This article is for those students who wish to study abroad but can’t afford it. Here you will find information about the Scholarships for Indian Students.

Many students dream of going to other countries to study. Going abroad to study opens up many exciting paths to the students. From making new friends to getting their hands on new technologies, there are many reasons for this.

Their exposure to the world will increase and they can get a taste of the different culture. But not all the students can afford the luxury that is studying abroad. The scholarship will take care of your fees, accommodation, travel etc. so you don’t have to worry about going abroad anymore.

Each scholarship program has its own eligibility requirements for the students availing them. It is necessary for the students to meet these eligibility criteria. Sometimes you can get scholarships based on merit or the country you are hailing from or your chosen subject.

If you are from a special background like belonging to a specific race or gender, then also you can avail some of the scholarships.

Let us take a look at the Scholarships for Indian Students along with some details.

Tata Scholarship (Cornell University)

Indian students who want to study their undergraduate courses in Cornell University can apply for this scholarship. The student should admit in the course by Cornell University. Expenses like accommodation, food and travel will cover in this scholarship. The scholarship will take care of your fees but only up to eight semesters.

If the course you have chosen is longer than that, then you should pay for it yourselves. In a year, 20 students will select and offer scholarships. During the month of October or November, you have to apply for Tata Scholarship. You will know if you are selected by December.

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (US)

Academically gifted students who want to do their undergraduate degree in US can avail this scholarship. The Scholarships for Indian Students who want to raise the quality of deserving communities which have poor resources in their own countries. Thus students who are very socially active can apply for this scholarship.

The scholarship is given by the American University to study undergraduate course in any chosen field. It will only pay for tuition fees and accommodation and does not cover travelling expenses, books and health insurance.

Students who study with the help of this scholarship will check for their performance in studies. Those who show good credentials will offer the scholarship for duration of 4 years.

Vice Chancellor’s International scholarship (United Kingdom)

If you have been admitted into Newcastle University in United Kingdom, then you can enjoy the benefits for this scholarship. This is available to both the undergraduate and postgraduate students who have acquired a seat in the courses offered by the University.

The scholarship is offered to 255 students based on academic merits and based on diversity. But you have to keep it in mind that the scholarship is only partial and offers £ 3000 as fees for one year. It is usually given in February and the biggest advantage is that all the international students will be considered eligible for the scholarship. You don’t have to apply for it separately.

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award (Canada)

This Scholarships for Indian Students who have achieved excellence in their academic studies and have been admitted in the university. University of British Colombia offers this aid after checking the financial need of the student applying.

It will continue to provide the aid for 3 years but the student has to renew it each year. You will offer renewal of aid only if you have performed well in your studies and in need of the aid.

Nomination of the student by the school where he did his schooling is necessary to avail this scholarship. You should also have the necessary English Language qualifications. If you have proved yourself in sports or performing arts or debating, then you have a best chance at winning this scholarship.

Depending on your needs, tuition fees as well as accommodation will pay for. You have to apply within November if you want to join the course in the next academic year.

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