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Sometimes you want extra money for shopping, bills, medicines and many more. You can earn money by spending 5 to 10 minutes with the right smartphone or iOS app. Whether you use iOS or Android phones, the legit money making apps on this list can be helpful for you. These legitimate applications are significant for your money-making journey. There are no scams or greed of wrong promises but legitimate apps that give you real money on using them.

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Money-making apps may be the ideal method to add a little breathing room to your budget or save money for a huge acquisition. Happily, there are various legitimate money-making apps ready to assist you in meeting your monetary goals. Many provide PayPal, while some send money via bank transfer. You may also expect various gift cards from various brands. After extensive research, we provide a complete list of the top 12 legitimate money-making apps.


Swagbucks is among the most famous and top-rated online rewards websites in the world. It is a reader and particular favorite for an excellent reason. When you participate in a survey, you may also do many other simple activities to earn more money. You can participate in the survey by playing games, watching videos, and getting cash back for online shopping, and many more.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is commonly famous for its small surveys, which provide full money of $1. You may also transfer money to your Google Pay or PayPal account. You can download the GOR app from Play Store and answer common questions about yourself. Google Opinion Reward is available for both Android &iOS devices. Also, you may use your rewards to acquire free Google Play codes.

Survey Junkie

AnotherĀ legit money making apps, Survey Junkie, ranks third on our list of top survey applications. Survey Junkie is the top-rated survey association that pays applicants to take part in surveys for different companies. Users may also make money by completing different tasks for Survey Junkie. By finishing surveys, you may make money anywhere from $0.20 to $3.50.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another famous money-earning app that allows you to make money via surveys and competition, and many other tasks. You may make money or earn money by doing different tasks, like watching videos, reading promotional emails, answering surveys, and playing games. Inbox Dollars is a legal method to make extra money online.

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a legal firm equipped to save money on regular acquisitions. After purchasing or shop online via Capital One shopping, you can earn credits on your purchases. You may also redeem for gift cards. Capital One Shopping is highly user-friendly and automatically operates in the background to assist you in saving money on your online shopping.


Ibotta is also one of the best legit money making apps. It comprises an affiliate program that permits applicants to make even more money by inviting family or friends. The app is 100% free to access. Ibotta also is among the more huge or lavish welcome bonuses for new applicants. After purchasing the offer, submit your acknowledgment using the app and see your cashback grow.


MyPoints is owned by a similar association that owns Swagbucks, and these two legitimate money-making apps operate similarly. It will send you a prize each time you finish a survey. You can take part in MyPoints surveys by watching videos, playing games, and online purchases. Gift cards are accessible for famous retailers such as Barnes, Amazon, Noble, iTunes, and more.

Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash allows you to earn money by playing games. Every game provides you one ticket for different drawings. It is among the best money-making app and comes eighth on our list. The app has lots of rewards, giveaways, and more options for you to make money. The more rewards you rack, the better your probabilities of winning. After winning, you can withdraw money through PayPal.


Dosh has many rewards to frequent shoppers, who put a little added cash back into their pockets. It allows you to make extra cash back for shopping at your preferred stores. Dosh is also among the legit money making apps, and it is entirely legal to access. You may also earn $5 to refer your family and friends, which is a vital little bonus using the Dosh application.


Rakuten is the crucial cashback money-earning app for online customers. It provides you cashback for various things you are going to purchase anyway via the app. Many people are earning thousands of dollars by shopping online via Rakuten and referring friends. A $10 bonus appears on your balance after creating your first acquisition of nearly $25.


You can download the Foap app on your Android or iOS device to earn extra money from your photos and videos. After downloading the app on your smartphone or iOS, you can take quality pictures and making videos using your phone. For each of these pictures & videos, you will get $0.25. You may post one or many videos or photos and win thousands of dollars in prizes.

Zap Surveys

Using Zap Surveys is a valid method to earn extra cash in the survey-taking field. It permits you to make money by finishing paid surveys on your mobile phones. The application tells you the correct amount you will earn before beginning a survey. The interface of the Zap Surveys app is straightforward and straightforward to take surveys. After registering online in Zap Surveys, you will also get a reward.

Final Verdict

With these money-earning apps, you may make money from the ease of your home or on the go. It may assist you in paying bills or help in saving money for future use. Money-making apps may be a fun method to boost your income significantly. Download the app now and make extra money. Start making money with your mobile phone with these few legitimate money-making apps.

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