Thesis Writing

Are you currently under the pressure of advancing due dates and an ever-increasing to-do list? Do you regularly find yourself racing against time to manage your thesis? If your answer to any of these questions was yes, you’ve made the right decision by clicking on this article. 

With so much to juggle, students often find themselves rushing against deadlines to complete their assignments. This challenge is best shown by the huge number of students who buy a thesis and request submission in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Whether you are a master procrastinator or a victim of unexpected circumstances, this article will highlight a sure-fire approach to completing your thesis in time without compromising its quality. So, buckle your belt, channel your inner productivity maestro, and join us in analyzing a map toward navigating tight thesis writing deadlines. 

Thesis Writing

How To Write a Thesis When You’re Short on Time?

1. Understand the requirements

Although we are nearing the due date, we cannot afford the consequences that come with rushing into a thesis without familiarizing ourselves with the guidelines. Rushing into the essay could result in an irrelevant response and also increase the chances of getting stuck midway through our writing process. 

Therefore, take some time to acquaint yourself with the formatting guidelines, and the expected essay length. 

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2. Plan your time

When going about your essay, establish a realistic schedule breaking your work into various phases. Next, plan for these activities on your schedule, leaving ample room for revision. 

When going about the time plan, we suggest accounting for breaks in between tasks to prevent burnout between your study sessions. Also, set clear deadlines for each task to have a sense of accountability as you go about your tasks. 

3. Conduct focused research

With limited time at your disposal, you cannot afford the luxury to interact with all resources related to your topic. Therefore, identify the materials that are directly connected to your thesis topic. 

You could search the key phrase on various academic repositories and reputable online resources to quickly update yourself on the topic. 

4. Outline your thesis

After research, come up with a clear thesis outline highlighting the flow of your arguments. This will serve as a framework to guide your writing efforts, ensuring that you remain focused and organized. 

Ideally, categorize ideas in your outline into chapters to identify the key ideas to include in each section. Your outline will help you to quickly go about your writing without losing sight of the key claims.  

5. Write in chunks

As you go about your essay, avoid the compulsion to exhaust your essay in one sitting. This approach could result in burnout, compromising your productivity. 

Ideally, schedule breaks in between your writing sessions to recharge your focus, managing high levels of productivity per session. Also, define the task you intend to do in each session to overcome the time-wasting habits of task switching. 

When planning for each session, set a clear, measurable goal, for instance, to write a specific number of pages or to complete a chapter of your thesis. 

6. Prioritize sections

In the interest of time, identify the vital sections of your thesis and allocate them more attention. Some of the most vital sections in your thesis include the introduction, the literature review, the methodology, and the conclusion. 

Give these sections more attention as they serve as the backbone for your paper. Afterward, divvy up the remaining time to handing the remaining sections of your paper. 

7. Revise and edit

Finally, revisit each section to ensure adherence to various guidelines. You can make use of various tools for issues such as grammar, poor referencing, and paraphrasing to save more time for manual correction for issues with the coherence of your arguments and the logical flow of your arguments. 

If the time does not allow for detailed editing, consider enrolling the assistance of friends and expert writers. You could share your outline for each chapter and your written work getting these sections corrected as you address the next part of your paper. 

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8. Finalize and submit

Finally, revise the guidelines and ensure that you have included all the references for your work. Also, edit the title page, abstract, and table of content and organize your chapters according to your faculty’s guidelines. 

Final Take

We hope that these tips have helped you complete your thesis in time. Having updated your arsenal with this knowledge and strategies, you are at a better place to apply in thesis writing and for other writing tasks. 

In the end, time may have been your greatest adversary, but you’ve proven that with determination, focus, and the right tools at your disposal, you can overcome any obstacle. So go forth, armed with your newfound knowledge and the indomitable spirit that led you to seek the skills to emerge victorious in this journey. 

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