You cannot get best out of this exam just by being a bookworm. Students prepare for UPSC exam should be well knowledge other than academy. They should be well aware of current affairs and latest happenings in the country and beyond, only then they will be ready to answer the questions.

UPSC civil examination is the most prestigious exam in India. For this prestigious exam lacks of people are attempted every year across the country. But only few people are able to fulfill their ambitions this exam is one of the challenging since it is framed with lengthy syllabus and it is highly unpredictable in nature.

Preparation for IAS exam

Let us discuss few tips to Prepare for UPSC exam.

 Prepare yourself for the journey

  1. Before understanding the concept you have to start preparing the schedule for UPSC at home, you should be prepared yourself to travel in this beautiful journey.
  2. Initially before starting for the preparation you should be physically and mentally prepared for the examination. And, you have to set goals to complete it effectively.
  3. Go through UPSC exam pattern clearly and then according to it prepare a chart to focus on your task.
  4. UPSC exam holds three stages such as preliminary round, main and the interview.
  5. Prepare a chart for your study and according to the chart focus to complete the portions.
  6. Plenty of knowledge available in the internet resources and you can also make use of it to prepare the portions easily.

Create a timetable

  1. It is necessary to follow a well organized daily routine, if you need to become an IAS officer.
  2. You should compulsory set a time table before starting your preparation and then you have to stick to it perfectly.
  3. Preparing a timetable is an easy process but you should be more streamlined to the task and deadlines. So work in a better way to complete the long syllabus faster.

UPSC syllabus

  1. Before preparing for an exam you should clearly understand the syllabus before you enter into your books.
  2. Syllabus is provided with civil service preliminary and main examination.
  3. Syllabus for civil service UPSC examination is clearly elaborated and the aspirants should choose the relevant materials and then they should prioritize the subjects according to their comfort.

Reading current affairs through newspaper

  1. The newspaper concept is very important to prepare for UPSC civil service examination.
  2. Daily you should have the practice of reading newspaper and collecting all the current affairs, if you don’t have the habit of reading newspaper it is very difficult to clear the examination.
  3. The questions can be asked in the form of direct or indirect way that is connected with current affairs. So you should be ready with the answers in collecting all the relevant data in the daily newspapers.
  4. If possible you can also collect information’s from the internet resources.

Note making

  1. Note making process will be very helpful during the time of exam preparation.
  2. Since it is a vast syllabus you cannot track it easily so this note making will help you for revising your syllabus easily.
  3. For each and every subject you have to allocate separate files only then you can revise the topics easily. Updating the current affairs side-by-side is also important.

Trying to solve previous year question

  1. This is one of the important processes after completing your syllabus try to solve any previous year question paper.
  2. This process will completely help you how to handle the examination easily.
  3. Without fear you can attend the examination if you are well practiced with previous year question papers.

These are some of the tips provided for preparing UPSC Civil Service Examination. If you prepare the syllabus clearly and if you stick to it, to focus on this process is not so hectic.

You can complete it easily and you will get through it in a first attempt. You should have a complete glance in your syllabus and also you should be updated with current affairs. If you work with full fledged plan with correct guidance you can easily get through this examination.

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