There are many scholarships available and you just need some time to find the right one for you. In this article, we are going to introduce to some Scholarships for Indian Students to pursue MBA Abroad.

Studying MBA is prefer by many students and a lot of them want to pursue their studies abroad. But many hesitate because of the financial restrictions they have. An MBA program even in India is quite expensive and we don’t have to tell about the foreign countries.

This is why many youngsters bury their dream of studying MBA abroad. Even if they know about scholarships available, they assume that they stand little chance in availing them. But it is not the case.

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships (USA)

This is a prestigious fellowship provide to students living in India for pursuing their MBA degree in Stanford. Students who have completed their undergraduate degree with merit and have the qualities of leader will award the fellowship. The financial situation of the student will also assess. Three students who meet with the specified eligibility requirement and capabilities will select by Stanford University in the final step.

There are some eligibility requirements which the students have to meet. Students should have the required GMAT or IELTS or TOEFL score whatever is applicable.

Expenses like tuition fees, living expenditures and health insurance will cover under this fellowship. Students should take care of accommodation, air travel expenses on their own. It will be provided for two years. The fellows who study under this fellowship have to return to India within 2 years of finishing their studies. They should come back to India and work in an Indian company for 2 years. Well, the Scholarships for Indian Students is always play a vital role for sure.

Akhtarali H Tobaccowala Fellowship (to study in Chicago,USA)

Akhtarali H Tobaccowala Fellowship is awarded to students who want to study MBA in Chicago Booth School of Business. In the memory of a Booth School graduate, who graduated during 1952, this fellowship is awarded to deserving Indian students. Students must have got admission into the school in the first place. If you meet the eligibility requirements, then you will award for the fellowship without any application process.

The India trust Fellowship (to study in Chicago,USA)

If you want to study MBA in USA, then the India Trust Fellowship will aid you in that. This fellowship allows you to study MBA in Chicago Booth School and it is purely based on merits. Only 2 fellowships are given and the amount is around $10,000.

Students who have demonstrated good leadership qualities, achievement in sports can apply for this fellowship. Also, youngsters who are determine to aid women in the field of business stand a good chance to select for this prestigious fellowship. The fellowship is available to students who have admit for full time in the school. They are also necessary to living and working in India when they got admit.

Study at Harvard with Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship

Do you want to study MBA at Harvard? Are you academically high performing but don’t have the money to study at Harvard? Don’t worry. You can avail this scholarship awarded to students based on your financial needs. Around $95,000 will give as a onetime award to the scholars under this program.

The expenses for travelling and accommodation during internship will also be provided. You should admit into the Harvard School of Business before applying for this Scholarships for Indian Students.

Joseph Wharton MBA Fellowship (USA)

Joseph Wharton is the founder of the infamous Wharton school. This fellowship is awarded to honor the memory of Joseph Wharton. Each semester the students will offer the money with which they can pay their tuition fee. It will award for four semesters. Other expenses like accommodation, health expenses and travel fares will be included in the fellowship.

Students who have excellent academic records and possess great qualities like leadership, community service will select. There is no need for you to fill a formal application. If you have select the course for which this fellowship is available, then you will automatically consider.

Furthermore, we believe we have given you clear information about the various Scholarships for Indian Students available for MBA abroad. Hope you liked reading it!

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