8 Things New Computer Owners Must Learn

Got a new Windows laptop or a Mac? If this is your first purchase, you must be excited to set up the device and learn new features. Purchasing a new Mac or a Windows computer demands you to get acquainted with features that will make these devices more productive and secure.

The article explains a few things that new computer owners should know about their brand-new devices to make the most out of them.

Activate Strong Security

Protect your system from malware, virus attacks, and cybercrime by enabling a firewall and trusted antivirus software. There are some advertisements and malicious websites that download viruses and various dangerous programs during their launch.

Professional anti-malware tools help protect your device and data against illicit access through the internet. Some responsive apps integrate firewall protection, useful features, and antivirus to fight against threats from cybercriminals and viruses.

Fix Terminal Error

The Terminal app resides in the Utilities folder to control the running process and Mac from a command-line interface. When the Terminal can’t complete the command due to any reason, it displays terminal permission denied error. To fix this error, check file permissions in the Finder or Terminal.

If the permissions do not allow you to write to a file, click in the Privilege column. Change permissions by choosing Read & Write. To change the permission for the file or folder, type the command “chmod 755”. Drag the required file or folder onto the Terminal window. Then, tap Return. If the problem persists, try changing directory ownership to your username.

Create Apple ID

Create Apple ID

The very first thing that a Mac user should do is to sign in to their Apple account. To set up your Apple ID, go to the Apple Menu and System Preferences. Then, move ahead to Sign In. You need to provide a contact number or an email ID to set up Apple ID. Create an email ID such as a Gmail account, in case you don’t have one. 

You can’t use iCloud, App Store, and more features without logging into an Apple ID. Moreover, you will need an Apple ID to buy an app for macOS, iOS, or iPadOS. Setting up Apple ID will allow you to enable many security features on Apple devices, such as Find My.

Update Your OS and Programs

Updating the operating system (OS), applications, and programs is the primary need to fix security holes and improve effective functioning. All you require is a high-speed internet connection and a list of the latest updates. Windows owners can access the Windows Update Manager on the Control Panel.

Mac users should also keep their new Mac operating system updated to unlock the latest features. It helps with usability and performance improvement. Go to the Apple Menu and About This Mac option. Tap the Software Update button and check the available update. If you’re using Mac OS X, click the little black apple and Software Update.

Set Up a Backup Plan

Set up cloud storage to back up your most significant files, folders, and documents. This is the best way to back up files more safely and ensures no loss of your important stuff. If you’re using a professional backup app, you can get up to 75GB of cloud storage.

If you’re using a Mac, System Backup is the best option to restore data lost due to hardware or software accidents. Setting up the Time Machine with an external drive is the easiest way to back up your Mac. This is a built-in macOS tool that creates system backups daily, weekly, or monthly.

Keep Your System Clean
Keep Your System Clean

Regular computer cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure its smooth running performance and prevent issues such as overheating. Dust accumulated on the CPU fan can cause overheating, which can lead to various damages.

Not just physical cleaning, but it’s important to clean your system internally as well by removing unnecessary data and applications. Windows owners can use ScanDisk to check the hard drive for errors. Uninstall programs you no longer use to free up space and memory.

Set Up Your Network

A good wireless network or Wi-Fi can fix many problems that come your way while working on Mac or Microsoft Windows. Check your modem, routers, and other network-related devices to ensure enough Wi-Fi range and better speed.

Ensure that the router is not clogged with traffic and is not overheating. Regularly check for issues and quickly fix them.  

Use Password Manager

System safety and security are what no user should underestimate while doing various activities online. It includes downloading, web browsing, and sign-ups or registrations. You might be going to use multiple passwords if you’re using a new password for each account.

Password Manager app lets users create more secure credentials for new accounts for apps and websites. You can add numbers and special characters to passwords.   

The Conclusion

Here are the things everyone should learn to keep their MacBooks easy to use and safe with proper functioning. So, get ready for these adjustments before you start working on your new computer for everyday use. 

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