Rangoli designs for New Year : Splash colours, use it the way you want! Rangoli

Rangoli designs for New Year : Splash colours, use it the way you want! Rangoli designs are available for the New Year free to download for 2020. Rangoli renders the strong faith and art of your culture whenever you any occasion happens you will notice the rangoli at everyone’s home. So there are so many new rangoli designs for every rangoli lovers.

The importance of rangoli

The importance of Rangoli can be seen in the ancient history where our ancestors used to make rangoli designs and paint at their walls, it is very deep and loving the way people make rangoli at the main out of their home whether be it Diwali, or New Year eve. People plays with the colour and renders the creativity of their mind and deft of their hands. Rangoli is not a new art form in fact it is an old form of art which is still prevalent in our society, the wonders of rangoli amaze me at every mile it changes its form and renders the rich culture of India. So there are some rangoli designs which render the diverse culture of our society –

Wooden Rangoli  



wooden rangoli

This is very old and trending kind of rangoli which carries along with it sets of thing such as flower, birds and leaf etc. If you want you could decorate it even on the wall, there are happy New Year rangoli design gallery available for you, if you are interested.

Free hand rangoli


free hand rangoli

Free hand rangoli is very illustrious among people as it gives you freedom of drawing your favourite kind of designs, you will find these types of designs in almost every occasions, and it is famous as green form of Rangoli. These rangoli designs for New Year 2020 are available at the internet.

Dotted Rangoli  

dotted rangoli

It is very easy to make and if you are a fresher you can easily make this design by just making dots in similar lines and also in similar numbers with different shapes. If you want you can make square, triangle etc and fill your favourite colours, rangoli into them, but if you are confused that you do not have designs for that then there is New Year rangoli with dots, just download them for your comfort.

chowk rangoli

chowk rangoli

This is the most ancient kind of art form which is famous. I remember i have made so many designs from chalk in the schools even in the event of Diwali in front of my door. It is made even in the occasions like, Gangour, Styanarayna katha etc people use wheat flour, vermillion, turmeric for making it in the purest old form. Happy New Year rangoli images are flooded on the internet.

Flower petals rangoli

flower petals rangoli

Rangoli has so many to make and colour, you can even use home stuffs to make it look more amazing or even if you want you can buy colours form the market. It is especially in the trend of 21st century the flower petals, people make it with flower especially in the carnival of Onam in kerela you will find that.

alpana rangoli

alpana rangoli

Alpana is made especially to bring prosperity into their home. Grinned rice is being used to form it, and only three fingers are being used to make it. It is very much famous among Bengali. So for this new rangoli designs are streaming on the internet.

Glass rangoli

glass rangoli

It is not as much as popular as the other forms of rangoli are. But if you want you could even buy it and decorate your wall by this form of rangoli.

Sansakar rangoli

sanskar rangoli

Sansakr rangoli is being made by people with the help of different colours and rice, it looks an amazing, the name sansakar was kept because of its designs and patterns. It consist multiple circles which are representative of our different sansakar of our life it is an old form of rangoli which is still being made and found on the main door of house. New rangoli designs 2029 are in variety download it if you do not know how to make this kind of rangoli and you can try out this rangoli on this New Year eve.

Floating rangoli

floating rangoli

You must have not tried out floating rangoli this is very trendy in our contemporary society. It is being decorated with Diyas, flowers and floated candles on the water bowl and if you want you could decorate it more and show your creativity more with such type of rangoli. There are people who experiments with water colours which increase the beauty of this rangoli, and you could imagine by yourself the flowers, candles, and colours how beautiful it will look.

Kolam ragoli

kolam rangoli

In every south Indian home you will find the kolam designs rangoli which are so famous out there, people make it for welcoming the positive vibes and prosperity to their home. So if you do not know how to make kolam rangoli designs then you must Google it you will find variety of designs out there and you can use your creativity to put into action, you can take idea from there and implement yours into them as rangoli is kind of art form which gives freedom in shaping, colouring or making and decorating so you are free for everything, the very commendable art form where you do not worry about shaping, colouring and decorating it.

The prosperity at your home

As rangoli welcomes so many things at your home by welcoming positive vibes it is indeed praise worthy in every aspect. So draw your heart, paint your mind and make a beautiful rangoli on this New Year eve and if you are making the old rangoli then try out something new on this 2020 as every year should be interesting and memorable, invite friends to watch your rangoli and even teach them if they want to learn because art teaches you sharing. So buy colours from the market and decorate your home when guest will arrive at your home they will be startled by the beautiful New Year rangoli designs at your main door.

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