We are here to help you on how to get some TCS Interview Tips for freshers to succeed in their path. TCS is one among the best and largest Indian-based company by worldwide most-trusted Indian brands and also market capitalization.

Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) Limited is one among the best and most popular Indian MNC (multinational company) that deals with Information Technology and as well as Consultancy service. It is a subsidiary of the fame Tata Group and currently operates in numerous countries and headquarter is located in Mumbai.

When compared with its parent company named Tata Sons, TCS alone generates the maximum dividend annually. Currently, as a bulk deal, Tata Sons has decided to sell out the TCS stocks at worth $2 billion US Dollars.TCS (Tata Consultancy Service) company achieved the 64th place globally and awarded in the Forbes World’s Most Innovative IT (Information Technology) Companies position.

It also achieved the top-most Indian Company award and as well as the highest-ranking IT Services. TCS also ranked World’s 2nd place in terms of the largest IT service provider and also listed as 10th position under the Fortune India 500 group.

TCS Company is the first Indian-based IT Company which has breached the market capitalization by $100 billion US Dollars. Make sure to have a look at TCS Interview Tips for freshers.

Recruitment Process

TCS (Tata Consultancy Service) generally conducts 4 interview rounds to filter the freshers to join the concern as a Software Developer.

They are:

  • Aptitude Test
  • Technical Interview
  • Managerial Interview
  • HR Interview

For an interview, Preparation is most vital and the key factor for success. It is essential to understand the expectations before or during or after the interview which can guide to get an interview strategy and hold your job tightly.

In case, if you would like to attend an interview in TCS (Tata Consultancy Service), the leading consulting, IT services, digital solutions, and technology and can’t afford you to safeguard.

Any candidates who had passed the Aptitude exam is directly eligible to attend the other TCS interviews like Personal Interview, Technical, Managerial, and HR rounds.

Aptitude Test

The Aptitude test includes 4 different sections and the total allotted time is 90 minutes. It includes Email writing, Coding Test, Programming Language Efficiency, and Quantitative Aptitude.

The Email writing questions is the key elimination round and need to be handled carefully. It is important to follow the precise instructions while answering the questions.

You can follow the below-provided instructions and tips on how to prepare for the TCS Aptitude test:

Pattern and Duration

You can refer the below pattern and the specific duration to attend the Aptitude test:

  • English Test Email writing – 1 question for 10 minutes.
  • Coding Test – 1 question for 20 minutes.
  • Programming Language Efficiency – 10 questions for 20 minutes.
  • Quantitative Ability – 20 questions for 40 minutes.

The programming language and quantitative ability sections are purely based on multiple-choice questions (pattern) and also include star questions & negative markings.

Important Fresher Tips for TCS Aptitude Test

Find below the list of TCS Interview Tips for freshers Aptitude test:

Email writing

While attending the Email writing exam, it is essential to follow the provided directions or instructions strictly. You have to maintain the same order by using all the keywords and also word length instructions should be followed without any deviation.

The tense not be changed and make use of the provided exact keywords. Candidate has to pay keen attention to punctuation and grammar and also their communication concise & clear.

Coding test

You have 20 minutes to attend this exam and need to solve only one programming language question either in C or other languages using the built-in compiler. Make use of the Command Line Arguments (CLA) to write the codes. The candidate can practice the basic programming languages like Leap year, even/odd, number sums, string programs, Fibonacci series, Factorial, LCM, HCF, etc.

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Programming Language Proficiency

This is one among the new interview round added to identify the candidate’s skill-set. They will provide 10 multiple-choice Q&A that related to basic programming language concepts of C program to answer within 20 minutes.

Quantitative Ability

This is also a multiple-choice questions round mixed with various arithmetic and logical questions. Since it has negative marking you need to avoid your guessing answers.

Some of the most important topics included in this section are Sudoku, Numbers, Clocks, Work & Time, Ages, Averages, Probability, Allegation & Mixtures, Blood relations, Data arrangements, Distance & Speed, Combinations & permutations, Time, Proportions & ratios, and Profit & Loss.

Time Management

This is also another very crucial round and needs to solve the test by answering some easy questions. Also, it is important to solve the normal questions and don’t concentrate on starred questions to get extra marks. It may take much more time to solve them. Since it has negative marking you need to avoid your guessing answers.

Technical Interview

Candidate has to prepare at least two technologies or languages properly so that they can easily handle any sort of advanced or technical questions related to those topics. You can expect the detailed questions based on your preferred technologies or projects that you had mentioned on your CV (Curriculum Vita).

Also ready to write some basic coding on your favorite programs as well.

Managerial Round

We all know that this is quite a pressure round which had been discarded by numerous candidate or employer. The interviewer will play different roles and make you frustrated by showing aggression, might confuse you, and even doubt your appropriate answers.

But, you can trickily play to remain unfazed. You can also find some interviewer, which could be amiable and pleasant to consider your answers at several stages.

You may shoot out various questions within this round and it is important to keep calm and provide the accurate answers to it. Find below some of the questions that have been frequently asked the candidates:

  • Your role models and its importance?
  • Describe your family?
  • In case, if your TL (Team Lead) is continuously targeting you and mentioned that you are not properly focusing on your work then what would be your response?
  • How do you prefer Big fish within a small pond or a Small fish within a big pond?
  • Reasons to hire you?
  • About your Technical questions?
  • An Important reason to join the TCS Company?
  • Tell something that is interesting about you?
  • Your goal or milestone to reach in life?

HR Round

HR Round is one among the best round to assess your various aspects such as behavioral questions, brainteasers, technical questions, attitude, and cultural fitment that are not outside of your purview.

Your answers should be brief to its appropriate point, smile often, think about your answers, stay calm, and never defensive in case if your answer is wrong to any of the questions. Before getting into the process, get to know TCS Interview Tips for freshers.

A few sample questions are listed below for your reference:

  • Introduce yourself?
  • Your analysis of the current or recent trends within the IT industry?
  • Your ideas about relocation?
  • Willingness to work weekends, night shifts, and overtime?
  • Your importance towards, Work or Money?
  • Your weaknesses and strengths?
  • Reason to groom yourself as an engineer?

Your preparation before the interview stage will enhance your chance and make you qualify for the interview. Concentrate on your technical subjects and practice well on the managerial interview and common HR questions. Moreover, you should be confident and remain calm to get a good chance to go through the interview session.

Sometimes, if the candidate scored above 75 percent then they can appear to the interview directly without the written test. During the technical round, the freshers are allowed to answer the questions raised from the single technology or on your final project.

Academic Criteria

  • Candidate should not have any backlogs during the interview time.
  • Above 65 percent in Class X, XII, and B.Tech degree.

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