Reduce a PDF When Documents Exceed the File Size Limit

How many of you have encountered a situation when you wanted to send documents to your colleague or supervisor but couldn’t share them because of their large size? I guess most of you would have faced this hassle. Sharing large-sized PDFs using online platforms becomes challenging because most websites have set a size limit for uploading files. For example, Gmail has set a size limit of 25 MB for attaching a file. If your PDF size exceeds this limit, it would be hard for you to share them swiftly. However, there are different ways available that you can try to reduce the size of PDF. But, it is also important to ensure that the method you are using for compressing PDF shouldn’t affect the quality or formatting of the content. 

This blog post will cover a few easiest ways to compress PDFs while maintaining their formatting and quality. Now, let’s unveil the prominent ways of reducing PDFs.

Try an Online PDF Compressor 

The assistance of web-based facilities will be highly useful when it comes to reducing the size of PDFs. There are plenty of online PDF compressors available that can be used to reduce PDF sizes. The use of online tools saves you from the hassle of downloading or installing software on your device. A strong internet connection is the only thing you require for accessing the web-based PDF compressor, like: https://www.duplichecker.com/compress-pdf.php Once you reach the tool, simply upload the PDF you want to compress. It will give you a reduced-size PDF file instantly. 

Use Zipping Software 

Assisting with zipping applications will also be a helpful approach to reducing PDF file size. Zipping software like 7-Zip, or WinRAR is available free of cost, and you can pick for compressing PDFs. The process of reducing PDF sizes with these applications is also free of any hassles. All you need is to install a zip application on your device. Later, you don’t need any internet connection to access and use these applications. A few clicks on your device are enough to compress PDF file with Zip software. 

Get Assistance with Mobile Applications (For Smartphone Users) 

Want to compress PDF on iPhone or Android? Don’t worry; tons of applications on the Play Store or App Store that can assist you in reducing PDF size. You can instantly choose and install any PDF compressor app and reduce the size of your portable document format files. You can compress unlimited PDF files on your smartphone using a reliable application without restrictions. 

Re-Save PDF to Compress Its Size  

If you don’t have internet access, this method can be a perfect option for you to compress PDF files. In this approach, you need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Choose File, select Save as Other, and click on reduced-size PDF. Next, you need to choose the version compatibility. Once you make the selection, press OK to resave the file. We suggest you select the compatibility with at least Acrobat X, as this is one of the most used versions these days. This method will surely assist you in reducing PDF size. But, it is essential to understand that the quality of the PDF may get compromised. 

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Reduce PDF Siz with Print to PDF Tool 

 Another helpful way of compressing PDFs is using a print to PDF tool. This facility assists you in reducing the size of PDF instantly. Using this method, you can strip out unwanted objects, compress images or remove tags from a PDF straightaway. After reaching for a print to PDF tool, open the PDF in your browser or Adobe Acrobat and click CTRL+P. Next, choose the print to PDF tool from the list and press the Create PDF button. The resultant file you will get from this method will have a reduced size. But, there is a chance that PDF quality may get disturbed. 

Final Words 

In the last analysis, compressing PDFs will help counter the file exceeding the limit and smooth sharing of PDFs. The methods shared in this blog post will help you compress PDF effortlessly. However, we recommend you try an online PDF compressor, as this tool provides you with the fastest results and maintains the quality of the PDF file. 

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