Huawei Band 7
Features and Functions Of Huawei Band 7 Fitness Bracelet. Comparison With Huawei Band 6

Manufacturers of fitness bracelets have once again updated their popular models to offer the masses more comfort So, instead of the popular Huawei Band 6 model on the market, a seventh-generation bracelet appeared in 2022.

Huawei Band 7

In this review, we will look at the characteristics of the novelty, compare the new gadget with the suspect and make a request about what

Huawei Band 7 Vs Huawei Band 6

All the Differences Back in 2021, Huawei Band manufacturers decided to take a radical step with the release of the Huawei Band 6. They switched from a narrow display and a touch button to a wide screen with a regular side button. This move turned out to be very successful, since the capacious screen reflects much more information and eliminates the need to constantly scroll through the screen. 

Plus, many considered such a bracelet to be a more solid accessory that can be used both as a watch and as a fitness tracker. Therefore, in the Huawei Band 7 model, a wide screen of the same size of 1.47 inches was left as its predecessor.

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Other Changes

However, other parameters have changed slightly. The capsule has become 1 mm thinner, the strap is 0.6 mm wider, and the gadget itself is 2 grams lighter. Its characteristics are as follows: case thickness – 9.99 mm, case dimensions – 44.35 × 26 mm, case weight – 16 g. Note that these characteristics also affected the screen-to-body ratio.

Previously, it was 64%, but now it has become 65.23%. Also, PPi (number of pixels per inch) has become 283 instead of 282. The transformations are not incredible, but still. With casino sic bo strategy, you will access the most amazing gambling world and get to play strategically.

The Huawei Band 6 model quickly conquered the market, but still had one drawback. The screen was blank all the time, and you had to press the side button to view the time. Of course, it was possible to turn on the activation of the screen when turning the wrist, but in everyday life, due to frequent triggering, not everyone liked this feature.

After that, the manufacturer added the ability to activate the screen by touch, as happens, for example, in Xiaomi Mi Band 6. But the cardinal decision was the appearance of Always On Display in Huawei Band 7. This feature, so loved by many phone owners, has long been expected in fitness trackers.

The constantly glowing screen of the Huawei Band 7 reflects a minimum of information, so you still have to activate the screen to study all the characteristics.

Battery Life and Display 

Of course, for the constant display of the time on the screen, you will have to pay with a reduced battery life. And the reduction here is not small: if in normal mode the bracelet worked for two weeks, then with the Always On Display function turned on, this time is reduced to three days.

Although a lot will depend on the connected monitors, the frequency of starting workouts, timers and other resource-intensive functions.

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The next innovation was the change in colors. If the Huawei Band 6 model was originally sold in three colors (black, green and pink), then red was added to these colors in Huawei Band 7. This solution will appeal to those who want to have not just a fitness tracker, but also a bright accessory.

The green has changed a bit too, so this version may appeal to buyers who prefer dark tones. By the way, in terms of appearance, there was another innovation. The buckle on the strap is now the same color as the strap. Probably not all customers liked the fact that, for example, the pink bracelet had a black buckle.

Although someone, on the contrary, would consider such a design more stylish, the more black buckle organically complemented the black display.

So, the main differences between Huawei Band 7 and its predecessor are: the appearance of Always On Display, new colors (including changing the color of the buckle), small changes in the dimensions of the fitness bracelet and screen characteristics.

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