Diwali is one of the biggest festival where all the people across India celebrates the

Diwali is one of the biggest festival where all the people across India celebrates the festival of light. It is the beautiful Grand occasion which is also celebrate all over the world. During this time women’s plan to celebrate this festival in a grand manner. And, during this occasion they plan to design their entrance with kolam for Diwali celebration. During the time of Diwali, lightening is one of the biggest part. For more designs, you can follow here.

Diwali rangoli

Well, all people celebrate it with full of joy and happiness. According to history, celebration of Diwali is mainly to congratulate Lord Lakshmi of the marriage to Lord Vishnu. On the other hand the Jain people celebrate this auspicious moment as win the Buddha attained Nirvana finally.

rangoli kolam 2019

Apart from this, there are many stories behind the valley celebration the quite interesting one is when Lord Rama returns to his house after a long period of 14 years life if in the forest so for this reason also the Diwali celebration is carrying out.

Best rangoli design

Furthermore, during the time of Diwali women celebrate this auspicious day by designing their entrance with new Rangoli designs and sometimes they prepare a special design for Deepavali kolam and they welcome their guests with attractive and colorful decorations.

Lovely diwali kolam

Rangoli kolam

Firstly, women decorate many kolam for Diwali celebration during the time of Diwali holidays women plans to decorate their entrance with different Rangoli kolam each and every day. Women’s create a hobby in designing festival Rangoli kolam.

This Diwali festival is filled with full of firecrackers and lighting and this happiness continuous for whole week or sometimes the month, this type of celebrations creates more enthusiasm to all age of the people. Moreover, during those Diwali festival all the people purchase new clothes and also they purchase gifts to give to the relatives and also they decorate their home with multi color kolam for Diwali celebration.

diwali kolam

Deepavali special muggulu

Mainly this Diwali festival muggulu is designing in the entrance of the house. In order to receive the blessings of goddess Lakshmi the popular Hindu goddess of wealth. Many new kolam for Diwali celebration are designing and it is decorator in the entrance of the house to welcome the people.

Rangoli kolam 2019

Not only for Diwali celebrations women’s decorate their entrance they even create for all occasion’s new kolam 2020 and they celebrate the starting of the year with grand multi color and attractive new Rangoli kolam 2020 on the entrance exam house and it will attract everyone.

attractive diwali design

Moreover, woman’s take extra pressure to create much festival Rangoli kolam and basically they create more interest in creating different kolam for Diwali celebration.

Decorate with beautiful designs

Women they themselves create many beautiful designs to decorate in front of their homes. Well, this is very famous and popular in Tamilnadu especially. Basically Deepavali festival muggulu drawing is done by using the rice powder. Also, the main belief is that for welcoming goddess Saraswati and Lakshmi to the home.


Rangoli kolam

This kolam will draw with the help of rice powder. This Rangoli kolam can design to any form a small creatures like birds and ants. Sometimes, the human figure also can be draw with the help of Rangoli kolam. You can decorate your house from any traditional drawings with the help of Rangoli designs.

Rangoli kolam for diwali

Nowadays women’s think more creativity in designing the Rangoli kolam by using different techniques. Rangoli kolam attracts all the people in the world by just connecting the dots gives you amazing colorful picture. These Rangoli kolam attracts all ages of people. The thing is where they themselves create an interest in decorating their entrance with Rangoli kolam.

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