Aerovoyce SIM card plans

In the current scenario, the usage of telecommunication is turning out to be a huge thing among the people. For each and every second, people make a call and messages with each other across the globe. Well, the telecommunication is working with different networks and reaches the maximum number of people. However, at the same time, there is a competition happening among the networks for providing different plans to their users. In this competitive telecommunication world, there is a company called Aerovoyce launched in 2017 and started grabbing the attention of people with Aerovoyce SIM card plans.

It is a Chennai-based company which also gets approval over MVNO operations. For information, MVNO is mainly said to be the entity. Yes, it buys telecom services in huge numbers from different telecom operators and offers the service to customers. One should know that the Aerovoyce did not unveil its telecom names. Also, as per guidelines of MVNO, they can make a partnership with one telecom operator. It means, different partner for Distance voice for National and International, data and more. 

Aerovoyce SIM card plans

Aerovoyce SIM card services for remote areas and rural towns

Also, the company was planned to reach more circles apart from Tamil Nadu. Yes, their main target is to reach the remote areas and rural towns in general. Also, the company was claimed that they had invested more than Rs.300 crore to reach the maximum number of customers. Also, their investment mainly belongs to various plans to introduce for data connections and voice of Aerovoyce SIM card

Free internet services

Everybody knows that when it comes to a free internet connection, JIO is the only network company has offered to its customers. Well, you can also experience this kind of service from another network like Aerovoyce. It is offering free 4G Internet data to its customers without any limitations. So, the people who want to experience the unlimited internet access for various purposes that who cannot afford at a cheap rate can go with Aervoyce SIM card plans. Due to this service, most of the people believe that it will be a tough competition to Jio in the future as well in terms of offering the free internet. 

Buy Aerovoyce SIM card

In order to witness the unlimited offers of SIM from aerovoyce SIM card store, then the SIM card offer will be available for a limited time. If anybody wants to buy a free sim card, then one should contact over mobile number. In case, if there is an issue while making the registration for free, then people are allowed to contact customer care number. If you want to know the details of Aerovoyce SIM customer care number, then follow below:

  1. Aerovoyce customer care number: +91-9025866000

2. Aerovoyce Free SIM card: +91-9385009900

3. Aerovoyce Email Address: [email protected]

People who all are living in Tamil Nadu can grab this wonderful opportunity to buy free Aerovoyce SIM card and its best services. Once started using this network, then the customers can get a chance to experience free voice calling and internet options.

Aerovoyce SIM card plan details

Price Data Calls SMS Validity
Rs.49 500 MB Voice call for 60 minutes Nil 28 Days
Rs.89 Nil UL local + National calls 50 SMS 28 Days
Rs.99 Unlimited UL Local +National calls 50 SMS 28 Days
Rs.149 Unlimited UL local + National calls 50 SMS 28 Days
Rs.249 Nil UL local + National calls 50 SMS 56 Days
Rs.129 Unlimited UL local + National calls 50 SMS 28 Days
Rs.299 Unlimited UL local + National calls 50 SMS 28 Days
Rs.289 Unlimited UL local + National calls 50 SMS 56 Days
Rs.389 Unlimited UL local + National calls 50 SMS 84 Days
Rs.399 Unlimited UL local + National calls 50 SMS 28 Days
Rs.99 Nil Nil UL SMS 28 Days


So, people who want to buy SIM by knowing various aerovoyce recharge plan to experience for a long time, then without going for second thought can check it above. Well, the mentioned plans are coming up with affordable price for most of the time. Hopefully, the above mentioned plans are supportive when compared to other top networks in India. If you are in Tamil Nadu and looking for good network without any issues, then aerovoyce is always said to be the best option when it comes to usage.

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