topic you can start a free blog on blogger or, a paid blog on word press.

You can write on any topic like travel, cooking, products review, Bollywood gossip etc… Purchase your domain name related to your blog topic and purchase a hosting from a good hosting provider company. Setup your word press and start writing and publish on it.  Blogging is the best way to Make Money Online from home.

7.      Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another best way to earn money from home. If you are running a blog website and attracting a good amount of traffic to your niche website then, you can start Affiliate Marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you promote others products to your audience and when a customer purchases products from your referral link then; you earn a small commission from the seller of that product.  Blogging with affiliate marketing will make you rich.

8.      Content Writing

If you are good at writing then, you can start Content Writing services from your home. Today hundreds of new websites are launching and everyone can’t handle everything by themselves so, they hire Content Writer.

There are people who are earning 6 digit incomes just from content writing. You can get your first project from Freelancing websites like Fiver, up work and Freelancer. Go create an account on these websites and try to get your first order.

9.      E-Book Writing

I am taking about E-Books, not the traditional hard copy book. Gone are those days when you need lots of money to publish a book. Today you can publish your book free of cost.

Write a detailed and value for money e-book on the topic of your choice publish on amazon kindle or on your website if you have. You can also add your e-book on instamojo.com and promote it through Facebook ads.

10. Graphics Designing

If you have knowledge in Graphic designing and you have a creative mind then, start your Graphic Designing services online and offline. You will get more opportunity online in the field of Graphic Designing then offline market.

And as you grow and start getting more customers then, you can expand and make a team this way you can start your Business too. Again use all freelancing websites I mentioned above which are fiver, up work, freelance, people per hour etc…

11. Digital Marketing

Start providing services for Digital marketing without going to the office from your home with the help of your laptop/PC and internet.

As new and old all types of businesses are shifting online and they started using Online Marketing or Digital Marketing the demand for Digital marketers are very high. Here also you have an opportunity of starting your own Digital Marketing Company.

12. Drop Shipping

Starting business not that challenging these days you can start your business online from your home with a very minimal investment.

Drop Shipping is a business modal in which you don’t buy inventory (products) you just do marketing of the products and get an order. When you get an order to send the order and shipping details to your Drop Shipping supplier he will take care of rest of the process.

Also, Read 5 steps to start your Drop Shipping business.

13. Freelancing

Start doing freelancing work. No investment required. Two things are required to do this work one is skills and second is time. No matter what skills you have you can earn good money from it.

There are many platforms available on internet like true lancer, freelancer, Fiver, up work, guru and people per hour.

14. Amazon FBA

Become an Amazon seller. Start selling products on Amazon. Why Amazon? The reason is very simple it is the largest e-commerce company in the world. They provide the best services.

All you need to start is register on Amazon.in (if you live in India), list all your products on Amazon and when you get an order people from Amazon will come to you and take the ordered product to the customer. This is the best business for women.

15. Become Virtual Assistant

Work online as a virtual assistant. Virtual Assistants do many works like checking emails, taking care of business calls, some paper works, interaction with clients etc… Basically, Virtual Assistants are kind of traditional assistant who works in an office but here you don’t need to go office you can work from your home or anywhere.

You can get easily work of Virtual Assistant online on websites like fiver, up work, freelancer etc…

Also, read; 9 Best ways to Earn Money Online in India

Jobs for housewives without investment (offline)

16. Offline Tuition

Start teaching students whatever skills you have like if you are good at painting start teaching painting. For teaching, you can join any teaching Institute in your area which matches your skill or you can also start your own teaching classes.

Or you can teach online on many teaching platforms you can search on Google. You can earn enough money from teaching.

17. Tailoring

Start tailoring business this is very popular for many years. You can start this business from home with a sewing machine. You can start this by working for your family and friends. This business is scalable, as well as profitable because people will never stop dressing and they always need a tailor.

18.  Start your own Shop

You can start a small retail shop in your area. You can start something like a general store, cosmetic store, stationary store etc…

Before starting any store look around in your area try to calculate the market competition. To start this business you have to invest some money. So, start shop according to your pocket.

19. Beauty Parlor

If you have magic in your hands to make someone look beautiful then, it’s the best business you can start. Find some space for your parlor, purchase equipment.

Beauty Parlor is very popular and trendy business. You need some skills to do this work.  Women’s always need a beautician for them.

20. Insurance Agent

You can become an insurance agent. It’s an old business but people still buy Insurance policies. You can start this as a part-time business. No investment is required to start this business. Join any Insurance company and start selling the policies from your family and friends first.

Best business for women (manufacturing)

21. Candle Making

Start your own candle manufacturing business from your home. It’s a very huge market in itself. Nowadays demand for different shapes and colored candles is very high. People use a candle in church, during Diwali, hotels people use for candlelight dinner and there are many uses of the candle.

22. Pickles

Start pickles making business at a very low startup cost and earn great profit. Almost all women’s have this special skill of making tasty pickles. You can make a business out of your skill.

23. Agarbatti

As an Indian probably you must know the demand of Agarbatti in India. The total market for Agarbatti business in India is around Rs.3600crore. It is one of the best small-scale manufacturing business ideas. Made is in India Agarbatti’s are also exported to foreign countries like the USA, Thailand, England.

These were some small business ideas in India for women’s. Hope this post helped you in finding a business idea that suits you. Please let me know in the comments which Idea you liked the most and thinking to start.

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