Do you live in Gujarat and looking for some small business ideas in Gujarat? Then, you are on the right page, my friend. In this blog post, we will discuss a few small business ideas for people in Gujarat according to their need and requirements.

According to Word Bank Survey Gujarat is the no.1 state in India’s top 10 states on the ease of doing business ranking. Gujarat is a very rich state of India in terms of Business. In Gujarat, you will find the business in almost each and every house.

Some of India’s top businessman like Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Gautam Adani, and many others are all from Gujarat. It is said that “Gujarati’s have business in their Blood”.

 Let’s dive into our topic business idea in Gujarat.

Small business ideas in Gujarat

Here is the list of Business ideas in Gujarat which you can start under-investment of 1lakh to 5lakh. This list is made with keeping in mind the problem people facing in big cities like Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara etc…

New business ideas in Gujarat

These are few business ideas which are in high demand in the big metropolitan city. I have listed this business for you according to the problems and need in society. These business ideas will help people in their day to day life and you will get amazing business out of it.

  1. Maid Services

Yes, you can start your maid providing services in your city. As you know how busy are people with their life, job, business etc… To do their day to day works like washing, cleaning etc…

To do their work people need maids. You may think this business is already running. Yes, it’s already running but to make your business stand in the market you need something different.

Find the loopholes in this business. Like most of the maids are independent and they doing of their mind. They take leave without informing even for many days, they don’t even do their work properly.

What you can do is take some maids from ruler areas, give them living facilities, and start providing maid service in your area or, city. His way you will have control over the maids and people will not get in trouble.

And for solving this big problem they will pay you good money because it’s the biggest challenge to get a regular maid and you are helping them to get one.

  1. Nanny services (home based business ideas for Gujarat)

Again due to busy life schedule parents can’t look after their children’s all day. This is a problem especially happens with those parents who don’t come home early (husband & wife both) due to work.

You can provide them a Nanny Services to solve their problem. This is a very trendy business nowadays.

But what if there are already people running this business in your area? Again find their loophole and fix it with your business then, people will come to you.

One thing I can suggest you make your business better is by providing live videos of Childers what they are doing, how nanny take care of them to their parents. This is a very easy home based business ideas for Gujarat.

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Best business idea in Gujarat

  1. Car Spa

This business also solves people the day to day problem of washing and fixing their can problems. As I said earlier people are very busy with their work. They also are in search of a service like this where they, don’t need to do this work by themselves.

His of it how big the opportunity is here.

To attract customers you can also provide free pick and drop service to the customers. Imagine if an office person goes to his office in the morning and he doesn’t have time to take his car to a spa and when he knows your company is providing free Pick and drop service.

He will contact you to pick his car to your spa. This way you can get more and more customers for your business.

  1. Waste Management


As you all know waste management is a very big challenge not only in Gujarat all over India. And you will find very few companies who are in this business.

The government of India is also taking it very seriously. I think this the best time to start a waste management business in Gujarat or other places in India.

Every year around 62million waste is produced in India. By 2025, India’s waste management sector is expected to be worth US$13.62billion with an annual growth rate of 7.17 percent.

  1. Pets Daycare Center

Like the children daycare nowadays people also prefer to send their pets like dog, cat, rabbit etc… to daycare when they are not at home or, city.

This is a very new business idea to start in 2020. Do some research about these business ideas and find the opportunities in it.

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Best manufacturing business to start in Gujarat

  1. Saree manufacturing (best manufacturing business to start)

Gujarat is famous for saree and this business is running in Gujarat for long. You will notice there is too many small saree manufacturing business are running in Gujarat from home.

Still, it is a profitable business to start because these sarees not only sell in India but also export to other countries. Saree manufacturing is like the traditional business of Gujarat.

To start this business you will need a big space and some skilled workers. It may cost you around 1lakh to 2lakh.

Note: these figures are just an estimate. You must do a proper market research on your own.

  1. Cotton Clothes

Gujarat is the second largest cotton textile producer in India. Which means if you are in Gujarat you can easily get cotton textile at the cheap price.

Use this advantage and start your own cotton manufacturing business. You can sell those products to other states of India as well to other countries.

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