Earn Money Online without Investment for Students

You must go ahead and choose your subject, create your channel and get started working diligently. This online money making option is excellent since you’re adding value for your own professors. There are a couple online photo stock sites that offer you $100 each photo. But for this, your photo must match the standard criteria of entry. All you have to do is combine Facebook groups which handle selling and purchasing of FB pages. After joining, share your web page link and ask group members to purchase your page. You can sell your busy page for $10 with 1000 followers or much more than that based on your web page achieve and activity.

Earn Money Online without Investment for Students

  1. Create a YouTube channel and start educating others

As a student, you do not have much time to perform other tasks.  The majority of the time that you pick the wrong things that always distract you from academics. And it might be the reason that discourages you from doing something other than your school/college homework. But I understand you do not spend all your time for research rather, you waste a good deal of time.  So why not devote some time to make YouTube videos to learn and teach others.

  1. Sell your photos online

It could be a great way to make money online with investment for pupils.  Particularly for those pupils who own a DSLR camera and enjoy photography. If you’re confident enough and can catch the best moments, then it is time to turn your passion into passive income. I am not talking about $1 or $5; it is about $100 or more.  Yes, I’m not kidding, it’s real.

  1. Earn money online by playing android games

If you have a smartphone like to play games, then it’s an excellent chance for you to earn money from fun. But, these earning programs earn you decidedly less which can simply recharge your mobile.  You do not expect much but since it’s good to have something than nothing.

Big Moment

Bulb Smash



Lucky day


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  1. Earn from Facebook pages

I am confident that you utilize Facebook daily to talk about your memories and pictures.  But there is another side of Facebook, where you are able to earn cash for a student. All you need to do is spend 1-2 hours daily.  If you are okay with this and commit yourself to provide some time, then I am certain that you will earn money.

A Couple of Actions to take to Make Money from Facebook

Produce a Facebook page. Before You Make a page, Make Certain you look at which topic you want to choose for creating a Fan page.

You can pick any celebrity, YouTuber also it might be associated with media and news info.  You want to select trendy topics for quick results.

  1. Freelance writing

If you were able to write English professionally, then you have to have a opportunity to make money by doing freelance writing without visiting the office.

It is possible to think about it a part-time job.

As a student, you might like to be an online tutor because you are comfortable teaching among your topics.

You may either go for Freelance editor since it’s less time consuming and pupil more inclined to find this amount.

  1. Start a free blog

It’s a very long run procedure and requires a great deal of work and patience.  Yes, I’m talking about blogging. Blogging is just one of the best ways to earn money online without paying much.

The best thing is you can begin your blog at no cost. Nearly every webmaster proposes you start a blog for internet cash, but they don’t tell you it is a prolonged process and you have to spend the time to make a profitable blog. Instead of starting a site, I suggest you begin an event blog because occasion blogging can provide you the results within 3 to 4 months.

  1. Join survey sites

There are a couple of legitimate places that compensated you for completing the survey.  All you have to do is join survey sites and begin working on a daily basis.

The earning depends on how large survey you get.  Each questionnaire can give around $10.

A few popular survey sites to combine

  1. Clixsense
  2. Swagbucks
  3. PineCone research
  4. MySurvey

Now the question is how to earn from survey websites without wasting much time. Folks are whining that survey sites do not pay much money, but that isn’t the reality.  I’ve seen that people are making over $10 daily.

  1. Be a Domain Reseller

Most of you’ve heard of domain purchase and exchange that’s a profitable way to make money online without investment for pupils.

Why is it appropriate for students? You don’t have to devote much time; you want only 4 -5 hours each week. Easy to execute. You do not Have to Have any knowledge

  1. Create Android apps

Students who understand Android app development and want to come up with own Android program can earn a decent quantity of money.

I have discovered that individuals are making a lot of money every month.  The notion is legitimate for those who already know how to make an android program or willing to learn to do it.

  1. Write an e-book and sell

It is simpler to write an e-book instead of writing a book.  Should you prefer to write and would like to test the worth of your writing, then I recommend you start writing an e-book and market it on Kindle.

Before you start writing, determine what you want to write.  You are able to write a narrative based on the imagination of your mind.

11. Translate content

Most of the well known countries are often using their own languages rather than using English as a common for world people. At this stage, most of the people are looking for language translation to reach a lot. From android apps to games, nowadays different languages are in demand. For example, if you want to convert the language from Chinese to Tamil, then it is always possible to do. Even most of the companies are looking for translators. Based on the number of words, you will be paid.

At the end of the day, it is also said to be one of the best opportunities to make money without investing. If you have a doubt or needs to get clarified, check out the experts and move ahead according to your interest that whenever required with no hassles.


At Last, let’s wrap it up. Students do not have so much money and time so that they can invest in Making Money. It is done by theme in order to make a little extra amount of pocket money. So this article was brought to you in order to solve the problem of students so that they can earn money online without investment for students.

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