Pacman 30th Anniversary

Google is very popular around the world because of its home page, ever-changing logo and its good-looking special effects on events and days.

Google is now celebrating pacman 30th anniversary which is the most hyped games all across the world.

On the 30th anniversary of pacman, Japan has launched new version of this game which will allow you to steer your pizza-shaped protagonist. It is around a maze which spells the Google name.

There are also ghosts name Clyde, Pinky, Inky, and Blinky.

This popular game has eaten the entire world!

It is one of the most famous arcade games. The popularity of Pacman transcended the geopolitical barriers of the time. This amazing creation of Toru Iwatani stood out as one of the initial video games which were aimed directly at a broader audience.

About pacman 30th anniversary

The game has a very interesting concept with a cute story of pizza shaped characters gobbling dost in colourful characters and a maze. The design is very user-friendly and offer everlasting fun.

Pacman really seems like a natural homepage for Google. They are both straightforward and highly deceptive. It hides its complexity under the hood.

In the game there is a light-hearted human touch for both of them. We hope you find using google at least a quarter as enjoyable as eating colourful dots and chasing tasty ghosts.

Happy Birthday Pacman

Namco is a Japanese company which set out to create a new arcade game in 1980. Their main goal was to make a game which could be played by as many people as possible. North Americans released PacMan under the name Paceman and it proved to be so successful. Because of its popularity, this title has become a very famous arcade games every developed.

Here in this article, you will get to know some of the fun facts which you might not know about Pacman.

Pac-man released?

The game was released 30 years age and has become one of the most iconic games all across the world. It is understood that the game is very simple but on the other hand it is highly addictive on both tablet and mobile devices along with classic arcade canine version.

How about here are some fun facts and Google’s tribute doodle to celebrate pacman 30th anniversary.

As a part of 30th anniversary of the game, as new chapter was added in the game known as Ghost town, in which Scott talks about growing up in the arcade and how he plays his part to preserve it.

On YouTube video, team edge aired a video on April 3rd, 2019, in which Google team and they themselves created a Pacman game featuring PVC pipe clothing, foam rubber, clay and clothes, and players dressed in cardboard. Ghosts and Pacman appear in this video.

How to play pacman?

To play this game you need to simple click on the button, I’m feeling lucky. However, the twist is that now the button is changed and has become insert icon.

Whatever the button game maybe, the game will start on its own. this time the game is also offering something new.

Now the Pacman is making something which can be played by two players together. After completing the game, you just need to got to Pacman online and click twice. Now, the second person can control movements with the help of WASD keys.

Celebrating 30th anniversary of Pacman

Google is just not celebrating pacman 30th anniversary but the museum of computing in Swindon is also celebrating Pac-man’s birthday as the new maze was introduced by the Japan.

There is a place where Google Pacman is also celebrated with the help of retro machines. So, if you are here, you can easily play pacman there.

This time we can easily remember how we very excited when pacman was unblocked. We normally search for pacman cheat codes and various pacman unblocked games.

Also, the pacman underwater is very popular. It is like an old memory which are coming back. So, people across the globe, website, platforms and Google are celebrating pacman 30th anniversary on this day.

The 30th anniversary is a big hit and we can only expect what next Japan will add in this game.

Another more interesting factor that people are not aware about is that the game was based on the character of mouth.

The game was not a result of complete planning but it is based on a character which got fame 30 years back.

The programming of doodle has to make sure that even today people will take time to play the interesting game.

Currently, original retro games are available and people out there even have them in their homes, but Pacman was the most bought game. Not only boys, but girls also enjoy this game.

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How to download and plat Pacman?

Google doodle has brought back 2010 PC game which help people to get rid of boredom. So, if you are stick indoor in the time of COVID situation you have something interesting to do.

Play on PC

  1. Download and install blue stacks on PC and search for the game.
  2. Now install it and finish sign-in.
  3. Then install the gameand you are ready to play.

Play on Google Maps

  1. Go to Google maps and click on the Pacman doodle google icon at the bottom left corner.
  2. Now you have to click on pacman button and google will take you to a zoomed-in area where you can play the game.


  1. It is very simple and helps pacman eat Pac dots and fruits via the maze and avoid ghosts.
  2. You will get only 3 lives to play the game and a bonus life of 10000 points.
  3. After 255 level, the real challenge will start.
  4. You can neutralize the ghost with the help of power pallets located at 4 corners of the maze.
  5. The ghosts are eatable and with time, the time to eat ghosts will reduce.
  6. The ghosts will also increase tehri speed and this is the point where you need to play wisely.

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