Simple and easy kolam designs for New Year 2020


Simple and easy kolam designs for New Year 2020 : 2018 is going to say us bye while 2020 is about to come. The importance of both the year is at own place, and the excitement of New Year is visible the way people are searching for new designs of kolam and preparing for the eve of New Year. There are some trendy kolam designs with so much ease –

People make rangoli because they find it auspicious which renders so many colours of Indian culture and its rich history, at every mile the colour and language of people will change but it is still brings the joy for all different people at one place. Rangoli is one part of rendering the rich history of Indian culture in almost every big carnival rangoli has become like ritual. So if you want you could make simple rangoli designs with dots to put your creative mind into action. Find here more kolam designs for New Year 2020.

New Year kolam designs with dots

 small kolam designs
small kolam designs

If you have never tried out kolams and this is the first time then you could try out small kolam designs, this is available on the internet with variety where you could pick up your favourite designs with simplicity and ease. Creativity can be added even in small kolam designs if you are making square you could you could add up triangle into that.

The history of kolam design is very long in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnatka, telangana, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra also in the lands of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. A line of geometrics has been drawn in the curve loops, in some grid pattern of dots. People found it out every way of showing their happiness for the fest, so they use different colours to make kolam designs and they put their creativity to the paramount and they make some simple kolam designs for home, sometimes they make New Year kolam designs with dots, and the designs for kolam rangoli are available at the internet.

People make kolam designs at their main door because they believe in this fact that kolam brings prosperity to their homes. When you will be walking in the lanes of Tamil Nadu there you will find kolam designs on the ground along with white rice flour. But there are even some story about kolam designs as the motto of kolam designs was not just about decorations and for bringing prosperity but it was made especially for ants so that in the search of food ants will not wander hither and thither as the use white flour for making kolam designs. It also gives food to the other creatures like birds. So this is how it riches the history of kolam designs even more.

Kolam designs 

Kolam designs 
Kolam designs

If you are searching some kolam designs then there are thousands of kolam designs available in a wide range of variety with so much beauty in it. Kolam with dots are very easy to make if you will make it in simple way, if you do not know much about kolam rangoli designs for initial period it is fine anyone, those who are non- artist can draw kolam with dots. In the kolam with dots you can just draw some lines and put dots around that design it will look amazing even in simple form. Kolam rangoli designs can be drawn in other ways too if you want you could make some heavy designs but if you are going to make kolam rangoli keep it simple it already look complicated so when you will keep it simple it will give your rangoli elegant look and if you are willing to make it more beautiful you could decorate that with other things and colours.

New rangoli designs 2020

New rangoli designs 2019 
New rangoli designs 2020

The creativity has reached at the height of par excellence as much as experimental behaviour you will have the creativity of you will be more in front of everyone. As rangolis do not show about cultures and history it also renders about your creativity, your excellence deft in hands. Today even children are taking so much interest in making rangolis kolams as it is really matter of proud and gaiety, they are the future of the world and if they will take interest in their culture and history it will not just expand their knowledge it also gives them opportunity to render their creativity, to grow more, to mould themselves into more creativity and into a new developed personality.

All the new rangoli designs 2020 are available. So you could easily search new rangloi designs 2020 on the internet, if you want to add some more stuffs to your creativity then after making kolam rangoli you could decorate that with fresh flowers it will increase beauty of your rangoli, it will also surround everyone with fragrance. The beauty of rangoli is into its making it does not matter whether you make it heavy or simple when you make it, that is enough.

Google and YouTube

new simple kolam
new simple kolam

If you are seeking out new simple kolam designs then you can take help of YouTube and Google there is endless designs available from simple to heavy, and you can take idea from those designs to create your own, simple kolam designs are very easy to make you will just need white flour and chalk to make it. If you want you may try the traditional peacock designs, peacock has always been a favourite bird as peacock reminds us there are so many colours in life you just knows how to use it. If you want you could make the peacock on marble or mosaic flooring which will increase the beauty of your preparation for the New Year.


Kolam designs are much popular art form or to render creativity so with the help of internet you could download those designs to make in this coming New Year 2020, to celebrate New Year with your creativity. Add colours not just in kolam rangoli designs also in life and enjoy this New Year, more important enjoy the preparations of New Year, draw your heart. I hope you enjoyed all kolam designs for New Year 2020 , you can share your friends and family too.

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