Best Indian Survey Sites That Actually Pay

Every nation in this world has the best and great opportunity to make money from survey apps or sites, but if you want to earn money this way, searching for suitable sites for your nation is significant. India is the best nation with many options when it arises to online survey apps or sites. If you are looking for the best Indian Survey Sites That Actually Pay, the below-provided list will help you choose the best site to make some extra money quickly.

Best Indian Survey Sites That Actually Pay

Online surveys are an excellent method to engage your viewers and also get feedback from them. The main benefit is that you don’t need to pay a dime to take up these online surveys using the paid survey website. It is straightforward to fill and share online surveys for money. To take legal surveys and earn rewards, start by registering with the sites that appeal to you most. You need to press the “Join Now” button and complete the online survey form.

List of Best Indian Survey Sites That Actually Pay


ySense, formerly known as Clixsense, has become an extremely famous survey or money-making site. You may make money by taking various surveys, taking offers, inviting friends, receiving the daily activity bonus, and doing figure eight tasks. It allows you to play via certain digital payment apps or sites, comprising Skrill or Reward Link India, PayPal, Payoneer, Amazon gift cards, and more.

Opinion World

Opinion World is a highly user-friendly survey website, which is honest and offers you different surveys frequently. The survey of this website is generally about customer products and facilities associated with education, healthcare, and more. Also, it pays you via different payment methods such as Gift Cards, PayPal, comprising Pizza Hut, Westside, Levis, and many more.


Toluna is among the best Indian Survey Sites That Actually Pay. It is highly the same as a social networking site because it allows you to follow people, permits them to follow you, and assists you in building connections by allowing you to post messages. You may earn money by taking part in a profile survey or paid survey or making quality content or inviting a friend to register for Toluna.


Swagbucks is among the best online survey websites that comprise the largest GPT sites in the world. It offers you a massive range of methods to make extra money beyond just taking surveys. You may get the reward by viewing entertaining videos, shopping online, searching the web, searching for great deals, answering surveys, and much more.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions, founded in 2004, is an online survey website run by Dynata. It comprise more than 5 million members across the globe, comprising India for taking paid online surveys. It does not pay money: it provides shopping vouchers for Flipkart, Amazon, Marks & Spencer, & Pizza Hut. Well, it is not only accessible in India but also in over 20 countries in the world.

The Panel Station

The Panel Station is highly famous and among the top Indian Survey Sites That Actually Pay in India and other nations like China, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Colombia, Chile, and many more. Panel Station has also started its mobile app, making it suitable for customers to participate in surveys easily.

View Fruit India

View fruit India is an online making money survey website and the best service platform for applicants; Viewfruit-India gives extremely profitable surveys and extra services to its Indian customers. You may earn between 100 to 4500 points after completing the survey. After registering online at the website, you will begin getting their emails, comprising survey invitations.

Survey Savvy

Survey savvy is also among the most excellent GPT money-making sites. It gives you the options to take surveys and get paid for playing games, watching videos, commercials, and many more. You have to register at Survey savvy and make your account profile, and if you qualify, they send you an email containing different surveys. You may access PayPal to withdraw the money.

Ipanel Online 

iPanel online gives you an option to make extra money when referring it to your family and friends. iPanel is one of the Indian Survey Sites That Actually Pay and provides big rewards. iPanel Online allows you to share your thoughts and perspectives fast, efficiently, and effectively. In addition, this website pays you to publish every thought and opinion. You will get one reward for one publication.

Panel Place India

The headquarters of Panel Place is located in Singapore. Before registering, make sure that you select India as the central location, which will assist you in acquiring complete surveys and payments. Rewards are given in shopping vouchers or cash. Panel Place provides great pay-outs based on the time you spend, the nature of the survey, and the topic.

Inbox Dollars

As soon as you register with this excellent website, Inbox Dollar gives you Rs 300 in your website account instantly. Inbox Dollar will send all the surveys directly to your email. It offers you the option to earn money by playing different games, online browsing, chatting with your family and friends, watching commercials and videos, and many others.

Mobrog India

Mobrog offers you abundant surveys on your email after making your profile on the Mobrog website and registers immediately. You may download and install the Mobrog survey app from your app or Google store and make money instantly. Mobrog permits you to withdraw money and pays you via PayPal or Skrill after earning the money of Rs 500.

Final Verdict

Taking online surveys is among the simplest self-earning methods. If you wish to earn some extra money for free in India, then GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites and paid survey sites may be an excellent choice. If you do not have any job and are searching for a full-time job, earning money with online paid survey websites is an excellent method to keep you busy.

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