Are you a student? This must be very important to you your ‘scholarship’. To every student this is a dream going out in universities and colleges like Canada and give their dreams new wings. Well, this is even possible one might do but to do that you can go for the scholarship for students in Canada. Here are some of the lists which can help us in doing so –

University of waterloo – (international Master’s and Doctoral Awards)

This college belongs to the University of the Water Loo; it is even great in funding opportunities for the international students. Before you go for this college you can look on these things.

  • Students must have all the required qualities which university would have mentioned. They must have recent receiving external awards or the sponsorships or self- funded.
  • Students will have to get enrolled in full- time in research- modelled graduate degree programs at the University of the Waterloo.
  • They will need to have a valid Canadian study permit.

University of Manitoba Graduate fellowship

The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF) is said to be one of merit based awards. This college permits all the students across the world and open for the registration as a full- time graduate students (Masters or PhD) at the University of Manitoba. Here are the things about the university.

Those students who might receive minimum GPA of 3.75 (above B+) in every of the last two years of the study at the authorized university modelled on the Bachelor, Master’s Graduate Diploma or the Doctoral degree.

Here, students may even receive the fellowships for the 24 months (early years) of their masters program. And also for the first 48 months of their Phd program.

Ontario Graduate scholarship  

Ontario University has also brought scholarship for the students in Canada. This university is mainly receive its fund by the Provincial government in terms of encouraging brilliant in the graduate studies at the master’s as well as doctoral levels. This is also merit based scholarship and there are several of the awards are for the students. There are some of key points to notice about the college.

  • This is valued at $ 15, 000 each year
  • There is a minimum and maximum scholarship for the students. The minimum period of the scholarship takes place in two continuous terms.

Partnership grants by social sciences and Humanities Research council of the Canada

 This college has also brought good news; scholarship for students in Canada. If you dream about studying in good colleges of the Canada then this social sciences and humanities research council allows your dream to fly. Here are the highlights about the college.

  • This college is especially for the PhD aspirants
  • Advocates fully to the new and existing research initiatives in social sciences and humanities!
  • Course period – from 4 to 7 years

Canadian commonwealth scholarship and Fellowship plan

When it comes to colleges’ students always dream about education themselves in the good colleges. Everyone dare to dream big but not everyone dares to take a big action that is where difference comes. But if you have thought about good colleges in Canada then this Canadian commonwealth has brought a deal of scholarship for the students of Canada. Here are the highlights.

  • This scheme demands highly intellectual students from commonwealth countires which includes (India, America, Pakistan and two more). They are allowed to apply for the programs which are available by the college.
  • Those who are thinking about their masters and PhD they must try out this college.
  • The awards of the college include travel, living cost and mandatory tuition fees.

National research council of Canada (NRCC)

There is no doubt that every college is individual and every college is best in its own way. National research is also best for the students who are willing to get scholarship. NRCC allows for the scholarship for the Canadian students. These are some of qualities which steal heart of students.

The college is best for those who are research related such as masters and PhD holders in the subjects, natural science or the engineering disciplines.

 Why one should pick up the scholarship at the Canada

 Many students before they make up their mind besides scholarship there are other things which bother to them. Besides scholarship the college has many other things to offer to all the students. Well, then these are the reasons for picking up the colleges of the Canada for higher education.

  • Quality of education
  • Its campus life
  • Scholarship along with good education
  • Good platform for the employment
  • Learn more about values and culture
  • Its weather and environment
  • Assurance of complete security and safety
  • Valuable study
  • Friendly environment besides campus life
  • Profit of multilingual society

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