Free online technical courses

Locked at home? Is quarantine boring you? Understandable, though! How about utilize this “stayhome” period into something more productive and useful? Some people are using this wonderful time to do things that they always wanted to do, but lagged enough due to less availability of time. Some of us have always wanted to upskill ourselves in technical field, but kept procrastinating the plan due to no-time factor. However, if you are one of them, then we have put together some free online technical courses that can be finished during this lockdown.

Free online technical courses

Let’s go ahead with some great technical courses that is predicted to have a scope in the future and which is also going to be beneficial for you.

Top 6 free online technical courses

You can simply check out the below mentioned technical courses that would be both a way to upgrade yourself and also to expand your knowledge useful for the industry.

Data science

Data science is the best online technical course that can simply make you become an expert. Well, data science can upskill an individual with the all the techniques towards data collection, analysis and a lot other methods that will be useful to add up in your CV. You can simply look upon to studying various concepts and in-depth knowledge on data science which would be a benefit to you when it comes to job opportunity.

Computer science

If you have finished your engineering and if you are looking forward to upgrade yourself in the field of computer science then here we have this course that will teach you some expert skills in the computer science branch, and even the beginners with no computer science knowledge can take up this course which covers, computer software and hardware basics, coding and programming, digital image functioning, internet technology, viruses, ethical hacking, device security, and a lot more.


Learning Blockchain would be very useful as you don’t have to know any technical concepts or perspectives, just a basic computer knowledge would be more than enough. Blockchain courses such as Bitcoin SV blockchain are available for various branches and academic fields that would be useful for your career in varied fields for sure. Of course, most industries are evolving to a great extent, and also in regards to Blockchain too and gaining knowledge in this particular concept can increase the demand for you in the job sectors.

Web development

Not everyone knows to create or design a website or develop a website as according to the websites or the webpages. If you can learn to develop and create web pages for the websites then you can also get a great opportunity to be a freelancer. However, web development courses can teach you a lot of other concepts than just about the website creation and development though. Well, to accompany this particular knowledge or the skill, you can also learn about graphic designing courses that would be useful or an additional knowledge to add to your resume along with web development knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another such great course that is already in the demand in various branches and the departments. However, you have to gain some little basics when it comes to learning artificial intelligence, before you proceed with the course on the internet. This is one of the in-demand online technical course that has a great scope and which involves a bright future as well. Make sure that you learn the basics and get an idea about the concept before you subscribe for artificial intelligence course online.

Cloud computing

Well, another great online technical course which is always in demand. You can simply opt for getting placed after you have finished with your cloud computing courses and you need not worry about the placements as well. Make sure that you finish the courses at the right time and start practicing and applying your learnt knowledge on the projects.


Well, you can simply check out all the above mentioned free online technical courses that is not only in a great demand but also which gives a right future with the best package in the industry even for the beginners and fresher.

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