Rangoli is one of the favorites for women. Most of the women’s wake up early

Rangoli is one of the favorites for women. Most of the women’s wake up early at morning and they decorate their entrance of home daily with Rangoli designs. Suppose if there is any occasions they will create a beautiful and attractive pulli kolangal designs. It will be very much attractive. For every occasion women will plan to create more interesting and different pulli kolam simple designs. People will take much care to create 13 pulli kolam designs since it looks big and very creative.

Pulli Kolam Rangoli Designs

Pulli kolam designs are create in an easier manner without putting any effort. Also, you can create many pulli kolam simple designs for the occasions. When you prepare 13 pulli rangoli designs with dots, then it will be attractive.

Rangoli kolam for diwali

The thing is your entrance will look very impressive and you can do some colorful attractions for pulli kolam.

Decorate with 13 pulli kolam designs

13 pulli kolam attract the people since you have to join many forms of two or three parts only. Then the pattern will complete and sometimes it looks like a matrix format. Rangoli when drawn in the entrance of the home is very great and people will welcome with warm and pleasure; women’s are more creative and they themselves create the designs when they start decorating their entrance. One of the best advantages in 13 rangoli pulli design kolam is designers can decorate it with multi colors which looks outstanding.

Pulli kolam design

In 13 dots kolam Rangoli women’s create their own choices according to their taste for practicing Rangoli. Well, there is no professionalism require it is very easy and you can train easily by practicing simple Rangoli designs.

kolam for diwali celebration

During the time of festival seasons Rangoli competitions will held. The ground will fill with many colorful 13 dots rangoli designs and it looks very big and attractive and colorful.

Mostly this 13 pulli kolam designs looks very admirable for the viewers. And also people can design many type of unique designs for all type of Grand functions and locations the entrance will decorate with 13 dots kolam designs.

Kolam rangoli

Every women can easily try this Rangoli and they are very easy to practice there are many varieties of designs and this can chose according to the functions such as small and grand festivals.

Different varieties of pulli kolams

In 13 pulli rangoli kolam designs there are many varieties of Rangoli designs and its is very easy  too and women can choose their own taste for their respective occasions mostly 13 pulli kolam designs will be the best suitable for all the Grand occasion.

beautiful rangoli

Most of the women’s try different varieties of pulli kolam designs each and every day they created as a hobby each and every morning they practice with new varieties of designs.

For instance, Pulli kolam designs will be easier for even the beginners just when they start to practice with basic patterns. Also, they can continue the same method and it is sure that with period of week women’s will be experts in Rangoli.

Rangoli is one the traditional culture and the entrance decoration will be attractive in all the homes, temples and even in front on business shops to welcome the people with happiness.

Furthermore, most of the women drawing creative Rangoli has become a hobby. In this pulli kolam you will be having much number of varieties to create in a creative manner such as you can create with flower or some animal figure or human figure extra. So based on the particular occasion women can choose their own choice for creating Rangoli.

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