You probably know that the Indian Army is one of the best world armies, and our army has a long history of victories with the neighboring nations. In the last few decades, the Indian Army has never failed us to impress in any manner. In the case of Information Technology (IT) and communication, the Indian Army has excelled more than other forces just after inventing the Hamraaz Application back in 2017.

Hamraaz is a well-comprehensive application designed for the Indian Amry soldiers where one can keep track of his/her appointments, payslips, and much more. This is a 100% free application that currently only runs on Android-based smartphones.

Nevertheless, the military’s IT team is constantly working on adding more features and improving the functionality of the Hamraaz application.

A Brief Overview About The Hamraaz Application

Adjutant General’s Branch (MP-8) is the creator of the Hamraaz application, and only active Indian soldiers are eligible to use this application. With this application, all the active soldiers get the needful information about their monthly wages and other financial perks. The civilians aren’t eligible for using this application. Recently, in March 2022, this application was updated, the interface of this has improved, and many technical bugs are fixed.

What Are The Key Features Of The Hamraaz Application?

  • Get specific messages

Usually, some specific and private messages arereleased by the senior members of the jawans. Many similar messages are released every day,and probably everything gets mixed up, and soldiers get confused while following the orders passed by the senior department. With this application, the jawans can easily track all the messages passed by the senior department.

  • Checking the monthly wages

You probably don’t know,but Indian army jawans face difficulties getting the monthly payslips. This happens because these soldiers keep traveling, and they need to contact their seniors to get the payslips. This is actually a problem Indian army jawans have been facing this problem since decades. Luckily, the Indian government has taken many initiatives to counter this problem, and the Hamraaz application is one of them. In the Hamraaz application, the concerned department can share the monthly payslips directly with the soldiers.

  • No involvement of the civilians

If you read the privacy policy of this application, it’s clearly stated that no civilians can use Hamraaz. The Indian Army specially designs this application for the soldiers. Above all, only the army soldiers can register on this application. As a result, this application is 100% safe as no civilians can use this portal and access the crucial information.

How Can YouDownload The Hamraaz Army Application?

Unfortunately, the Hamraaz application isn’t available on the Google Play Store, and only Android users are eligible to access it. Below, we’re mentioning the steps to access this application.

  • You first have to visit the official portal of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.
  • There are two ways to download the Hamraaz Army application, either through QR code or the manual ‘Download’ button. Overall, the Hamraaz application size is nearly 3MB.
  • Download this application and ensure your smartphone allows you to download files from unknown sources.

How Can You Complete The Registration Process In The Hamraaz Application?

Once you have downloaded the Hamraaz application, now let’s understand the registration procedure. Below, we mention the two primary ways of registering on the Hamraaz application.

  • Using the ARPAN password

As you open this application, you’ll be asked to enter your PAN number in the’ Signup’ section. After entering your PAN number, you need to enter the ARPAN password. In this way, you can easily register on the Hamraaz application.

  • Registering through OTP

In the ‘signup’ section, you can register yourself through OTP if you don’t have the ARPAN password. As you choose this option, a new page will appear on your screen where you need to put the email address and mobile number registered in the records. The OTP will be delivered to your registered mobile number and password.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Hamraaz application provides a wide range of advantages to the Indian soldiers by maintaining all the records appropriately and providing the best possible updates. Download the Hamraaz application right now, and don’t miss the necessary updates.

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