Rangoli designs for competitions


Rangoli designs for competitions : If we go back to the traditional aspects, it can be seen that rangolis is a term derived from the Sanskrit word “rangavalli’. Indeed this is a kind of art that proceeds with managing great designs like that of sculpture and painting. Slowly with time, it became the part of auspicious and preliminary needs in rituals and events in Indian society. Apart from that today these are taken up with rangolis designs for competitions. Rangolis is being taken on with its participation in holy festivals, auspicious functions as like engagements, weddings, rituals and religious observance and much more.

Rangoli designs for competitions

Rangoli designs for competitions
Rangoli designs for competitions

Rangolis are designed as to define revelation of beauty for the acquisition of auspiciousness. These are quite symbolic and even are managed with curved lines that produce better effects than that normal and straight lined rangolis. These designs are exceptionally drawn by women of the house who don’t require any kind of instrument to draw them. They just make it by keeping their fingers rotating to create such amazing shapes. Still one can learn to make rangolis with rangolis designs for competition with concepts as well as by learning latest rangolis designs freehand.

What are these made up of and how these are done?

Rangoli designs for competitions
Rangoli designs for competitions


















Traditionally rangolis is considered to be a kind of coarse powder which has its origin from the rock. Apart from that these are even made from husks of rice that are burnt to bring out white ash. Today there are a variety of colors available which are mixed and dyed to this natural stuff. They are the one which is of light weight and are easy to carry. One can even make it a profession by delivering amazing and beautiful rangolis designs for competition with themes.

For learning rangolis making for any competition, one needs to follow up certain tutorials provided by the experts online. These are as like

  • At first one must consider the surface on which they need to make rangolis. This must be neat and clean and must be a plane. Earlier the surfaces were smeared with cow dungs and were dried to make the rangolis focused perfectly.
  • Secondly, the design must be selected previously which is to be drawn. At the initial level it must be simple starting with some auspicious symbols and signs.
  • After selecting the design one need to number out the points that are created on the floor using rangolis and then join them with appropriate designs shapes, lines, and curves.
  • At the end, one can fill these spaces with different colors to make these look unique. These kinds of designs are moreover considered to be perfect rangolis designs for competition with dots.
  • With that, the fresher’s can start learning and can even make these designs prize winning for competitions.

How to draw rangolis for competitions?

Rangoli designs for competitions
Rangoli designs for competitions













Across various states in India, there are rangolis competitions organized during festivals like diwali, holi, janmastami and many others. In these a lot of ladies participate who try to display their artistic nature by displaying a broad variety of Rangoli designs for competitions. They powerfully create amazing simple as well as complex designs which are considered to be simple and easy rangolis designs for the home. These designs are managed with some irregular lines created with vibrations to create amazing and stunning designs. Even for competitions, there are certain auspicious designs made which make them prize winning rangolis designs with theme.

Types of rangolis designs for competitions

Rangoli designs for competitions
Rangoli designs for competitions













Apart from the rangoli designs for competitions, there are a good number of designs considered since their emergence. These are like that of

Dominant format which are going to demonstrate more on rangolis made with lines, cones and circles that are drawn proportionately. Other than that, there are ornamental kind of rangolis whose designs are going to prove their importance to designs like flowers, leaves, trees, creepers, animals and birds. These rangoli designs appear quite well being dominant in their features to express. There are even sattwik rangolis which are quite dominant with spirituality. For the reason these are dominant with good fragrance.

Significance of rangolis competitions

Rangoli designs for competitions
Rangoli designs for competitions

One can go through internet to check out some of the best rangolis designs for competition with themes.  These designs are managed with perfect colors and are preferably made by experts. These designs are going to be attractive when they are just not designed with colors but also with flowers and petals. Even there are rangolis classes provided online which can be considered as an excellent tutorial for learning. These are just managed to be the latest rangolis designs freehand. With these unique designs created are going to bring on a revolutionary change in the rangolis competions. These are beautiful rangoli designs which are just unique and make some of the priority based colorful concepts over the floor.

When these competitions are held

Rangoli designs for competitions
Rangoli designs for competitions

Mostly some of the rangolis competitions are held in schools and various educational institutes. At the same time a good number of rangolis competitions are held both at national and state level. Mostly across south India it is a daily practice to put rangolis at their doors or even at the floor in different rooms. These designs for competitions with themes are even assigned by the experts who have been into the work since a long time.

Key elements of rangolis  

While making rangolis, there is need to mark on some key element. These are like that of utswdhermita which is considered to be an auspicious symbol with making the central identity to the design. These are managed to be passed on with its significance till today with their creativity. Generally these are designed as beautiful rangolis designs for diwali. These are created to express ones feeling to ethnic life style and even to express their gratitude to make their best and beautiful performances.

Geometrical significance

Rangolis considered being an outdoor art form to help your homes look best and colorful with its creativity. These designs are mostly inspired by nature and some designs signifying the cultural benefits. With these designs are even considered to be a part and primary of geometrical associate. There are circles, triangles, rectriangular and other geometrical figures based on which the rangolis set their fundamental step. These are mostly considered to be the initial step for latest rangolis designs freehand. The designs are mostly based on these geometrical figures which makes it an easy aspect to precede further to make more unique and advanced designs.


One might have seen in movies and series, that rangolis carry a significant priority. These are managed with some amazingly styled creations to count on for making every occasion special and unique with the designs carved in colors as well as colorful flowers. Added to that, these rangolis designs for competitions are going to be the best way to explore talents.

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