Every individual today need to be skillful enough to handle their living. Growing technology has been a booming experience bringing technical skills into demand for every opportunity.

For  the reason analysis say that there are some top rated technical skills demand which are  enough to support.

  • Highest paying job roles.
  • Highest paying certifications.
  • Most challenging hiring areas.
  • Top technical investment areas.

Here comes of the best technical skills that are going to be of great demand in 2020 . The positions are also going to bring on great impacts because of the lack of qualified professionals.

The reason behind that is the technology considering as a broad field with grooming dimensions that you can go on.

Machine Learning

It is applicable to most of the industries in general. Rather there are endless possibilities where you can apply the machine learning skills for the role that suits you. Revealing some facts about the course are like average salary, great funding and machine learning is used to make best of recommendations for its users.

What makes it most important is it can now be taken online. When it comes to future, it will be turning out to be the most innovative one for sure. The course of machine learning covers a proper introduction to the entire machine learning workflow.

SEO/SEM Marketing

Today market is looking forward for professionals with knowledge of digital marketing skills. This is mandatory for improvement of the company’s web presence as well as visibility online.

Today every industry and every sector is dependent on marketing for which the demand for SEO and SEM marketing is of maximum need.

Added to that if you have knowledge on data mining then it’s of great advantage. In addition to that you can also opt for taking digital marketing to it which would add a plus point when you are thinking to start your own business. At the end of the day, it is one of the most technical skills demand to experience it

Cloud Computing

The one is in higher demand with a great package in the IT sector. The reason is its intersection with all other skills of IT. It’s also considering as a game changer with opening channels of revenue by leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence and that of internet of things.

Other topics which are also including as a part of cloud computing are data analytics, networking, project management and even cyber security.

Application development and programming

In near future the job of a developer is expecting to see a rise. This profession forecasts to bear a growth of 31% which is more that 550,000 new developer jobs. The top programming languages that are part of application development and programming are SQL, C#, Python and java script.

Data visualization

This is a kind of technical skills demand which will be helpful to the people in terms of understanding the importance of data by handling with visual context. Indeed it’s a bridge between technical and non technical roles. You need to take the data collected by the analysts and then transform it into a form which is all can understand.

UI/UX design

They are similar yet different as the UI or the user interface specialists design interfaces for those websites and apps that are to be visually appealing, flow well and are easy for the users to navigate. The career is considering perfect for those who want a creative meets analytical type position.

Network and information security

This is also known as the cyber security in which the company collects customer’s information or does dealing with sensitive data of their own with keeping the networks secure.

While theft in data occurs this becomes major news worthy and costly for the company to recover from. So their network security is an important aspect. It is considering as one of the major technical skill demand for 2020 .

Data science and analytics

Well, these are science and analytics. The data analysis is deeply into entry level skill where as the data science gets more advanced when it’s grooming with a career aspect to higher level.

Artificial intelligence

This is considering as a landscape of work. Even there is a cross over with the machine learning here but the major difference is the AI bears a broader concept pertaining to machines designed for acting intelligently like humans but the machine learning depends on devices that make senses of specific data.

Final words

2020 is a grooming year to the land of technology. So there are a lot more of technical skills demand not just as mentioned above but also in the field of information technology and mechanical sources.

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