Making money online means not just you are earning lots of money but also you are your own BOSS which is the beauty of this business. And you know some other benefits of online earnings which are listed below:

  • You are flexible with your time, which means you can work any time you want as per your routine.
  • You can work from home or anywhere. There is no specific location to work online.
  • Less pressure. If there is no authority on your work then, there will be less pressure on you.

In this blog post, I am taking you through 9 best ways to earn money online in India. Read this blog till end never now any ideas from the list click you and you start Earning Online. If you start with any one of these ideas you will earn a good amount of Money but in starting you will face the struggle in making your first Earning form Internet.

I tried many ideas to Earn Online but failed many times. First time I earned online from Drop Shipping. I started it with just 200 rupees and earned 13X profit from the very first month of my business without any experience.

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I have divided this Blog into two categories in the first category I will cover those online works in which no skills are required and in the second one, I will cover those which require some special skills.


9 Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India.

Work Without any special Skills.

These works you can start without having any special skills. You don’t require any special skill you just need some basic knowledge about Computer and Internet.

1.      PTC Sites

Only do work on PTC site if you are free all time, you have nothing to do or you have no skills to work online because you are not going to earn much from these sites. They pay very less for each work. But yes, if you work really hard then you will make something around 10k to 15k rupees per month.

If you take my opinion don’t be serious about this work. Instead of doing this you can utilize your time in developing some skills which will help you in make Money Online. But my job is telling you about earning sources which I will do and rest is up to you.

PTC means paid to click. You have to click on advertisements. There are many sites that pay to click on advertisements you don’t require any investment to work on PTC sites.  This is very basic work online.  You will get paid just to click on ads.

Online promoters or advertisers need high traffic on their website so they pay high amount to these PTC sites to get traffic. Basically, they buy traffic from these sites. This way you can earn money online without investment by clicking ads.

2.      Sell Domain Names

You can sell Domain names and start earning. There are many people you can google who became Millionaire by selling Domain names. What is the Domain name? Domain name is like an address with the help of users reaches you on the internet. Like my domain name is Earningexcel.com. Domain names are unique for everyone like I have purchased Earningexcel.com now; no one will be able to get this name until I sell.

So, the business modal of selling domain names is, buy a domain name from domain registrar like godaddy.com, namecheap.com etc….you will get a Domain name for a minimum price of 100 rupees. Now, you have a domain name to sell then the next step is Sell it. Where to sell? Where will you get a customer for your Domain name? Don’t worry there are some platforms where you can sell.

  • Go daddy auction – register on Go daddy auction and list your domain name there.
  • Forums – there are many forums dedicated to buy and sell Domain names.
  • Websites – you can list on websites like SEDO, Brand Root, and Afternic.

Start this business if you have a creative mind, you have the ability to see what will grow in the future so, and according to that, you can sell that name for higher price rate. This is the creative ways to make money.

3.      Drop Shipping

It is the best and most effective way to earn money online if you don’t have some special skills.  Drop Shipping is a business modal in which you don’t need to store inventory. Basically, you just need to do marketing of the product and when you get an order to send the shipping and order details to your Drop Shipping supplier or wholesaler they will take care of rest of the process.

It’s a great way to Make Money Online. In this business, you don’t have to invest big money to start because you are not going to buy inventory like other business.

Let’s understand this in steps

  • First, you find a product from a supplier whether it’s eBay, Alixpress or any drop shipping companies.
  • Now you find the product which you want to sell and listed it on your online store. For example, you are selling a keyboard for 500₹
  • Now, a customer buys the product from you. He goes to your web store and buys a product from you.
  • The next step is you take that order and send it to the supplier. You pay your supplier 200₹.
  • Now the supplier has the order they directly ship the product to your customer you’re net. Profit is 500₹ – 200₹ = 300₹.

You can start this business from your home with the help of your computer/laptop and internet.

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These are some online works without specific skills which I found relevant. Now let’s move to the 2nd part of this blog post.

Works with Special Skills

Now I am sharing some works which require some skills to work. Without skills you can’t do these works and if you don’t have then try to develop.

4.      Freelancing

If you have any skill no matter in which field it can be, writing, videography, photography, web designing, content writing etc… you can start freelancing and earn money online free. If you have real skills then you will definitely make lots of money through Freelancing.

There are some Freelancing websites on the internet through you will get work. Some of the top freelancing websites are upwork.com, fivver.com, freelancer.com, guru.com, truelancer.com.  Go create your account on these websites, find works related to your skills.

For example, if I want a website but I don’t have any knowledge about how to create a website then, I need any web developer or web designer to do my work. But the problem is there are no web designers near me when I search for a web designer on these freelancing websites and hire on from there.

Here is the opportunity for a freelancer. So, if have any skills don’t waste your time to create an account on these websites and grab the opportunities. And the best thing is here you can work with more than one client at a time.

There is no limit how much you can earn from freelancing it’s all up to you how much you work, how you work. There are people who work as a freelancer and traveling the world without any restrictions. Because they are free to work anywhere any time.

But in the beginning don’t look for money here also you have to struggle for your first freelance project. I got my first project after 8 months on the fiver for 5$ but I missed that project because I was not regularly active on my fiver account but one day I opened my fiver account and I saw that someone had given me the project but it’s too late now. So, don’t be demotivated in starting.

5.      Become an Online Tutor

There will be many tuition centers in your area who are earning thousand by teaching. But you know you can earn 3x times of their income by teaching online. You can earn easily 75k to 100k rupees per month working part-time.

It’s an online ear where students are coming online to learn. They visit websites like byju’s, youtube, khan academy. So, it’s a great opportunity for becoming an online tutor. No matter if you are not a teacher if you have deep knowledge on any specific topic then you can earn through online by teaching people.

Here again, you can select your time according to your convenience and you don’t have to go anywhere.

There are websites like vedantu.com, udemy.com, itaki.com, teachaway.com, cuemath.com, cambly.com, skillshare.com these are some best online earning sites. There are many more you can google search.

When you can also start your YouTube channel and start teaching basics of your niche and when you start getting a good response to start your own website and tell them to pay to learn advance. Or even you can just start your own teaching website and start doing marketing and when teachers and students start visiting and taking tuition from your teachers then you can charge teachers some commission and this way you can make money also.

6.      Become an Amazon seller

There are more than 48 million products on Amazon. But an interesting thing is amazon don’t sell these products themselves. Then, who sell this many product? The answer is many retail sellers, manufacturers, and wholesaler. Then, how Amazon earns their profit? It’s very simple they earn through the commission that they charge to their seller if he gets any sale.

If you also want to sell your products on Amazon then follow these steps given below;

  • Go to Amazon.in (if you are in India) or amazon.com at the bottom of the website you will get an option of Make Money With Us and click on sell on Amazon
  • Register for Amazon seller’s account. They ask you to provide your business details, bank account details, and your tax information.
  • After setting up your seller account now you can list your products which you want to sell. Provide the description and price of the product. Customers use this information before they buy.
  • Ship the product when you get an order. You can either ship by yourself using any courier service or you can use Amazon delivery service to pick and ship.
  • After the product shipped to the customer, your payment is deposited in your bank account within 7 days.


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7.      Content Writing

This is another way of earning money online. What is the content? You are reading this blog post is itself content. Basically content is any information which we share with anyone it can be in any format of written, video or even images.

You can earn through writing content. If you are good at writing then, it’s the best way to earn money online. How can you start? There is millions of website and it’s not possible for them to write content consistently by themselves so, they hire content writers.

Here are some tips through which you can earn from Content Writing.

  • Start your own blog website and choose a niche of your interest and knowledge and write content around it and connect Google AdSense with your website and earn money.
  • Work as a freelance content writer. There are many websites who need content writers for them.
  • Write a guest post and charge them per words.
  • Write and publish your book on Amazon.

There is no course related to content writing. The only way to learn is through stat writing. Choose a topic, do research about it and write content. You will slowly start learning by doing it. Start your blog and start writing on it.

8.      Blogging

It’s a very popular way of earning money online. If you are truly passionate about blogging then only start blogging but if you want to start for Making Money then, it’s a request please don’t start you will only waste your time and effort. Because blogging needs a lot of time, patience and knowledge If you have these three things then, you are good to go.

Select a niche which fits your Interest and knowledge. Like in my case I am passionate about making money online and Digital Marketing. If you don’t have an interest in your niche then you will lose your confidence and focus on blogging.

To run a blog you must have some basic knowledge of Digital Marketing like SEO, SMM, SEM, email marketing and affiliate marketing. Imagine you have a website and you publish blogs and no one knows about it then all your hard work will go in vain. For that, you need to know at least the basics of digital Marketing strategies.

How to start?

  • Purchase a domain name which matches your niche keyword. Like I write about online earning and my domain name is earningexcel.com here you can see earning is common which helps you in ranking your website. You can buy a domain name from GoDaddy .com at the lowest price rate of 100 rupees.
  • The second step in creating your website is to purchase a hosting. If you are a beginner I suggest you go for a shared web hosting it, cost you cheap and easy to set up. There are many web hosting companies like Host Gator, Reseller club, Blue host etc…
  • Connect your domain name with your web hosting.
  • Install Word press to create your website.
  • Now you have created your website. Next step is to write a post and publish on your website.

How will you Make Money through Blogging?

There are hundreds of ways through which you can make money from your blog. But here I will share only some most popular points.

  • Google AdSense – After publishing a few blog posts on your website and getting traffic now you can apply for Google AdSense approval. Once you get approval for your website Google will place ads on your website. When people see or click on your ads you will get paid for it.
  • Affiliate marketing – In affiliate making you sell others product and they pay some you commission. Signup for an affiliate programmer of your niche and send the link to your viewer when they buy through your link you will earn. If there is a good amount of traffic on your blog then capture their emails and send them affiliate links for products.
  • Paid Post – When you are generating good traffic then, brands will contact you to write paid promotional post.


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9.      YouTube

YouTube also gives you an opportunity to earn. This is also connected with AdSense. After getting AdSense approval ads will run on your videos and you will get paid.

It’s very simple to start and earn from YouTube channel.

  • Open YouTube with your Gmail account.
  • Create Your Chanel.
  • Select a topic.
  • Upload Videos.

Final Words

These were some best ways to Earn Money Online in India. Choose one which matches your knowledge and interest and start making money. I hope you will be able to generate some income using these ideas.

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