As per Gregorian Calendar, Happy New year is celebrated as national festival all over the

As per Gregorian Calendar, Happy New year is celebrated as national festival all over the world. The excitement of celebration begins one month ago in December. Some people plan to go on a trip in a different country and some people plan for the party. This is the modern approach of the celebration of New Year. However, some people celebrate it traditionally and welcome happy New Year 2020 with rangoli design.

New Year always fills adults, kids, youth, and old age people with enthusiasm because on this day not only year changes but with New Year many opportunities open their door for wealth and prosperity. The countdown begins at the end of the year 2018 and people are gathering for this eve for party and get-to-gather.

Why Indian people make rangoli on New Year eve?

happy new year rangoli design gallery
happy new year rangoli design gallery







India is land or traditions and culture. No doubt, people are changing and adopting the modern culture and follow their dream and passion. Moreover, for this, they are going towards party culture—drinking and partying at Goa is trendy now. Youth follow this trend but when the time comes to follow the traditions, they always follow their culture and do everything to preserve their culture and tradition.

Indian is divided into two parts—in one part people organizes part at night at New Year ever and in the second part, they do pooja and offer sweets to people on New Year eve. In most part of India Especially in Tamil Nadu, people love to Draw Rangoli in front of their house to welcome 2020. Here is happy new year rangoli design gallery for your ease.

Why Tamil people White color rangoli?

happy New Year rangoli 2019
happy New Year rangoli 2020






In Tamil Nadu, Rangoli is known as Kolam and it is a sign auspiciousness. hindus believe that making a geometrical pattern of new year rangoli designs made with rice flour at the courtyard of the house or at entrance door will bring Goddess Laxmi throughout the year. Moreover, the house filled with the wealth and prosperity, and always-good news comes to the house.

Making rangoli at the entrance with rice flour wards off the evil spirit and keep the environment clean; also, it invites Goddess into the household. This South Indian tradition is everyday practice and people make it near pooja room, near door, and under the lampstand. There is specific kolam pattern for specific occasions. Like this, happy New Year rangoli 2020 design has different collections of design images in a different pattern.

What is Rangoli?

New Year 2019 rangoli design
New Year 2020 rangoli design

An art form that is followed in every festival, every occasion, and in every event. It is an art of the moment like in New Year, it is New Year 2020 rangoli design, in Diwali—it is Diwali rangoli design, and so on. It is like sculpture and street painting, and painting on canvas but done on the floor. It is most dynamic and transit form of art that changes according to time and people.

Traditional Rangoli designs 2020

Happy New Year 2019 Rangoli designs
Happy New Year 2020 Rangoli designs

Generally, the traditional designs are symmetrical in nature and it is geometric in shape, however, it has changed over time and people have acquired different methods to draw this art. This change is not possible in only one day but people have traveled different places and explored the different art forms and techniques to draw this rangoli. The Happy New Year 2020 Rangoli designs can be in any shape from doormat size to entire room depending upon the requirement, and passion of drawing rangoli.

The original New Year 2020 designs

Originally, it was done in a small pattern like 2-sq. Feet; nowadays it covers the whole hall, entrance door, large area on the floor, in wedding halls etc. Moreover, these designs are intricate but detailed in pattern and clear in design. The decoration of floor was done in the auspicious occasions but for modern people, every occasion is auspicious that is why if you can find rangoli design in every occasion—like a wedding, birthday party, opening ceremony, corporate offices, etc.

Rules to make New Year 2020 Rangoli Designs

New Year 2019 Rangoli Designs
New Year 2020 Rangoli Designs

Every art has some rules, either dancing or music, or learning some sports. Likewise, these arts, rangoli designing has some specific rule and it is the very important rule as per tradition. People follow it strictly because it is related to bringing bad omen in life or evil spirit into the house.

The entire pattern of Happy New Year 2020 rangoli design must be connected mean there will be no unbroken line, no gaps in the design or loop, and no opening in the patter. It is believed that broken line welcomes the evil things inside the house. Indian believes strongly in a tradition that is why on every auspicious occasion, Indian People draw this rangoli to invite guests, Gods, and Goddess to give them hospitality so that they bless the home.

Scientific reason behind unbroken rangoli design

happy New Year rangoli 2019
happy New Year rangoli 2020

The traditional method of drawing happy New Year rangoli 2020 is in a circular waveform like the one a torque creates when a sound wave is generated. These waves travel through air and move from one place to another. When there is loop or eight or circle is designed in front of the house, it encircles the air particle or any other evil spirit in its loop and wards away these spirits with air. Hence, the loop and circle entangle the bad air particle and only allow entering the good energy. This is the reason when guests enter the house; they leave all the negative thoughts and enter the house with positivity. The loop disturbs the waves of the mind and generates the musical sound inside the mind that refresh the human mind.

Who makes this New Year Rangoli Design 2020

New Year Rangoli Design 2019
New Year Rangoli Design 2020

Traditionally, women wash the path of the house—for mud floor, cow dung and dried grass are used to clean up the ground. This is traditional Indian practice to clean the house. It kills all the germs and bacteria around the house. This is no longer a tradition in cities due to marble, cement, and tile flooring. Later on, the layout of design is prepared and fine rice flour is used to complete the design. Especially women made this design in morning as well as in evening.

There is the reason for using rice flour is—it will provide food to birds, ants, insects, and other crawlers. It also serves it social cause to feed small animals. Also, it gives the finishing to the house decoration. Some people use stone powder to make the design mix with rice flour.

Happy New Year 2020 rangoli Design material used

New Year rangoli 2019 design
New Year rangoli 2020 design

The material used in New Year rangoli 2020 design is found everywhere at very cheap cost. Hence, for celebration, there is no need to cut the part of the income to but rangoli colors. Every item is available in the home either rice, wheat, rice flour, wheat flour, turmeric, pulses, red chili powder, coriander powder, and other home material can be used to draw rangoli.

The daily rangoli is drawn with only rice flour or paste in geometric and symmetrical shape. The rice is used because it is easily available and white in color. Also, it becomes a food for insects and birds. This shows that one must take care of other’s life too in order to create a natural balance.

How is rice flour used?

New Year 2019 rangoli design
New Year 2020 rangoli design

The dry powder is placed between the finger and thumb that are rubbed together to create a design. The hands move is such as the way it makes a predetermined design by the artist or women. For the festival, the large design is made that require a layout on the floor over which the flower petals, rice, Vermillion, and other synthetic colors are used. Usually, people make large design outside the house and small design inside the house.

All over India, the floor and wall painting are usually done in white color, some people also use red color along with white to give it contrast color. White is the symbol of peace, tranquillity, and purity, which is why people prefer white for design to purify the environment.

Rice is a symbol of richness, prosperity, and purity that is why people prefer making New Year 2020 rangoli design with rice paste or powder to attract Goddess Laxmi. Nowadays people use limestone powder top make New Year Rangoli 2020 brighter and well finished. A better combination is obtained by mixing the white stone powder with rice flour. Another symbol of prosperity is yellow color or saffron color. Most people use turmeric in place of yellow color. This yellow color is mostly filling in white outline. Some people also use kumkum as red color.

Earlier use of New Year color

 rangoli New Year 2019 design
rangoli New Year 2020 design

Initially, people use flower colors as natural color, bark powder as a brown color, leaves, indigo color, and other natural colors. Now people use synthetic colors to make rangoli New Year 2020 design. These are cheap in color and easily available in the market in every occasion. In North India, people draw this rangoli on Navaratri, Dushera, Diwali, and Holi. However, people in South India make rangoli on Pongal, Tamil New Year, and for Pooja.

When rice flour, turmeric, and chili powder is used for rangoli design, it enhances the beauty of design and creates the 2-dimensional appearance on the floor. The 3-dimensional appearance on the floor can be achieved by using pulses, natural colors, or tined colors, natural dyes. Some artists itself create the 3-D effect on the design with the use of colorful pulses, grains, beads, and flowers.

Happy New Year 2020 modern day material

Happy New Year 2019
Happy New Year 2020

Here are the images of New Year Rangoli pattern that uses a modern color pattern. These colors are easily available in the market. Most people choose coarse grain powder because it spread well on the floor and acquire a grip when sprinkling with control. The base of the rangoli is marble dust, sawdust, and other material; the colors are the fine powder of gulal available for Holi festival.

Usually, the base is light like sawdust hence, it can be used to make floating rangoli or on the still water. Sometimes the sawdust is soaked into the colored water and dried to give the various tints. If the rangoli is made on the water make, sure the color is insoluble in water. There are other materials used to make rangoli design in modern days such as:

Here are images of some skilled happy New Year 2020 rangoli designs with the use of modern material and creative innovation and adaptation of a design that suit the occasion.

Pulses and powdered color in Rangoli—the most colorful natural thing available on the market can be used to create rangoli design. Mostly grains are used to celebrate Pongal or Ugadi.

Rangoli colors: These are easily available in the market in different variety.

Marble dust– this is a fine powder of marble and it gives the good result and finishing while making rangoli but it is heavy to carry in large quantity.

Sawdust– a very light material used to spread in the rangoli design. For floating rangoli, it can be used as it floats on the water.

Rice– rice is used from ancient time either in powder form or in grain form. Some people use food color to color the rice and it becomes the food for insects and ants.

Coloured rawa– these grains are harder than sawdust but easy to spread. It does not mix well with color.

Flower petals– rose, marigold, purple flower, grass, and leaves are used to make rangoli. The best thing is these petals are available naturally. These are used to fill up the design, also to make the outline of the design.

Pulses- different shape and different shade pulses are used to make rangoli design. They create the uniform texture of the rangoli.

Fabric and poster color– these colors are mixed with chalk powder and applied with the brush on the floor. A small quantity of color is required in chalk powder. It lasts long relatively other designs and easy to use. It spreads smoothly on the floor to give a creative design.

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