When it comes to every tradition activities, people will always show their interest towards rangoli.

When it comes to every tradition activities, people will always show their interest towards rangoli. It is the one which always attracts the people in terms of welcoming grandly. In Rangoli, there are different numbers of designs available for the people to progress. Especially in south India, it is the tradition which is following for centuries. For every festival like Diwali, Pongal and other, people used to prepare for innovative kind of design of rangoli design. However, it is not only using for the festivals but also using daily with rangoli with dots as per the culture of Hindus across the country.

Different Rangoli designs

different rangoli with dots 2019

As we all know that whatever the designs in Rangoli available, girls show their interest on them. There are several such types of simple kolams available for the people to design daily in the morning. According to daily trend, you can also go over rangoli with dots. It is often using among the people when comes to daily usage. Especially it will be using for home purpose in front of the home. On the other side, dotted rangoli kolam also using for the daily purpose by adding colors to look more beautiful. However, when comes to festival season rangoli designs 15-8 dots is mainly using by most of the women. Likewise, there are a number of daily rangoli design available to attract.

Rangoli competition

Rangoli with dots for competition

We all know that the most of the events conducting for the Rangoli for the people. There are also conducting in women’s college as well for the cultural programs. For information, especially in south Indian universities, we can see rangoli design for competition for girls. At that time, they will ask to prepare often with rangoli designs with 5 dots and dot rangoli designs 6*6. These are the basic designs firstly conduct during the competition. If they pass the rounds, then they asked to attend the tough round with dotted rangoli designs with the number of dots. This is the main process happening in all events when comes to competition.

Rangoli with dots step by step

Rangoli with dots simple designs

First of all, people who all are very much interested in designing the Rangoli, they need to follow the guide. By seeing the Rangoli guide, anyone can go for best and different kolam designs step by step in a short span of time. In that Rangoli guide, you can also find rangoli designs and colors. It will be largely use for the beginners at anytime. Also here you can find the simple rangoli with dots for various daily purposes. So following the step by step dots rangoli before going for design, it will be very useful for all the beginners.

Tough rangoli designs with dots

Rangoli with dots

During the time of beautiful occasions, people will generally prefer simple rangoli designs with dots step by step to make more grandeur. This type of Rangolis will always attract the people in terms of beautiful colors and designs.

beautiful Rangoli with dots

Along with this, you can also check out the simple small dot rangoli. So this is the main things that why Rangoli mainly likes by the people when coming to south India. Here, you can find a different type of kolam powder to bring on various rangoli designs for daily.

Rangoli designs with dots and colours

color rangoli design

Whenever the occasion come, people’s thought is always about focusing on rangoli new designs with dots and colors. If you are the one who is looking for long time when it comes to various designs, then there are several to pick. As per wish and the demands during occasion, you can choose the right designs to use in a grandeur manner. For information, there are several rangoli designs where anybody can search it across the internet. Even here the present designs will please you and lead you to use during any events.

Wrapping up

Simple rangoli with dots

It is mainly related to the culture that most of them following with compulsion as per the traditional one. So making rangoli with dots is also enough for the people to go ahead. So, the people who are all best in designing Rangoli can also try for more innovative designs. On the other side, people who want to learn can go over dot designs first.

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