Ganesh chaturthi or vinayak chaturthi is among the most important festival for Hindus. This is

Ganesh chaturthi or vinayak chaturthi is among the most important festival for Hindus. This is celebrate across India as well as by Indians abroad with great dedication and devotion. The day will observe as the birthday of lord Ganesh. He is the son of Lord Shiva and goddess parvati who is having elephant heade and is symbol of wisdom, prosperity and fortune. On this occasion, people will share Ganesh chaturthi wishes 2020 with friends and family.

Celebrating Ganesh chaturthi

The day celebrated on shukla chaturthi of Hindu month of bhadra which falls between August and September. The festival is celebrate with loads of great enthusiasm. People get idols of Lord Ganesh to their homes and worship them. The duration of the festival varies till 11th day depending on the place and tradition. During the final day of the festival the idols are taken to colorful and musical procession which is immersed traditionally in water. On the last day of festival, the idols are carrying out in colorful and musical procession and then are immersed into water which is considered as tradition. On the day people worship the lord and ask for ganesh chaturthi wishes 2020.

The occasion of ganesh chaturthi is celebrate on shukla chaturthi and on this day we generally are asked to not see moon. The reason behind that is the curse that lord ganesh gave to moon on the day. Well, you can also get Ganesh chaturthi images.

Why celebrate ganesh chaturthi?

On the day people worship lord Ganesha who is one of the most well known and loved Hindu god. In the festival people widely celebrate it with joy and happiness. Especially in the state of Maharashtra and telengana the day is quite auspicious. People worship the god of wisdom, knowledge and prosperity on ganesh chaturthi with complete devotion and dedication and faith. For the festival especially online Ganesh chaturthi wishes 2020 like “Ganesh brings prosperity with his trunk to bless every individual”. “The lord of destiny and luck welcome to every house with happiness”, “Invites lord Ganesha worshipped as the lord of power, prosperity and good luck”.

 Importance of the festival

Since decades it’s a believe that lord ganesha brings great joy and prosperity every year and that would remove all the obstacles from life. In this day all favorite delights of lord will prepare. The day will celebrate as birth anniversary to welcome and receive blessings from the lord. The festival starts on the chaturthi in the month of Bhadrapad and in shukla paksha and ends on the 11th day on the occasion of anant chaturdashi. Lord Ganesha is believed to bless with happiness, knowledge, wealth and long life. Today the festival will celebrate as a national festival by every cast. Lord Ganesha will worship with different names like ekadanta, heramba, lambodara, vinayaka and many others.

Significance of Lord Ganesha body

Lord Ganesha body signifies a lot of things that everyone should understand.

  • Head represents the atmaan or the soul.
  • The body represents maya.
  • Elephant head represent wisdom
  • Trunk represents the power called oom
  • The upper right hand represents eternal path and the remover of obstacles.
  • The left hand noose represent gentle implement to capture all kind of difficulties.
  • The broken tusk in the lower right hand that was broken while writing Mahabharata. This signifies sacrifice and the rosary stands for pursuit of knowledge and that must continue.

The festival will observe for long 10 days and is celebrate with foods and sweets. Outdoor tents are made as well as the lord is worshipped indoor. Pandals from various societies are made where lord ganesha is worshipped with loads of flowers, fruits and sweets. On the last day the idols are taken through streets with cultural functions organized every day as well as on the day of depart of the lord. The idols will dip into the rivers and huge water bodies which symbolizes misfortune for all. But with the blessings from lord ganesha the festival is celebrate every year with bang. 

Ganesh Chaturthi English wishes 2020

“May the lord Bhighna hartha serve with a bright future and divine blessing”.

“Hey lord shri ganesh please take out the troubles out of our life”.

“May lord ganesh bring happiness and prosperity to our house in the divine puja.”

 “Wish lord ganesh fill life with love, prosperity, success and happiness”.


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