Earn money online in lockdown

Most of the countries across the globe are currently on lockdown state and force the people to stay at home on a mandatory practice. Luckily, you can find numerous ways or methods for earning more cash with the safety and comfort of your home within this Coronavirus lockdown period. Before start learning the best methods to earn rewards or extra cash, you should know whether it is a legitimate way or side gigs for making money from your home.

Earn money online in lockdown

The below-mentioned methods are the best ways to earn money online during lockdown from home. They won’t offer quick & rich schemes but require some perseverance for supporting the money. It is advisable not to expect to earn more money quicker, but desperate measures will require desperate times to call.

Do Reviews & Surveys

It is recommended to participate in various online focus groups for answering multiple questions or reviews to earn money online during lockdown. Some of the best participating group sites are InboxDollars, User Interviews, Survey Junkie, and many more to process the payment through Amazon Gift cards or PayPal. You can try any one of the following websites: Survey Junkie, Toluna, The Opinion Panel, InboxPounds, Panel Opinion, OnePoll, Valued Opinions, Branded Surveys, Prolific, i-Say, Panel Base, Opinion Outpost, Hiving, YouGov, SurveyBods, and Pinecone.

Start your Online Tutoring, Coaching, or Selling Advice

Users can start online tutoring or coaching to sell their knowledge on specialized areas like consulting, coaching, or second language teaching. You can sign up or register with any one of the most popular websites. A few of them are tutorindia.net, BharatTutors.com, MyPrivateTutor.com, Vedantu.com, and many more to create an online tutor profile and update your expertise classes or subjects along with your educational qualification. It will showcase your teaching experience and other details to the visitors.

Sell anything you want

Since you are stuck at home due to lockdown for several weeks and now you should know have listed down the junk items and as well as unused old electronic devices. Instead of throwing them away, it is better to find some better ways to sell your stuff. It is a lucrative market to sell smartphones, tablets, or laptops even if it is not in working condition. You can sell the unused junk items on various sites such as uSell, Music Magpie, Gazelle.com, and many more.

The One-touch button will allow you to even sell your used clothes through the various digital thrift online stores. Websites like The Watch Box or Watch Finder can assist you to locate your listing online for others to access. Browse and locate the best site to sell your junk items or old electronic devices. This will help you to earn money online during lockdown by clearing the unused items.

Free Cash Apps

Cashback websites ad apps are the best method to earn money online by purchasing the required or already planned items. Most of the sites will help you to save your money by providing the best deals or coupons and some of them will offer a refund percentage for each purchase. Even though it is not the quickest or fastest income method but still you can earn money online during lockdown through online shopping.

Earn Money by Playing Video Games

If the Mistplay video game is not yet played then you are missing something out. This is one of the most popular and favorite apps available at YMG for access. It is an Android app that offers the opportunity for the users to play these mobile-based video games for exchanging the monetary rewards. After starting to play this free video game then users are fully eligible to receive the rewards or compensation to use. The Mistplay game will also allow you to play with your family members, friends, or relatives.

During the game progression, users are allowed to earn points faster and as well as unlock various available achievements. It is a user-driven video game and also offers chat feature for allowing the players to chat with others and stay connected. The disadvantage of this app is, it is not possible to utilize the PayPal direct cash instead you need to sell the earned gift cards online to make it cash. They offer major retailer gift cards such as Visa, Google Play, and Amazon gift cards.

Amazon’s Micro-jobs

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer across the globe and offers a service named “Amazon Mechanical Turk”. It will allow you to perform micro-tasks to earn more money online by translating, make use of search items for right spelling check, or rating search results. It is also considered to be one of the best ideas to earn money online during lockdown.

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