Tamil New Year which is popularly known as Puthandu which has been observed on the

Tamil New Year which is popularly known as Puthandu which has been observed on the first day in the Tamil month chithirai. This day of the New Year which depends on Sankranthi and this takes place only after sunrise and before sunset and which falls on the same day.

So this particular day is denoted for Tamil peoples to welcome their New Year and where they celebrate this day with great happiness and delicious South Indian foods.

Greetings SMS Whatsapp Messages and FB Status for Tamil Puthandu





A new beginning…
New hopes…
New horizons to reach…
May the Sun radiate all the goodness of life…
In the coming year and always!
Happy Tamil New Year to all.

On this Tamil New Year,
Wish you be showered with
The Divine blessings…
Of happiness and Prosperity
Puthandu Vazthukal !!!The dawn is about to break,
To give light to a brighter road
Have a happier journey this year!
Wishing you a happy and prosperous year
Puthandu Vazthukal

3. On this Puthandu, let us promise to take a step forward to fulfill our hopes and dreams in our minds. Puthandu Vazthukal

A new beginning
New hopes
and new horizons to reach
May the Sun radiate all the goodness of life
In the coming year and always!
Puthandu Vazthukal!Let this Tamil New Year
Brings lot of cheer, affluence and Peace
In your life.
May the Divine power gives you enough
Strength for tolerating highs and lows of life
With Calmness.

Welcoming this New Year  :    All people in the world are set and they happily welcome their New Year 2020 with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is meant that in the future 365 days which will bring them happiness and many opportunities for their life. And on this particular time of the year they show gratitude and happiness to their loved ones and they also make some resolutions and also they make some updates for their lives. So all the people in the world approaches this New Year as a welcome with their open arms where their wishes which has to come true and they also wish good health and good luck to their loved ones.

Wishes to their surroundings

Wishes might be of different types since because of our emotional attachments and feelings which differ from person to person so a similar message will not be sent to all. A message which is sent to a friend will not be the right message to their partner so wishes will be different from person to person.

So it is observed that the best way to start a Puthandu which must be a memorable wishes and quotes to their friends family and loved ones.

In all the hectic schedules and in hard times it is difficult to meet people and wish them personally. Since our technology has been improved lot to share their feelings and emotions through messages so they spread their love through warm New Year wishes, even if they are miles and miles away from them.

So this is the perfect time to share the perfect messages of Happy New Year in Tamil language to your family and friends to start the Puthandu in an energetic level and happiness.

And there is also an another method which is followed nowadays, is they refresh their- self to start their life with new things and with great opportunities so they celebrate the festival occasions by getting together and in also public gatherings nowadays. So this will also bring happiness and bring out people from their houses on this day.

Where they meet each other and share their wishes to their loved ones and enjoy this auspicious day with their family, friends and with their loved ones.

Nowadays there are more internet access methods to share their New Year wishes in tamil wordings to their friends and families through messages WhatsApp Face book etc. It is just to bring a new resolution on this Puthandu to their family members and friends and even to share our messages the person we don’t know them personally which is nothing but, it spread some kindness happiness and it may cheer people.

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