HDFC Bank is one of the largest and the best credit card issuers in India. There are numerous best HDFC credit cards available depending on the consumer’s spending habits and lifestyle requirements. Browse and locate the best HDFC credit card with any confusion to utilize the available options & features. It is advisable to go through this article to know the best HDFC credit card with minimum income requirements. You must aware of the credit card information and eligibility criteria before choosing the best credit card for use.

Users can get the right decision by comparing the HDFC credit card with other banks. HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited) started his banking process in the year 1994. This is the first bank to get the Central Bank approval for establishing the private sector banking in India. As per the liberalization policy from RBI (Reserve Bank of India), they start the company within the Indian Banking industry. RBI will provide the approval to the private banks only by following the pre-set rules & regulations.

Best HDFC Credit Card – Features

Find below the list of the features offered by the best HDFC Credit card for your reference:

Direct Pay Benefit

Users can get 1% cashback for processing the direct bill payment to their respective utility billing merchant. The maximum cap for this feature is Rs. 150.

Transaction Processing Fee – Smart Pay

Make use of your HDFC Credit card for processing utility bill payments with the help of the Smart Pay feature.

Welcome Benefit

Direct payment to a merchant or Smart Pay payment will provide a bonus reward 500 points on your first payment. You can also get 2% cashback for the entire Smart Pay payments with Rs. 10 reversal. The maximum cap for this feature is Rs. 200.

Bill Value Program

You can utilize the HDFC credit card for your shopping purposes and as well as paying bills. It offers to accumulate reward points and utilizes cashback benefits for paying insurance, electricity, telephone, and mobile bills. The annual service charge or fee will be Rs. 199/annum.

Loan against Card

Without any paperwork and as per the demand, utilize the credit card to get a loan against your card. It is possible to receive cash at your doorsteps.

Balance Transfer

Make use of the balance transfer facility for transferring the amount from one card to another credit card. If not, you can also transfer it to your other bank account.

Modernized Security

HDFC Credit Card will offer a highly secured mechanism for performing smooth online transactions without any hassles.

Discount Facilities

Numerous elite brands merge with HDFC Credit cards starting from dining to apparel to provide various discount facilities. Throughout the year, customers will get reward points and cashback offers.

Personalized Offerings

HDFC Bank can assist any individual customers to customize their credit card depending on their requirements and needs.

Best HDFC Credit Card – Eligibility

Customer must fulfill the below-mentioned eligibility criteria to apply for the HDFC Bank Credit card:


Bank will offer numerous credit cards to target different income borrower groups and age groups. It is much easier to contact the nearby HDFC Bank branch or apply online. The customer’s age should be at least 21 and up to a maximum of 60 years. Depending on your favorite credit card, the minimum age may vary for different banks.

HDFC Bank – Existing Relationship

There is a higher chance to receive a credit card by already having an existing HDFC bank account. It is much easier to apply for utilizing the HDFC Credit card. For the existing account holders, the bank will provide special offers to use the card. Joining pack special promotional offers, discount or waiver on annual fees & joining fees, higher credit limit, and many others. Apart from that, customers should maintain proper and good account balance to receive these offers. This is also essential for getting a higher credit card limit for access.

Cibil Score

Most of the Indian banks including HDFC Bank will expect a credit or Cibil score to be above 700. Before approving the credit card, your repayment capacity will define your credit history. If your Cibil score is less than 700 then it may impact the approval of your credit card request. Customers can gain easy approval by showcasing the higher Cibil or credit score. Existing HDFC Credit cardholders can also apply for another credit card for access. However, depending on the payment & transaction history of your old credit card will ensure your repayments on time.


If the applicant is a salaried employee and the minimum income should be above Rs. 12,000. For self-employed customers, the annual income should be above Rs. 2,50,000 after-tax deduction. Generally, HDFC Bank will offer the credit limit at least three times above your monthly earning income. For self-employees, depending on the last financial year’s IT returns declaration income form and Salary employees on net monthly salary. Any existing credit cardholder from other banks will get an HDFC card depending on your existing card’s transaction history.

Applying for HDFC Credit Card

New Customers

As a new HDFC customer, you can visit the nearby HDFC branch. If not, they can follow the below process to apply for HDFC Credit Card:

  • Open up a web browser and access the HDFC Bank official website
  • Navigate to the HDFC Credit Card page
  • On the existing page, you can view the entire list of best HDFC card for your reference
  • Input your personal information and as well as the contact details.
  • Then, press the “Submit” icon

After submission, the bank representative will contact and guide you to apply for the best HDFC credit card to use.

Existing HDFC Customers

Existing HDFC account holder can visit the nearby branch or follow the below process to apply for HDFC Credit Card:

  • Open up a web browser and access the HDFC Bank official website
  • Navigate to the HDFC Credit Card page
  • On the existing page, you can view the entire list of best HDFC card for your reference
  • Choose your favorite credit card and press the “Check Eligibility” icon
  • Answer the list of available questions from the bank to check your eligibility
  • Only eligible customers will redirect to the next application page
  • Input your personal information and as well as the contact details.
  • Then, press the “Submit” icon
  • Finally, you need to upload the mandatory documents and press the “Submit” button

After submission, users will receive a notification or acknowledgment message along with the “Application ID”. They can utilize this application ID for tracking their credit card application status.

Best HDFC Credit Card – Top Cards

Find below the list of best HDFC Credit card available from the bank for your reference:

Freedom Card

You can gain numerous unlimited benefits from the Freedom card by using Reward points. This card will provide 5x Reward points on fuel surcharge waiver, grocery, railways, movies, and dining.

Regalia Card

Regalia Card will serve the primary purpose of travel benefits along with high Reward points. A few greatest selling points are as follows:

  • Best-in-class Rewards Program
  • Complimentary Vistara Club Silver Membership
  • Priority Pass Membership
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

HDFC Bank Jet Privilege World Card

The Jet Privilege World Card is another best travel & lifestyle card to offer numerous milestone benefits. Some of them are lounge access, Priority Pass Membership, and many others. This card will assist to save the JPMiles Accrual Program to get a 7,500 JPMiles bonus.

Titanium Times Card

Titanium Times Card is one of the best entertainment cards with various offers & discounts. Throughout the year, you can get a 15% discount on dining and a 25% offer on movie tickets booking. This card will offer numerous discount gift vouchers like fuel surcharge waiver, Weekend Dining Reward Bonanza, and Welcome Gift.

Platinum Times Card

Platinum Times Card will assist you to unlock numerous host privileges. This card will offer multiple benefits like a 25% discount on movie tickets, dining, apparel, and shopping. Throughout the year, you can utilize various offers at dining outlets and participating movies in your city. Users can also earn extra points from the attractive Reward programs like Weekday Dining Bonanza and others.

HDFC Bank Credit Card – Customer Support Team

Users must access the HDFC Bank official website to view the list of Customer Care email addresses and phone numbers. The team is available 24/7 for assistance with Prepaid, Forex, ATM, Credit, Card, or reporting a loss of Bearer Card. They work even on Sundays and as well as Holidays.

Depending on your city or location, you can dial the appropriate number to instantly solve your bank issues. Ensure that you access the official website to get your location’s contact number. Please note that they are not toll-free numbers and charges are applicable accordingly.

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