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New Year 2020 Rangoli Design : People around the whole world celebrate New Year with great joy and happiness. Every person celebrates the New Year according to their plans. Along with parties and family functions, people also create Happy New Year Rangoli design 2020 to welcome the New Year.

Rangoli presents prosperity. With the motive to welcome good luck and fortune in their house people use to design Rangoli at the door. In today’s article, we are presenting some amazing new year Rangoli design that you can consider to draw at your home.

Rangoli Designs for the New Year 2020

  1. Happy New Year Rangoli 2020: Peacock Design

Rangoli Designs for New Year 2019
Rangoli Designs for New Year 2020

In order to welcome New Year create Rangoli design. The first and foremost that comes in our mind is the traditional peacock design. If you have a marble or mosaic floor then you must go for the traditional Peacock design as the Rangoli. To complete the peacock design you need to first draw it with white color and then highlight it with colors. In order to beautify the Peacock design most of the colors that use are blue, green, and black. And to highlight the peacock neck the color that is most used is white.

  1. Rangoli Designs for New Year 2020: Peacock Design with Flowers

    Designs for New Year 2019
    Designs for New Year 2020

Another design you can consider to create the New Year Rangoli is peacock designs with flowers. Indus design firstly you need to complete the peacock and then beautify it with a different color of flowers. In order to complete this Rangoli designs for New Year 2020, you need to draw two peacocks facing Each Other. To complete it you can use bright colors like red, yellow, green, blue this is one of the best new 2020 Rangoli designs you can go for.

  1. New 2020 Rangoli with Seven Circle

    Happy New Year Rangoli design 2019
    Happy New Year Rangoli design 2020

Seventh circle Happy New Year Rangoli design 2020 is the third option you can take. To complete this design you need to draw 7 circles to create a big circle. To start the circle, first of all, you need to draw a circle in the centre and when by using the white powder bro 6 circles surrounded the centre circle. This is one of the easiest Rangoli designs for New Year 2020. After creating all the circles you can draw designs in this organ fill different colors too

  1. Rangoli Design for New Year 2020: Use Floral Pattern

    Rangoli Design for New Year 2019
    Rangoli Design for New Year 2020

If you don’t know how to create amazing happy New Year Rangoli design then you can go for floral Rangoli design. The floral Rangoli design is one of the beautiful designs that you can use to welcome the New Year. By using the white powder on the floor you can draw several flowers together and create the New Year Muggulu 2020. You can fill colors in that bunch of flowers according to your choice. For all the freshers this is one of the easiest Happy New Year Rangoli 2020 design.

  1. The Rangoli for New Year 2020: Duck Design

    Happy New Year Rangoli 2019
    Happy New Year Rangoli 2020

We all have created duck in the childhood drawing book. So creating on drawing a duck picture is not a very difficult task. You can draw a duck picture to complete your Happy New Year Rangoli 2020. To provide your duck Rangoli a more amazing look you can decorate it with colors and flowers. You can design the duck Rangoli at the main door of your house to welcome the New Year 2020.

  1. Rangoli Design for New Year: Need a Simple One

    New Year Rangoli designs 2019
    New Year Rangoli designs 2020

If you are looking for a more simple Rangoli design for New Year 2020 then you may go for a 4 sided square pattern design. To complete this simple Rangoli design for New Year 2020 you can draw a square pattern and then design it by using colors and flowers. This is one of the simplest New Year Rangoli designs 2020.

  1. The Traditional New Year Rangoli Design

If you want some devotion in your New Year Rangoli designs then you can go for the traditional Rangoli designs for New Year 2020. To complete the traditional New Year Rangoli design you can draw Satya or Ganpati Ji picture in the centre and then decorate the boundaries with flowers and colors. After getting completed your New Year 2020 Rangoli will look more amazing and alluring.

  1. New Year Rangoli 2020 with colors

If you have so many colors and don’t know what to designs with these then you can go for a colorful Rangoli design. It is Very simple and easy to make. All you need to do is to smash all the colors on the floor and then use your finger to give it a shape. You can also draw colorful circles surrounded each other. After drawing all the circular layers you can draw a design to provide it a more amazing look. This is very simple for those who do not have a good hand in drawing.

  1. New Year Rangoli with Dots

The last and final design we have for you is the New Year Rangoli with dots. To complete the happy New Year Rangoli 2020 design you can use any color you want. In this design, all you need to draw is colorful dots and then combine them by using a small stick or needle. The new year Rangoli designs with dots are very easy to complete for children too. So if you want your children to be a part of your Rangoli making then you can opt this design.

Happy New Year Image Gallary 2020

We hope the above-given suggestions on Happy New Year Rangoli 2020 will prove to be helpful for you. Apart from the above-given suggestions if you want some more new year Rangoli designs 2020 then you can surf the internet. All you need to do is to enter your requirement and heat on the searching tab. Thereafter the happy New Year Rangoli design

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