Civil engineering is the professional discipline deals with construction design and maintenance of a naturally and physically built environment that includes bridges, roads, dams, canal, airports and railways.

Only people who are built with excellent skills in civil engineering are capable in handling the construction projects. Even you can search for best construction companies in India.

Here we have discussed a list of best engineering companies in India who have found great potential in the coming future for the civil engineering professionals and freshers. In this few of the company are listing in the Indian stock markets plays the major role in construction sector in India.

Some of the company deals with excellent design, construction, infrastructure, project management, real estate business and urban infrastructure.

 Let us discuss about the top most ten construction companies in India that provides excellent talent and uniqueness in constructing their projects in India. Some of the best well-known companies are

 1. Tata Projects

Tata Group of Company owns this project and this is one of the fastest growing company and they provide best value. It is well-known for reliability, stability and quality. Well, Tata groups have various other construction companies and real estate’s under their guidance. They are having ultimate knowledge of industrial projects which includes industrial infrastructure, quality, urban infrastructure and utility services.

They have 32 different countries across the worlds which are certified by ISO and they include the employee count of 2700 and hence they rank in the top most position.

 2. Punj Lloyd

 This company stands first for its effectively managing the project and it is much well-known popular in the market. They have undergone many multiple infrastructure projects, energy projects, integrated designs and procurement services. These people they have earned a popular name in Middle East countries, Europe, Africa and South Asia. This particular company is well popular in serving plethora and many other attractive design services.

 3. Larsen and Toubro Limited

 It is a company that stands first in the list they provide best quality and services. This is the company that has begin in the year 1938 and they have gain huge amount of reputation the headquarters is situated in Mumbai. The main motto is to provide information technology, financial, engineering, manufacturing goods and constructions.

It is one of the biggest reputed companies it consists of about 90000 employees working. Also, it is large scale company generating revenue scale of 15 billion US dollars. It is considered to be one of the Best Construction Companies in India.

 4. Gammon

 It is the most famous company in India and they have renowned for their excellent construction of bridges, buildings and many other structures. The construction is one of the best iconic structures design by this company. And have biggest milestone in the year 1919 they have build many nuclear thermal power stations.

 5. Afcons Infrastructure Limited

 This is one of the most popular civil engineering companies and it has started in the year 1959. The biggest advantage and unique is delivering higher projects with best quality. And then they came out with joint cooperation of Hazarat and Co and Rodeo Foundation Engineering limited. These people together formed a biggest challenging company and they have become well known for their production and development of mega structures around the globe.

 6. Hindustan Construction Company

 It is the most popular company for construction business they have started their journey in the year 1926. Their headquarters is locate in Mumbai they have earned great name in real estate, construction, urban development, engineering, Management and building structures.

They have worked very hard to take multiple projects that include highways, tunnels, power plant, hydropower projects, bridges and expressway. This is the first companies who have got certified by ISO and their employee count is about 3000 generating revenue dollar 1.3 billion every year.

7. Soma

 It is the most popular company that has started in the year 2003. They have build with business experience of 13 years they construct unique and excellent constructions. This company recruits only talented skilled people in designing unique constructions and there the people who delivers with high quality to their clients.

Their design of portfolio is impressive with full of dedicated teamwork that makes them top-notch construction company in the market.

 8. Simplex Infrastructure Limited

 This is one of the highly regarded and most popular civil engineering companies that have started in the year 1924. This company is design with excellent and attractive constructions and makes huge improvements in designing buildings from the year 1924.

Most of the people refer to this company since due to its excellent competitiveness and they believe in delivering their projects in time and trust to this company. They have gained a huge experience of about 90 years the field of constructing building industry. Today they have completed 2600 construction projects the field of construction industry.

 9. SOBHA Developers

 Listing out top 10 companies this particular name will not be forgotten for its famous construction. It is one of the highest sectors of real estate and they have built with much business construction, development, housing projects sale and Management.

The headquarters is located in Bangalore their name is also so popular in the field of interior material production and also in metal works like the projects of Turkey and also in concrete projects. They concepts of an employee count of 3500 generating revenue of 21.84 billion.

 10. IVRCL

 It is also one of the fastest growing and construction companies in India when it comes to civil engineering field. They are well popular in designing excellent huge structures. They are come up with excellent service provider and quality. IVRCL are expertise in many fields in designing excellent constructions and projects.

 These are the top most 10 companies serving the Indian market to create beauty and man-made wonders. They are design with well reputed projects and they provide full fledged in serving the country for about long period of time. Civil construction projects cannot be handled by an ordinary people so it is the toughest job.

Only well designed people and expertise can make this true happen. These are the top 10 famous construction companies in India that work efficiently with technology and manpower to make their huge project success.

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