Diwali Kolam Design – a colourful in celebration


Diwali kolam design : Not only in India but also in foreign countries, Diwali in the most celebrated festival and also known as the festival of light. People celebrate it with much enthusiasm even it falls every year. They prepare for Diwali 1 week ago by cleaning the house, decorating it with light, making Diwali kolam design in front of their house, and bringing new clothes and Ganesha-Lakshmi idol.

It is not just festival of crackers but decoration with Diwali kolam design and tidiness. It is believed that making rangoli in front of house welcomes prosperity, happiness, wealth, and wisdom. That is why Diwali kolam plays an important role in the festival.

Rangoli for Diwali

Diwali kolam design
Diwali kolam design

Since colours are used in Diwali kolam design, people elaborate the design on Diwali in the entrance of house so that goddess Laxmi visit their house and bless them. They celebrate Diwali and made colourful rangoli with dry or liquid colours, turmeric, chalk, and flowers to impress goddess of wealth.

Easy Rangoli Design for Rangoli

Diwali kolam designs
Diwali kolam designs

No doubt, making Diwali kolan in everyone’s cup of tea, it needs a certain amount of drawing skill. However, with proper practice, anyone can make a grand statement in Diwali kolam design. With lots of designs available online, you can either choose from it or make your own original design. Here is a compilation of Diwali kolam designs from which you can choose your design.

Latest Rangoli Design for Diwali

Diwali kolam design
Diwali kolam design

Making the Diwali kolam design with vibrant colours will brighten-up the house when diyas are used to make it more beautiful. The semi-circular pattern of designs will look more attractive with vibrant blue, yellow, red, and white colours.

Another design is with the white background on which symmetrical patterns are drawn. On top of white colour, vibrant blue, yellow, orange, and green colour makes the eye pop out. In this rangoli drawing, draw two-dimensional diyas on the floor with happy Diwali message.

Floral Diwali kolam design makes the design more useful. It uses the organic flower petals that can be decomposed on the ground. Using colourful flowers petals, leaves, grass, and buds, and making rangoli do not take more skill. You can outline the rangoli design and fill it with petals and diyas.

Design with Geometrical structure

Design with Geometrical structure
Design with Geometrical structure

This Diwali kolam design is with a geometrical structure formed and stars are pointed outside the circular border. Either fills this design with colour or you can use petals. Rice powder, chalk, turmeric, purple, yellow, pink, and can also be used to make it more vibrant and beautiful.

An important design is small design; it looks more elegant and welcoming than bigger one. If you have less time to draw Diwali kolam design, you can go for this. It comprises of circular outline with either flower or white colour and inside it, there is curved design with heart. Moreover, at center you can put diya and outline it with flower. However, it is quite easy for the people to make an art.

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