Best sites like kijiji

Kijiji is the top online classified marketing website owned by eBay and established in March 2005. Kijiji allows applicants to sell or purchase everything they need easily, from baby clothes to cars, both used and new. It is accessible to over 300 major cities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Italy, and more. It comprises live ads in a vast range of categories, comprising housing, cars, jobs, & more. If you are looking for the best sites like Kijiji, check out the top Kijiji Alternatives list from here.

Best sites like kijiji

Kijiji permits you to sell & purchase anything you like online. With the assistance of this classified website, you may search classifieds in your region or other areas to search for the top deal for sale. On Kijiji, you may purchase things such as attires, cars, electronics, phones, PCs, and more. It shows a huge number of ads in sorts that comprise jobs, housing, and car deals. Many consumers desire to purchase or sell valuables, but they are located in regions where Kijiji has not been found.

So, if you are in such a situation, all you need to do is search the top websites or platforms like Kijiji around you. Currently, Kijiji tops the charts by engaging in purchasing and selling goods online. These Kijiji alternatives or substitutes permit you to sell, buy, or trade online if you search for something dissimilar. These sites provide their services globally and have a good relationship with the online classifieds sector. Check out the details of the below-provided sites or Kijiji Alternatives.


Geebo is very similar in structure to Kijiji and is an efficient online site for classified commercials. It permits you to purchase or sell heavy equipment, merchandise, goods, vehicles, real estate, and services in more than 160 communities. Geebo is merely provided in the United States of America and is recently in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Miami, Phoenix, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Washington, Seattle, and many more.


If you are searching for a Kijiji-like platform that focuses specifically on technology and electronics, Craigslist is an ideal platform for you. Craigslist is one of the best sites like Kijiji. From local to the worldwide level, Craigslist is the ad and classified provider of all kinds of commercials that you may find in organized categories of housing, community, employment, personals, sales, desirable, gigs resumes, essential services, and much more.

Search Tempest

It is among the most excellent search engines for online commercials that bring together outcomes from all Oodle, Craigslist, and many similar sites with only one click. Search Tempest comes third in our top list. When you find various cities and all the best classifieds sites simultaneously. Well, it is simple to search for what you need. It uses Google Custom Search to search commercials that match your search and then offer links to those ads that open in a new tab.

Finder Master

A modern or stylish look and over some exciting new features offered by Finder Master create a perfect local classified commercial website. Finder master covers more than 100+ countries like the United States, and it supports thousands of towns. Advertisements may be uploaded for free as a member and as a visitor. The complete interface of the Finder master is very simple and displays all the sorts and sections that you may easily search to find your good or service.


Letgo is highly simple to access and has an app that you may search on Apple Store and Google Play Store. Use your smartphone and click photos of your old items to sell and post them, add the cost, and broadcast. Sites like Kijiji have their posts indexed, and Google crawls them. Letgo operates like a smartphone classified, where people can purchase and sell goods easily. Applicants can register online at Letgo to post ads or sell or buy products or services.


Oodle is one of the biggest online classified advertisement websites or platforms. It permits users to sign-up and post their commercials on the website. And, you may upload job opportunities on the Oodle website. Oodle may also be an excellent method to purchase or sell products as they will also list eBay’s products for normal pickup. You should register via Facebook, which assists create a safer website for purchasing & selling locally as user profiles are connected to the Facebook profiles.

Classifieds Giant

Classifieds Giant is the best and free classified provider of all kinds of commercials. It attaches the seller with consumers to confirm the deal between them as per their policy, terms, and conditions. Well, it is the top-rated online free and friendly marketing provider of millions of commercials. It is the website for getting classified commercials in apartments, jobs, rentals, employment, pets, essential services, and much more.


eBay is one of the best sites like Kijiji and an extremely global shopping sensation. The company handles the eBay website, an online buying, and shopping website. Yes, in which people and industries buy and sell a huge range of goods and services globally. Purchasing and selling cars, electronics, clothes, phones, collectibles & more on eBay and is simple, safe, and fun. eBay provides you an option when shopping ‘Buy it now at a shown price or bid for the product in an online auction.

Final Conclusion

Kijiji is an old shopping platform. Yes, it has helped billions of people sell products or services they no longer require or want. The simplicity of the website (Kijiji) makes it amazing to use. As you may see, there are many great other shopping platforms like Kijiji. Whether you are thinking of selling your car, want to make a deal on a washing machine, have to make extra cash flow to flip “stuff,” or require money right now, you have options. Here, you will get the complete list of Kijiji Alternatives.

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