In this blog post, I am going to answer your question “how to make money in India for students” in India. Some of these ideas I personally and a few of my friends used to earn some extra money while studying. Stick to this blog post you will get some amazing practical Money Making Tips.

In student life, it is hard to get money to fulfill your extra need, or to spend on your Girlfriend or, be you want to help your family by earning some extra money to pay your college or school bills.

Many of us go through this situation until you are a son of a rich dad, right.

The only purpose of this post is to make you capable of earning some extra money in your spare time. You can also grow some of these Ideas as full-time work in the future.

Note: All these ideas will not make you a millionaire in a night you have to work and spend some time to earn. But definitely, you can earn big money through these Ideas after spending some time. Nothing is free in this world so, keep working and start earning.

How to make money in India for students

I have divided this into three parts first is making money online, the second is offline, and the last is by saving money.

Earn money online in India for students

Here are some practical and trusted works for you to start from today online with your laptop/computer. Today making money online from home is very easy. Check out these awesome online earning ideas after this you will never search how to make money online in India for students on google.

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Earn money online by doing assignments

Yes, you can earn money online by just completing other assignments and home works. You help someone in completing his/her assignment and homework and they will pay you for it.

If you think you are really good at any subject no matter whether it is math, physics, finance, English, law, accounts, chemistry, computer science, etc…

There are many websites where students post their problems and experts solve them and they get paid. You can also do this if you have good knowledge of any subject.

Actually, I was also not aware of this way of earning and I get to know about this while doing research for this blog post and I found this very helpful.

A website called School Solver I liked the most to do this type of work because of its simple and easy dashboard and process.

How it works

Here students post their problems, Home works or assignments with the amount he/she can pay for the answer and people who have knowledge about what they have posted then post their answers with the amount they want to charge.

Now, the student who posted the question chooses one answer which he can afford. This way the person gets money whose answer is sold. And the best part is more than one person can buy the same answer you posted.

Let’s try to understand with an example: Assume I got some assignment in my school but I don’t have the time or skills to complete it. Then, I post it on schoolsolver.com and you saw my question and you have the skills to complete it.

You post the assignment after completing it and I purchased your answer. Then, you will get the amount after 20% commission deducted by the website. After someday another person has the same problem and he also purchased your answer then, again you will get paid and so on this will continue.

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There is another way to use your learning subject to earn money which takes me to my second tip:

Online Teaching

You can teach students online and earn up to 75KRs. Here again, if you have knowledge of any subject of your choice you can teach or you can also teach languages like English, Hindi, French, Tamil etc…

Online tuition is becoming popular and students are getting attracted towards it. There is a huge potential for earning.

You will find many platforms on the Internet who will give you students. You just simply search on Google you will get a bunch of such websites.

Here I have listed some of those websites.

  1. Vedantu

Vedantu is an India online tutoring website. Here you can teach any subject like Math, Hindi, Bio, Chemistry, Computer Science, Sanskrit etc…  from the student of class 6th to JEE mains and Advance depend on your knowledge and potential.

This website claims that if you work here for 4hr/day then you can easily earn minimum 25kRs. And if you work as full time then, you can earn up to 75KRs.


  • Fill out the application.
  • They will review your profile.
  • Give a demo to their experts on any subject of your choice.
  • Once you get selected they will train and instruct you through the webinar.
  • After the webinar, you are good to take your first session.
  1. Italki

This website is only for language teaching and learning.  This is a great website to teach any language you know.

Italki have over 3 million students and you can teach any International and local language. And your earning will depend on your work how much time you work here, how much you are charging, how many students you have.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms. It has over 24M students worldwide which are huge. It gives you access to show and sell your course in front of these 24M students.

If you have any skills like photography, web developing, Digital Marketing, Video Editing etc… sign up and register on Udemy.

Here you just need to create and upload your courses once and each time when someone will purchase your course you will get the price. If you have the skill then, make a video course and upload it on Udemy and start earning.

Drop Shipping

Start your online Business with Drop Shipping. As I told you in starting that you can grow some of these ideas as your full-time career and this is best of them.

You can start this business without investment. Drop Shipping is a retail fulfillment method where sellers don’t buy any product. Yes, you don’t need to maintain inventory in this business. Simply contact a supplier who will directly ship the product to the customer behalf of you.

The supplier can be anyone a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor.  They provide you products with wholesale rate and you can sell with retail price whatever you want on.

Pros and cons of Drop Shipping


  • Low startup cost.
  • Easy business method
  • Minimum risk factor
  • No need to maintain inventory
  • No specific location required. You can start anywhere.


  • Not easy to find a reliable supplier.
  • No command on packing and shipping process
  • Hard to retain customers
  • High competition
  • Low margin

How to start

Step1.  First, select a category or niche of products which you want to sell.

Step2. Find a supplier.

Step3. Select a Marketplace where you will sell your products.

Step4. Make a Business Plan.

Step5. Take action.

Read my Blog on Drop Shipping to know more about each step in details.

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Sell Your Hair

It sounds strange but that’s true you can sell your chopped hair and make money out of it. This is another great way to Make Money Online. Here you don’t need to invest in anything and you can do this from your home.

You can earn up to 5000rs/100g hair. Now you must be thinking how you will grow that much hair. My friend, you don’t have to grow your own hair simply go to salons near you and ask them to give all the hair which they cut and collect hair from different other salons. This way you will be able to collect more and more hairs and sell them.

Where to Sell?

There are some websites which purchase hair or gives you customers to sell your hair. Here I have listed a few of those websites.


This website purchase only one piece of hair means not chopped as you get in the saloon. They pay you for the length of the hair.

Here you just need to register and list your Hair with photo, description, and price.

There is another website called OnlineHairAffair.com this is also same as buyandsellhair.com

India Mart

I think you must hear about this website very popular for the wholesale market. Here you can sell your salon cutting waste hair. Here, you don’t need one piece of hair which is the best thing.

You can get 5000rs for per 100gm hair. As you know India Mart is a marketplace where buyers and sellers register. This website will help you to connect with the Hair buyers.

As you can see in the image below, simply register on India Mart list your product.

Dance and Earn

I am not joking people are earning by just dancing. Do you know about Fiverr.com? Fiverr is a freelancing website where anyone can sell any type of services for minimum 5$.

Create your gig on Fiverr and sell whatever skills you have like web developing, Virtual Assistant, Digital Marketer, Content Writer etc… People will purchase your gig. There are many categories on Fiverr you can check it out and select one which matches your skill and start selling that service.

Many people are selling funny dance or happy birthday wishing video on Fiverr and earning good money. You can also try something different and I am sure you will get orders.

Some people are just creating slideshow video and get paid as you can see in this photo below. This is also a great option for you if you don’t have any special skill.

Sell Painting and Handicraft

For an artist, it’s the best option to make some extra cash. If you are a good painter or you make some handicraft items you can sell them online.

You can sell these types of products on Amazon and many other marketplaces like:

Or, you can start a YouTube channel related to your skill. Like if you are a painter then, you can create a YouTube channel where you talk about painting, makes a video while painting. With the help of YouTube, you can market your skill and you will start getting orders for painting.

If you make handicraft then, you can also do the same.

Become Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is a very trendy job nowadays. Businesses are coming online and they need someone to handle their social media profiles, emails etc… To help them with these they hire Social Media Managers.

You can also contact a Youtuber or blogger they can give you work related to social media. We all use social media for fun and entertainment then, why not use it for earning.

Content Writing

Writing is an art if you are master of this art then, use it as a source of income or side income. Websites owners will hire you to write blogs for their website and they will pay you for per words.

Work as a freelance content writer or, join any digital company who need a content writer.  There are few genuine websites where you will get clients like Fiverr, up work, Freelancer and True lancer.

Another thing which you can do with content writing is starting your own Blog and write content for your own website.


Blogging is the best way to earn extra money. You can even grow it to a whole next level I mean you can make your full-time career in Blogging.

But it takes time to earn from blogging. It is a quite lengthy process here, you need to spend some time and give quality content to your readers. But once you will be able to create an audience then, you can earn more than an average job.

There are many ways To Make Money from Blogging”. I have mentioned some of the best and popular ways:

  • AdSense – Google will run ads on your blog and you will get paid for ads impression and clicks.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate is the best way to make money out of blogging. You can earn more money than AdSense.
  • Sponsored Pots – When you will have audience companies pay you to write a promotional post for them.

Offline Jobs for College Students

Here are a few practical ways to make money offline. People who have no resources or skills to work online they can use these ideas and can easily generate some extra income.

Tour Organizer

Who doesn’t like to travel and enjoy especially in the collages? If you also like to travel to places then, this is for you.

You can organize small or big trips for your schoolmates or college friends. Do research about a tourist place and make a plan accordingly and offer a trip to your friends.

Let’s take with an example if you are somewhere in or around Delhi then you can organize a small trip to Manali from Delhi to Manali is just 548km which will take around 12hr.

Organize some, camps or adventure activities basically make the trip interesting and try to attract them in your offer. This way you can definitely make some good money if you organize in right way.


Start teaching students in your area or, you can join some tuition Institute. You will surely get some students in your area that you can teach.

Many people want their children to take tuition at home and you can take advantage. Or you can also join a small school near you. This will grow your knowledge.

Take Cash backs Advantages

Actually, using this method you will not earn big but it will be sufficient for a student. As you know today there any many online bills paying, recharge, ticket booking etc.… apps and websites are available and almost every time they offer some cash backs.

Now, here what you can do is tell all your family members, friends and people in your area that you can do all these works like mobile or cable recharge, bill payment, ticket booking etc… and earn from cash backs.

Organize Cricket Tournaments

We all Indians love cricket and plays daily. Now, can you make money out of it? The answer is very simple.  Organize a small cricket tournament in your area. Charge teams to take participate in the tournament and announce a prize for the winning team of the tournament.

If you charge 500 to each team as participation fee and total 10 teams registered now, you have collected 5000. And all your expenses cost you around 2000 then here you are making 3000.

I and some of my friends used this in past.

Money saving tips for college students

Saving money is also a part of earning. Cut down some extra expenses and use the saved money in some other work. Here are a few tips which you can use:

  • Shopping

Always compare the products on different – different shopping websites and in the local market too. You can use pricedekho.com to compare price and check offers.

  • Use old books

Books are one of the most expensive parts of a student life. You can minimize or reduce this expense by using old books which you can get on half price or borrow books from the senior.

  • Sell Old Books

After the exam, you can sell your book at half price. You can use this idea to get some money.

  • Avoid Intoxication

If you are addicted to any Intoxication pleas avoid it. It is bad for bout your health and wealth. Calculate how much you can save by eliminating your bad habits of smoking, drug or alcohol.

Wealthy Investors – Sourcing Property

Most of us well-known about the income that can be generated from the property. The big houses are priced at a huge value and there are no off-limits within this market and allow you to earn more income. It is a good deal to earn more money by simply sourcing your known properties just too wealthy investors (who is unable to spare their time for searching). The students need to identify the best properties that are referred to as BMV (below market value) by avoiding the real estate brokers.

Instead, you can advertise your contact information within your area to purchase the houses. You can approach the wealthy investors to offer with a cut-price exchange on the sale value. Most of the cities will work on numerous monthly networking events, especially for property investors and landlords. Make a note of it, dress in the best suit, and attend the event with your business cards. If not, you can also create a Twitter or LinkedIn account to create some initial contacts.

Become a Loan Signing & Notary Public Agent

This is one of the most unheard and common methods to make huge money as a college student. Become a Loan Signing Agent, the best way to make money during college days and earn around $150 per hour to work on your preferred schedule. It is also possible to earn extra money by becoming a Signing agent. The best part of this job is, you can gain the notary commission by just filling an application.

The loan signing agent job will be automatically gained by updating your name under the global database and you will receive a call whenever there is a requirement or any pre-set appointment received from your locality. After getting the loan signing agent job, it is mandatory to understand the process of assisting the homeowner to sign the set of financial paperwork. The student needs to attend the proper training to earn $150 per hour on their preferred schedule time.

The Loan Signing System is one of the most important and top-rated courses that assist people to make more money. Loan Signing System will offer the entire course and assist you to know how to attend & get your loan signing jobs, how to process the loan signing paperwork, and how to make money from your notary commission. You can also refer to numerous websites to understand the great side of this most valuable part-time job. Most of the top earners are easily earning $13,000 monthly and it is much easier to earn at least $500 monthly at the start-up stage.

Become an RA (Research Assistant)

If you do not prefer to become a Tutor for assisting the students and still would like to work as a Professor then you can choose the perfect job to become an RA (Research Assistant). The RA job might vary depending upon the specific department and the particular professor for whom you are working for. In case, if you choose the science subject then your duties are such as collecting samples, cleaning and preparing types of equipment, monitoring or performing experiments.

For the humanities section, it is required to scan the entire book and transcribe the same with recorded interviews to utilize in an essay. This job may not be exciting or glamorous but you experience wonders on your problem-solving, organizational, and communication skills. The RA has to understand the university research process and as well as teaching about the particular subject to write a research paper.

Similar to TA (Teaching Assistant) jobs, the departments or professors will post their job openings for the RA (Research Assistant) through the campus job postings. You can also get assistance from the professor directly to get your job offer. However, you need to showcase your experienced skills and grasping knowledge to know from this position to impress them. You can gain some stipend or set your own pricing to perform this job during your college days.

Network marketing

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is referred to as one of the best businesses in the 21st century. This business can offer you to earn ongoing income through two different methods. Recruit other team members to sell the products or services and make a commission by directly selling the products. It is also possible for you to earn more money later from the sales that are generated by your recruited team.

Most importantly, this does not work on a pyramid scheme, which is referred to as an illegal business. The customer who is involved in purchasing a service or product will be the end goal. This is not an easy & quick earning method and needs to work hard. However, you can make use of social media platforms to easily become Network marketing and utilize the same to earn more money as a student.

Work as a Driver or Delivery Partner

There are numerous Delivery & Driver-partners available across the online market such as DTDC, E-Kart, Jabong, Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, Food Panda, Uber Eats, Zomato, Swiggy, Rapido, Uber, Ola, and many more. Recently, you might have heard about the popular delivery jobs from those top-rated companies. Most of the students are started to work as delivery boys and even some companies are campaigning to work while you study.

It is possible to earn more money to work as a driver or delivery boy. On average, a student to earn $500 to work as a cab driver and $150 for bike deliveries per month (around 5 hours as a part-time job). Earning this great amount every month will be great for students. If you try to save that money every month then it could be much easier to start your own business after completing your college without seeking help for your parents or any loan from banks.


  • Aadhar Card.
  • Bank Account & PAN Card.
  • Driving License.
  • Car or Bike.

First, you need to register yourself on any one of the top-rated websites and attend the interview to get easily selected. Get your company ID for proof and start your work happily. You can utilize the part-time jobs at the different available timings which will not impact your college or study timings.

Create Captions or Subtitles to Videos

We all know that the Subtitles & Captions will assist the users to watch YouTube videos, TV Shows, movies, etc. It is much easier to earn money by creating them from your workplace, home, or anywhere across the globe. This is one of the best methods to earn more money by creating more subtitles for any video with more minutes. It is possible to gain access from various platforms such as Rev.

Initially, you need to clear a test that was conducted by Rev, which is a little bit much harder when compared to others. Once you cleared the test then you can earn more money by creating the captions or subtitles. This is one of the serious jobs that you need to consider or understand. The student can earn more than $300 per month for working just 5 hours a day. You need to prepare yourself to attend and clear the test.

You can visit any one of the trustworthy websites on the online platform to understand the difference between captions & subtitles and also how to make more money by utilizing these opportunities.

Mystery Shop

As a student, you can plan to stretch your money to earn more by locating the best deals to join at the cash register. It is essential to visit numerous stores to know more about this job. Shopkick app is one of the best applications that are available for both Android & iOS devices. It will allow the students to identify the best deals and also earn more money to mystery shop without any purchase at the store.

While you are in your home town, you can start your own job by accessing the Shopkick application on your mobile phone. You can just walk into the Mystery shop to earn rewards points and also get additional rewards points by just scanning the specific item’s prices. You can also earn more bonus points by purchasing any items at the store.

Shopkick application will allow the student to evaluate the online stores and to watch videos to earn points and also make money from on-campus. It is much easier to redeem your collected rewards points as a gift card from your preferred retailers and restaurants such as Amazon Gift cards.

Create your own Kindle eBook

As a student, if you are good at writing and researching then it is much easier to make money by publishing your own eBook with the assistance of Amazon Kindle Store. It has a huge global market and also the Kindle application is currently available for all the devices such as Kindles, Smartphones, iPad, Laptops, etc. You can publish your eBook for around £7 and earn 70% of its total sales. It could be a fantastic deal by considering Amazon as one of the best ultimate selling machines. You can gain success by creating valuable and writing non-fiction eBooks.

The Student needs to research more on a topic and compile the same with simple language to represent an easy digest format that makes someone spend time reading your eBook. Another important tip is to create a new graphical design for your eBook cover that makes the readers more impressive and need to gain numerous reviews while on life. It is worth encouraging the readers by leaving a sincere review on the final page of your eBook.

Online Selling Tangible Goods

In case if you prefer to create a new online store such as Amazon or eBay e-commerce website then your college days would be the best time to work on your entrepreneurial spirit. Make use of numerous platforms such as Shopify to start your drop-shipping. It is not required to change your entire room as an Inventory store. The Shopify application will create customized sales pages, where customers can easily place an order. Then the manufacturer will deliver the product directly from the warehouse to the customer’s front door.

It is also possible to sell any sort of online products such as eBooks or spreadsheets. Shopify will offer numerous benefits such as utilizing multiple templates such as offering a free trial for 14-day or use its customized online shopping carts. As a college student, you can start-up your business by investing extra cash of $100. Most of the reviewers will advise starting your business during the college days which is the best time to plan and gain your career. It is much easier to achieve your goal by scheduling your time to work hard for growth.

Become a TA (Teaching Assistant)

If you had already taken any gen-ed or intro-level class within your university then you could probably be utilized as a TA (Teaching Assistant). The Job of a TA is to teach the entire class (TA positions are reserved only for Ph.D. and graduate students), guide the students with their class assignments), and also assist the professors with the class sessions. With regard to specific duties, the TA (Teaching Assistant) must have hands-on experience with the daily life and teaching of a professor.

While considering the academic career, the TA job should showcase their skills behind the lecture hall. In a few cases, the TA will get credit for their dedication. If you want to become a TA then it is required to have a close relationship with your existing professor. The subject matter expert will be the best TA to guide the students during the class sessions.

Sometimes, the TA position will be advertised or published on the official campus job portal or boards. However, the best way is to contact the appropriate professor directly to get a TA job. The college student has to explain about their skill set, qualification, and their expertise area to achieve that position.

Upload your own YouTube Videos

According to the latest statistics, most of the users across the globe will prefer to watch or stream more videos when compared with searching on the Google Chrome web browser. Make use of the YouTube Partner Program which was introduced recently to make a huge profit by uploading your favorite videos.

It is much easier to receive a certain percentage based on their advertising revenue. You can gain some amount for every 1,000 views. Based on your successful trending videos (such as topic-based, subscriber-based, viral), you can earn more money. The student can start their career by uploading numerous videos through the YouTube Partner Program every week and groom your career.

Data entry

Nowadays, you can find various online jobs to earn money at any time. Among those online jobs, data entry job is one of its kind which required proper and good typing skills. If your typing skill is good, then without going for a second thought, you can jump into this online job and earn money to its maximum. Well, based on the company you choose, the process of job will be differing for sure. According to that, you can move ahead and make money online with no issues.

On the other side, we can also able to check that most of the people are struggling to find best data entry jobs and even sometimes experience fake companies in online. So, before getting into the process of data entry job, make sure to verify and then move ahead.

Become a Grocery Shopper

In case if you are a student and own a car then your friends may request you to purchase some food or snacks from any of the grocery stores and they will pay you more for this service. It is much easier to purchase beverages, snacks, groceries, and may more through the iBotta mobile app. The app will offer numerous cashback for purchasing the items without visiting the cafeteria.

For activating the iBotta account for the first time will gain with a cash bonus of $10. If once your account balance reaches $20 then the student can request the payment process using their gift card or PayPal account.

T-Shirt Designing

T-Shirt Designing is one of the fun and most popular earning methods that you can follow during your college days. Most of us might already see some T-Shirts designed with beautiful designs and some funny quotes. You can be one of those guys, who can plan and design the T-shirts with your creative mind. The student can find numerous websites across the online platform that allows you to upload your favorite designs of T-Shirts. The other processes such as customer care, delivery, and printing will be taken care of by them.

It is much easier to get paid or commission, in case if your design is sold for any customers or preferred for printing. A few websites will only offer a base price and you have to plan about your profit and then upload the T-Shirt designs. People will interest to purchase your T-Shirt designs with reasonable pricing. My Dream Store, Souled Store, and many more are the famous Indian websites that allow the students to upload their favorite T-shirt designs.

Earn money using your Smartphone

There are numerous apps available across the online marketplace to earn money for performing each task. This is another best option for anyone to spend their valuable time by using their Smartphone. SquadRun is one of the most popular apps to use. Based on your answers, the task will easily judge your strengths. After that, the users will be assigned to their strength-based tasks. Mcent is another app that allows you to earn money by recharging the other numbers. Watching some advertisements will assist to make some money.

Increase your earnings by referring this app to your family members or friends to download & use the app. If you prefer to take food outside then this app will be very helpful for you. Some apps like Yumcheck will prompt you to upload the recent store visit receipts. By uploading the meal receipt, you can easily earn some money to your account. It is also possible to search the nearby restaurants by using this app.

Translating Job

This could be the best job if you are an expert in various languages. You can find decent requirements or demands for translating jobs across the online marketplace. You can also work for multiple foreign companies if you are skilled or fluent in French or Spanish language. Earn more money by getting a foreign currency commission for making this job.

Stock Market Trading

Stock Market Trading will prompt you to invest in the stock market that requires experience and knowledge. You can find numerous stocks available to invest in. A few of them might be interested in Investment & Trading, if so they should know the Stock Market concepts. To earn some helpful money, it is important to invest at least Rs.10,000 in the stock market. You should also learn the different investment types before investing. Ensure whether you prefer for a short run or a long run. Clear the basic investments to make it proper.

SMS Sending Jobs

Your job role is to forward or send numerous messages using your mobile phones. Without any investment, this could be another best method to earn money. For sending SMS, most of the companies are providing decent payouts. You can also join for free without any registration or payment process. This job will allow you to earn money on a daily basis. Without any prior skills, anyone can try this job for making money. You need to spend some time with your mobile phone to utilize this regular income source.

Final Word

These are some practical ways you can use to Make Money online or, Offline while studying. Hope you like the Ideas please let me know in the comments which idea you liked and if you have some other ideas then, please write it in the comments I will add those ideas in the blog so, people can get to know.

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