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Hello, and welcome to the very first interview of this interview series on Earning Excel. Here we will invite successful people in Blogging, Digital Marketing, and other online businesses.

For the first Interview, we have today Abhit Upadhyay from he is a blogger as well as a Youtuber too. He started his blogging career in 2016 on free blogging platform “Blogger” and now he is shifted to word press.

He has completed 2 years in Blogging now. In this short interview, we will know about his journey, how he started blogging, what difficulties he faced, what SEO techniques he uses and also his thoughts on Blogger vs. Word press which is best.

If you want to start your blogging on Blogger then you should definitely read this Interview.

And thank you so much Abhit for answering my questions after being so busy in your Blog and youtube works.


Hey, Abhit can you please introduce yourself with our readers?

Thanks, Sameer, Hi Everyone My Name is Abhit Upadhyay, I’m a Blogger and I’m running many sites like where I provide valuable Information Related to Blogging.



Why did you start blogging? What inspired you to start?

I’ve Started Blogging to Just Share My Knowledge & Experience I have. The Inspiration is that No One is Doing Blogging in My Whole FAMILY and Even 99.99% People I Meet and this Kept Me Different from that 99.99 %



What challenges have you faced when you started blogging?

Look, there are so many challenges like I didn’t get traffic in the beginning, I don’t know how to write in a perfect way and then I decided to learn SEO and after investing 5-10 Month on SEO, I’ve Mastered it and with my SEO Techniques I get Open Wallet Visitors to My Blog.



You started your Blogging journey from free blogging platform “Blogger”. How was your experience with Blogger and why you shifted to WordPress?

This is a great question. Look, when I have decided to do Blogging I have also decided not to invest a single dollar on my blog and then I’ve Started on FREE Blogger Platform. Learning SEO Blogger was great and SEO Friendly but the reason I move to Word press is that I want more features for my blog. But Yes, Blogger & Word press Both are best for SEO.


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What techniques did you use to drive traffic to your BlogSpot blog? Give some SEO tips for BlogSpot users.

There are so many techniques and I want to share 2 great technique, the first is LSI Keywords Techniques. When we search something on Google then at the bottom of the page there are “searches related to” that are LSI Keywords which are great to Sprinkle in the Content to Get More Traffic. The Second Method is Keyword Research, Even On Any Platform, this Works. I use GKP and to Research Keyword. I suggest your audience to choose Long and Medium Tail Keywords.


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Blogger vs Word press which is better you think?

I think both have their PROS and CONS, Blogger is best for Higher Traffic or Event Blog. Word press is good for Long-Term Blog. On Blogger you are more secure but on Word press, you have to implement security like SSL. Overall both are best.



Which are the 5 blogging tools you use?

1- Snagit – Great tool for Screenshots and Drawing


2- SEMrush – For Competitor Research


3- – This Tool I use for Push Notification


4- MySimpleShow – Amazing Whiteboard Animation Tool to Create Quick Video.


5- Grammarly – To Check Grammars.



What is your plan for the future?

I have many plans in Future and currently, I’m focusing on My YouTube Channel “Tipskitricks”.



What tips will you give to a new blogger?

Just Write Long Content, Write Best Content than Others, Do Keyword Research Properly, BE Professional for Any Deal and if you do the HARD+SMART Work then You Will Get SUCCESS. And Thanks Sameer for this Interview Invitation



Thanks once again Abhit hopefully our readers will learn something from this Interview. It was a pleasure to have you on And please share your thoughts about this Interview in the comments.

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